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Instruction manual
STC 2000
STC 3000
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    STC 2000
    STC 3000

    Instruction manual

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    We congratulate you on your new ALTO Steam Cleaner
    We are confident that the new steam cleaner of ALTO will live up to your expectations
    of modern, quick and efficient cleaning.
    You have now got a cleaning device, which in many ways will facilitate your future
    cleaning tasks and make them more efficient. 140°C hot steam is an efficient solution,
    which does not only clean but also disinfects. Many tasks, which were previously hard
    and time-consuming, can now be solved in a few minutes - and with a far better result.
    With this instruction manual we wish to give you the basic knowledge to enable you to:
    l Use the steam cleaner in a safe and adequate way (section 1)
    l Operate the steam cleaner and the accessories appropriately and reasonably
    (section 2)
    l Clean with the steam cleaner (section 3)
    l Maintain the steam cleaner (section 4)
    l Locate and correct a fault which may occur when using the steam cleaner
    (section 5) and finally
    l Gain knowledge of the 2 years’ warranty policy of ALTO.

    Section 3 of the instruction manual dealing with fields of application is only meant as
    an appetizer. Therefore you should read the instruction manual carefully through
    before you start cleaning and you will soon discover that places which were hard to
    clean, can now be cleaned in a twinkling. Many possibilities of quick and efficient
    cleaning are lying ahead.
    If - contrary to expectation - problems with your steam cleaner should arise, which
    cannot be remedied by means of the information in section 5, the whole service organisation of ALTO will be ready to help you.
    ALTO is a world-wide concern with a comprehensive knowledge within development
    and production of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Our product range comprises cleaning solutions for selected customer groups - from machines for domestic
    use to big industrial cleaning systems.
    The expertise of ALTO is cleaning with focus on the needs of the customers. The key
    word is confidence - we name it Total Cleaning ConfidenceTM. We want you, as a
    customer, to feel confident that the cleaning equipment you get from us, is the most
    efficient equipment available and that it fulfil all of your expectations.
    Best regards
    ALTO Danmark A/S
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    Fields of application GB

    Safety instructions and warnings ............
    Operating instructions ..............................
    Cleaning with the steam cleaner ..............
    Maintenance ................................................
    Trouble-shooting and correction .............
    Warranty ......................................................


    The applications for this product are domestic
    cleaning jobs:

    Tiles, floors, bathroom, kitchen, walls, ceilings,
    Machine and accessories MUST be stored
    in a frost-free room.

    Survey of models ( type designation: P892)
    (See drawing on the inside of the back cover)

    Carrying handle
    Water filling cap
    Steam regulation knob
    Start/stop button
    Control light for start of cleaning (green)
    Start/stop button for steam
    Warning lamp for water filling (orange)
    Connection for high pressure hose
    Pressure gauge
    Hose with handle
    Lock for release
    2 extensions
    Floor brush
    Carpet adapter
    Triangular brush
    Steam nozzle
    Small round brush for steam nozzle
    Funnel for water filling
    Glass cleaner
    Steam iron

    STC 2000

    STC 3000

    *) Optional equipment. Contact your ALTO distributor for further information.

    Technical data
    Power consumption
    Tank capacity
    Steam pressure
    Measurements (HxWxL)
    Electric cable, length
    Hose, length
    Boiler, aluminium
    Boiler, stainless steel


    STC 2000
    280 x 265 x 445

    STC 3000
    280 x 265 x 445

    We reserve the right to alterations.
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    1.0 Safety precautions and warnings


    Before starting up your steam cleaner, we advise you to carefully read through this section (1.0) and section
    2.0. Follow all instructions to minimise the risk of injuries when using the machine.

    Prior to operation
    Before starting up your steam cleaner please check it
    carefully for any defects. If you find any, do not start
    up the cleaner and contact your ALTO distributor.

    Especially check:
    l The insulation of the electric cable should be
    faultless and without any cracks. If the electric
    cable is damaged, it should be replaced by an
    authorized ALTO distributor.
    l Check that the voltage stated on the model tag of
    the machine corresponds to your mains voltage.
    l Check that the electric fuse exceeds the power
    consumption stated on the model tag of the machine.
    Mains power connection
    The following should be observed when connecting
    the steam cleaner to the electric installation:
    l The electric installation shall be made by a
    certified electrician.
    l It is strongly recommended that the electric
    supply to this machine should include a residual
    current device.
    l Do not touch plug and socket with wet hands.

