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2. Product description
01 Top button 12 Lap belt
02 USB-C charging connection 13 Adjustment button
03 Bottom button 14 Adjustment belt
04 Red LED 15 Buckle tongues
05 Headrest 16 Shoulder straps
06 Seat reducer 17 Release button
07 Shoulder pad 18 Light-green belt holder
08 Swivel button 19 Grey release button
09 Dark-green belt guides 20 Sunshade
10 Shoulder strap 21 Handle
11 Harness buckle (red button) 22 Hold points
40 – 83 cm
≤ 13 kg
www.britax-roemer.com | contact@britax.com
1. About this document
WARNING! This operating manual is a component of
the product and contributes to its safe use. Non-compli-
ance may lead to serious or even fatal injuries. If in doubt,
do not use product and immediately contact your retailer.
Read operating instructions.
Keep with the product for reference.
If the product is given to third parties, include the operating instructions
with the product.
Contact information
If there are any questions, please get in touch.
BRITAX RÖMER Kindersicherheit GmbH
Theodor-Heuss-Strasse 9
89340 Leipheim
Germany +49 (0) 8221 3670 199
BRITAX Excelsior Limited
1 Churchill Way West
Hampshire SP10 3UW
United Kingdom +44 (0) 1264 386034
BRITAX Nordiska Barn AB
Jörgen Kocksgatan 4
SE-211 20 Malmö
You can engage the handle in three positions: A, B and C:
A - For carrying and for transport in your car.
B - For placing your child inside
C - For setting the infant carrier down safely outside the car.
Adjust handle 1
Hold down both swivel buttons.
Move handle to desired position.
Release swivel button.
Ensure that the handle is locked in place.
Seat reducer
Use the seat reducer when your child baby is still very small.
Insert seat reducer 2
Press red button to open the harness buckle.
Place seat reducer in the infant carrier.
)The part filled with the foam blocks must be facing downwards.
Thread the lower part of the seat reducer underneath the shoulder straps .
Make sure that the seat reducer is in contact with the backrest of the infant
Shoulder straps
A properly adjusted headrest ensures optimal protection for the child your
infant carrier. The headrest is correctly positioned when the outlet slots of
the shoulder straps are roughly two finger-widths (25mm) below the child's
Loosening the shoulder straps 4
Hold adjustment button down.
Pull both shoulder straps forwards.
Release adjustment button.
Adjust shoulder straps 3
Press red button to open the harness buckle.
Press and slide the release button on the shoulder straps.
)The release button is on the back of the infant carrier.
)The outlet slots for the shoulder belt must be roughly two finger-widths
(25mm) below the child's shoulders.
Ensure that adjustment button on the shoulder straps is locked in place.
Tighten shoulder straps 5
Pull adjustment belt out straight.
)Do not pull adjustment belt upwards or downwards.
Buckle child in
Loosen the shoulder straps. See chapter "Shoulder belt" page 1. 4
Press red button to open the harness buckle. 6
Move harness buckle forwards.
Place child in final carrier.
)Avoid thick clothing under the belt.
Pass shoulder straps over the child's shoulders.
WARNING! Ensure that the shoulder straps are not twisted or reversed.
Bring both buckle tongues together. 7
Lock buckle tongues in harness buckle.
ªBuckle tongues audibly lock.
Pull adjustment belt out straight. 5
)Do not pull adjustment belt upwards or downwards.
ªPlace shoulder straps tight to the child’s body.
WARNING! Ensure that the hip straps are positioned as low as possible
over your child's hips.
Unbuckle child 8
Press red button to open the belt lock.
Remove child.
The sunshade protects your child's head from sunlight. It can be folded open
and closed with the handle.
Remove sunshade 9
Release push buttons on the side.
Remove elastic seam edge.
Hang reference loops on both sides of the handle.
Attach sunshade hooks.
Attach sunshade 10
Attach reference loops left and right of the handle.
Pull the elastic seam over the head end of the infant carrier.
Secure the elastic seam at the side with the fasteners.
Charge battery 11
)Only available for BABY-SAFE iSENSE.
WARNING! Risk of explosion and acid burn. Unintended use can lead to
damage to the battery.
Do not immerse battery in water.
Keep battery away from fire.
Protection battery against high temperatures. Note the recommended use
and storage temperatures.
Never remove, modify or replace battery. It can explode or release poison-
ous substances.
If