    Wiring instruction for UK
    1. This unit must be earthed. The green or green and
    yellow wire must be connected to the earth terminal
    marked E or by the earth symbol.
    2. The brown or red wire should be connected to the
    live terminal marked L.
    3. The blue or black wire should be connected to
    neutral terminal marked N.
    Fuse rating: This unit should be protected by a 13
    amp fuse to BS1362.
    Should you have any doubts please contact our
    Customer Support department on 01768 868995 or
    your nearest ALTO distributor.

    Extension cable
    If you want to apply an extension cable when
    operating your steam cleaner, make sure that it is
    strong enough to carry the power consumption of
    the steam cleaner (see model tag and contact a
    certified electrician).
    Always make sure that the extension cable is intact
    before operation.

    l The steam cleaner is only intended for domestic
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    l The machine must only be operated by persons,
    who have read and understood this instruction
    l WARNING! Never direct the steam jet towards
    persons or animals. This may cause serious burns.
    l WARNING! Never use the steam cleaner on
    electrical installations (plugs, lamps or the like)
    or the machine itself.
    l WARNING! If the steam cleaner is used on
    electrical appliances, these should be
    disconnected from the power supply, and the
    cleaning should be made according to the
    instructions of the manufacturer. Never reconnect electrical appliances until they are
    completely dry.
    l WARNING! Never try to clean clothes or
    footwear on yourself or other persons.
    l WARNING! Children and steam may be a
    dangerous combination. Therefore never leave
    the steam cleaner without supervision if
    connected or with steam pressure.
    l WARNING! Be careful if you want to empty the
    steam cleaner of hot water. The water may be close
    to boiling point and there is a risk of steam leak.
    l Avoid damaging the electric cable such as
    running over by a car, squeezing, pulling,
    knotting/kinking and keep it away from sharp or
    hot objects.
    l Do not use the machine if the electric cable or
    other important parts of the equipment are
    damaged - e.g. safety devices, hoses, handle or
    l The machine should not be covered during

    l Steam cleaning of asbestos-containing and other
    dangerous or poisonous materials is not allowed.
    l Always unplug the machine before cleaning the
    l Never use the machine in an environment where
    there could be a danger of explosion.
    l Of safety reasons only use original ALTO
    accessories and spare parts.

    Safety devices on the machine
    l The release (11) is fitted with a lock (12). When the
    lock is activated, the release cannot be controlled.
    l The socket for water filling is fitted with a child
    resistant screw cap. Press the screw cap down
    while unscrewing it.

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    2.0 Operating instructions
    2.1 Operation and control facilities
    l Steam regulation knob (3). Infinitely variable
    adjustment. Turning to (+) higher steam pressure, turning to (-) lower steam pressure.
    l Start/stop button for steam cleaner (4): Button
    with orange lamp turns on the steam cleaner
    (orange light on). Button without light turns off
    the steam cleaner (orange light out).
    l Control light for start of cleaning (5): Green
    lamp. Light turns on when the cleaner is ready
    for use.
    l Start/stop button for steam (6): Button with
    orange lamp allows steam for the spray handle
    (orange light on). Button without light shuts off
    steam (orange light out).
    l Control lamp for water filling (7): Orange lamp
    which turns on when a re-fill of water is required.
    l Pressure gauge (9) (only STC 3000): Shows the
    steam pressure.
    l Release with lock (11). When the release is
    activated, steam is coming out. The release
    features a lock, which prevents activation of the

    2.2 Water filling
    Only use water without impurities. Cold as well as
    hot water may be used. The steam cleaner must be
    in horizontal position during the filling.
    WARNING! The steam cleaner must not be connected to the power supply during the filling of water.
    Water filling - cold machine
    1. Unscrew the water filling cap (2) by pressing the
    cap while turning it round.
    2. Place the enclosed funnel (20) in the filler hole.
    3. Fill up with water as occasion requires.
    However, do not overfill the boiler. NOTE: The
    water level may fall due to air in the boiler, but
    do not replenish.
    4. Screw the cap on again by pressing it down
    while turning it round.
    Water filling - hot machine
    WARNING! If the steam cleaner is hot, it is very
    important to follow the procedure below:
    1. Disconnect the steam cleaner on the start/stop
    button (4).
    2. Activate the trigger of the spray handle, until no
    more steam comes out (the start button for
    steam (6) must be activated).
    3. Disconnect the plug from the socket.
    4. Carefully loosen the water filler cap (2), as surplus steam may come out. Do not remove the
    cap until no more steam oozes out.
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    5. Wait at least 15 minutes before replenishing with
    water. If you add water earlier, it may strike back
    when hitting the hot boiler.
    6. Follow items 2-4 in section 2.2 Water filling cold machine.

    2.3 Attachment of hose
    1. Open the flap for the hose connector (8) and
    insert the hose.
    Make sure that the split pin comes into place.
    You will hear a small click.
    2. Attach the required tool (see section 2.7).

    2.4 Mains power connection
    1. Uncoil the cable completely and plug it in.

    2.5 Starting up
    1. Check that the steam cleaner is in horizontal
    position as the water in the boiler must be in
    contact with the heating element.
    2. Activate the start/stop button (4). An orange light
    will turn on indicating that the steam cleaner has
    been started and is heating the water.
    3. Wait until the steam cleaner has heated the
    water completely. When the green lamp (5)
    (orange light) turns on, the steam cleaner is
    ready for use.
    When the boiler is full, it will take approximately
    10-15 minutes until the water has in the boiler
    has been heated. The heating time will be
    shorter if you use hot water or if the boiler is not
    completely full.
    4. If required empty the hose of condensed water
    in the following way:
    4.1 Adjust the steam regulation knob (3) to max.
    steam (+).
    4.2 Press the start/stop button for steam (6).
    The steam supply is connected when the
    orange light in the button turns on.
    4.3 Activate the trigger of the spray handle and
    hold the nozzle against a cloth to catch any
    condensed water.
    WARNING! Do not get too close to the steam jet
    as you may scald yourself.
    It may be necessary to empty the hose of
    condensed water when the cleaner is started up
    or after a long break.
    5. Note! Always make a test on a hidden spot to
    find out whether cleaning with the steam
    cleaner discolours or causes any damage to
    the surface, which is to be cleaned. If you are
    in doubt, ask the distributor of the product in

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    Operating Instructions
    2.6 End of operation and storage
    After use the steam cleaner should be stopped in
    the following way:
    1. Press the stop button for steam supply (6). The
    orange light will turn out.
    2. Press the stop button for the steam cleaner (the
    orange light in the button will turn off) and
    disconnect the plug from the socket.
    3. Detach the hose (10).
    Now the steam cleaner can be placed in the store

    2.7 Accessories
    Mounting of accessories. Push the chosen
    accessory on to the extension or the spray handle
    until the button (A) falls into place.



    When the adapter is used with cloth, the dirt is
    collected in the floor brush which will have to be
    cleaned at intervals.
    2.7.3 Triangular brush (16)
    The triangular brush used for cleaning of small
    surfaces and corners is mounted directly on the
    spray handle or together with one or two extensions
    according to the character of the task.
    By pushing the check pawl (A) forward and backward you may choose between a locked or a
    movable position of the brush.
    The enclosed cloth can be mounted by tipping up
    the clips (B) on the upper side of the brush.



    NOTE: Mounting or dismounting of accessories
    may be a little more tricky when the steam cleaner
    is hot as the materials will naturally expand a little
    when hot.
    2.7.1 Floor brush (14)
    The floor brush used for the cleaning of floors and
    other big surfaces is mounted with one or two
    extensions on the spray handle. By pushing the
    check pawl (A) forward and backward you may
    choose between a locked or a movable position of
    the brush.


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    2.7.4 Steam nozzle (17) and small brush (18)
    WARNING! The steam nozzle may become very
    hot. The steam nozzle is used for cleaning of
    stubborn stains or places hard to get at, as for
    instance chinks or the like. It is mounted on the
    spray handle or with one or two extensions
    according to the character of the task. For use with
    the steam nozzle a small round brush (18) is
    included, which is used if the cleaning task requires
    brushing during steam affection.


    2.7.2 Carpet adapter
    The carpet adapter is used for the protection of
    sensitive surfaces against the bristles of the floor
    brush. It is slid over the bristles of the floor brush.
    The adapter can be used with the enclosed cloth
    (19), which is secured by the clips (B) on the upper
    side of the floor brush.


    2.7.5 Glass cleaner (21) (only STC 3000)
    The glass cleaner is intended for the cleaning of
    windows, mirrors and other smooth surfaces. The
    glass cleaner can be mounted directly on the spray
    handle or with one or two extensions as occasion
    When the rubber scraper is dismounted, the nozzle
    can be used for application of steam. For light steam
    cleaning of textiles as an example.

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    3.0 Cleaning with the steam cleaner


    A steam cleaner is an efficient appliance for domestic cleaning. The diagram below is a list of inspiration
    showing for which cleaning tasks in normal everyday
    life the steam cleaner will be of practical use. As
    cleaning tasks vary from home to home, the list
    should not be considered adequate, but examples of
    how to get started with steam cleaning.

    NOTE ! When starting a new cleaning job, you
    should try on a hidden spot as in some cases the
    steam may discolour and cause minor damage to
    the surfaces to be cleaned. Soft surfaces can be
    cleaned with the steam cleaner by holding the
    brush at a suitable distance from the sensitive
    surface (approx. 5-10 cm).

    One of the advantages of a steam cleaner is that no
    chemicals are used as the 140°C hot steam looses
    filth and dirt. It is collected in a cloth mounted on the
    brush or removed afterwards by means of a cloth.
    An important advantage is that steam is disinfecting.

    The steam volume is infinitely variable by means of
    the steam button at top of the machine (3). Always
    use as little steam as possible to save energy.
    When cleaning soft objects always use as little
    steam as possible.




    Exhaust hood

    Triangular brush (16)

    Pull the brush mounted with a cloth over the even surfaces. For
    very dirty steel screens, use the steam nozzle.

    Tiles and other
    hard surfaces as
    for instance
    walls and ceilings

    Floor brush (14)
    triangular brush (16)
    (steam nozzle (17) +
    small round brush (18))

    With cloth mounted pull slightly over the surface. For soft
    surfaces fold the cloth to reduce the heat affection.
    For very dirty tile joints use the steam nozzle, if necessary
    mounted with the small round brush.


    Steam nozzle (17)

    Defrosting. Let the steam under the ice by making a hole in the
    ice with the steam jet and the ice will fall off in big flakes.

    Wash basin

    Steam nozzle (17)

    Flush with the nozzle. Collect any dirt with a cloth.


    Steam nozzle (17)

    Flush with the nozzle. Collect any dirt with a cloth.


    Steam nozzle (17)
    Triangular brush (16)

    Flush with the nozzle. Collect any dirt with a cloth.
    For big, even surfaces the triangular brush mounted with a
    cloth may be used.


    Triangular brush (16)
    Floor brush (14)

    With cloth mounted (folded if necessary) slightly pull over the
    upholstery. Do not forget to try on a hidden spot at first.


    Steam nozzle (17)

    The concentrated steam jet will remove and bind the dust.
    Place papers or the like under the radiator to collect dirt and


    Steam nozzle (17)

    Flush with the nozzle. Collect any dirt with a cloth.


    Floor brush (14)

    With carpet adapter (15) mounted, pull slightly over the carpet.
    Do not forget to clean the floor brush at intervals as dirt will

    mirrors and
    other glass
    (only STC 3000)

    Glass cleaner (21)

    Start at the top by steaming the glass and pull the rubber
    scraper over the glass. Alternatively steam the whole window
    at a time and afterwards pull the rubber scraper over the glass.
    In cold environments the glass must be carefully warmed up as
    otherwise the glass may be subjected to stress.


    Triangular brush (16)

    Mounted with a cloth. Close the blinds and slightly pull over it.


    Steam nozzle (17) or
    glass cleaner (21)
    without scraper
    (only STC 3000)

    Used for steam cleaning of clothes. Creases and wrinkles
    will straighten out when on a hanger.

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    4.0 Maintenance
    l Always remove the plug from the socket before
    any maintenance of the steam cleaner.
    l The electrical components of the cleaner must
    only be checked by an authorised service shop.
    l Check the electric cable for damages or aging at
    regular intervals. If the condition of the machine
    is not all right, it must not be used.
    l Never empty the machine as long as the water in
    the boiler is still hot.

    Cleaning of the machine
    Clean the machine with a damp cloth.

    Cleaning of boiler
    WARNING! Always clean the machine when it is
    cold and NOT connected to the power supply.
    The boiler should be descaled each 4-6 weeks
    dependent on the water and how often the steam
    cleaner is used.

    STC 2000
    The boiler is most easily cleaned by filling it with
    approximately ½ litre of water, screwing the water
    filling cap on and shaking it. Thus the scale deposits
    at the bottom come loose. Then pour out the water
    and scale deposits and any dirt will be rinsed out.
    l Empty the tank by unscrewing the drain plug and
    letting the water off. (The drain plug is a
    threaded rubber plug on the underside of the
    steam cleaner). Do not forget to screw the drain
    plug on again. If much scale comes out during
    the emptying, repeat the procedure.
    STC 3000
    The boiler is most easily cleaned by filling it with
    approx. ¼ litre of water and approx. ¼ litre of 32%
    acetic acid, screwing the water filling cap on and
    shaking it. Leave the machine for 10 minutes and
    then empty the tank by unscrewing the drain plug
    and letting the water off. (The drain plug is a
    threaded rubber plug on the underside of the steam
    cleaner). Do not forget to screw the drain plug on
    again. If much scale comes out during the emptying,
    repeat the procedure. Afterwards the boiler should
    be carefully flushed with clean water.

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    Washing of cloths
    l The cloths can be washed in a washing machine
    at 60°C and dried in a tumbler. Avoid the use of
    a softener which may reduce the absorbency of
    the cloth.
    NOTE! When empty and lead over a bump - i.e. a
    threshold - the STC 3000 may make a chinking
    sound. It is not a fault and has no functional
    importance. The reason is that the built-in pressure
    switch may vibrate a little and thus touch parts of
    the boiler.

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    5.0 Trouble-shooting



    Machine does not start
    heating after having
    been switched on
    (control lamp not alight)

    Have you pressed the
    button completely down?
    Is the power on?

    Try again.

    No steam comes out
    after having activated
    the release of the
    spray handle.

    The handle may be defective Check the connection between the hose
    Leak between hose coupling coupling and the hose socket of the machine.
    and hose socket.
    Machine is not switched on. Check that both switches of the machine are

    No steam comes out
    during operation

    The handle may be defective Check whether lamp for low water level is
    alight. If yes, fill on water (see section 2.2).
    Leak between hose conNote: Carefully unscrew the filler cap until
    nection and hose socket
    steam comes out. WAIT until the steam
    pressure has left the boiler, unscrew the filler
    cap and fill on water.

    Steam comes out
    The O-rings are worn, has
    between the extension
    fallen off or have been
    and the hose connection wrongly placed
    Steam comes out by the
    water filling cap at
    top of the machine

    Check the plug of the machine.
    Check the fuses of the electric installation.

    Place the O-rings in the small groove. If that
    does not help, contact ALTO in Penrith.

    Has the water filling cap been Press down the water filling cap and tighten
    correctly screwed on before it up.
    Is the O-ring worn, has
    fallen off or been placed
    wrongly ?

    Place the O-ring in the small groove. If that
    does not help, contact ALTO in Penrith.

    Should other malfunctions occur than those mentioned above, please contact ALTO in Penrith.
    Customer services:

    ALTO Cleaning Systems Ltd.
    Gilwilly Industrial Estate
    Penrith, Cumbria CA11 9BN

    Phone: 01 768 868995

    6.0 Warranty
    Your quality product is guaranteed for 24 months
    from date of purchase (purchase receipt must be
    presented) on the following conditions:
    l that defects are attributable to flaws or defects in
    materials or workmanship.
    (Usual wear and tear as well as misuse are not
    covered by the guarantee).
    l that the directions of this instruction manual
    have been thoroughly observed.
    l that repair has not been carried out or attempted
    by other than ALTO-trained service staff.
    l that only original accessories have been applied.
    l that the product has not been exposed to abuse
    such as knocks, bumps or frost.
    l that only water without any impurities has been
    used (mentioned in section 2.2 of this instruction
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    l that the machine has not been used for rental
    nor used commercially in any other way.
    Repairs under this guarantee include replacement
    of defective parts. The machine should be handed
    in to the shop where it was purchased or forwarded
    to one of the service centres of the ALTO organisation with description/specification of the fault (the
    guarantee repair will then be excl. of carrying
    charges and packaging).
    Any other repair of the machine (if the warranty
    terms have not been respected) will be invoiced.
    (I.e. malfunctions due to Possible Causes
    mentioned in section 5.0 Troubleshooting Chart
    of the instruction manual).

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    Printed in Denmark
    Copyright ©1999 ALTO Danmark A/S

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    ALTO Danmark A/S
    DK-9560 Hadsund
    Tel.: +45 7218 2100

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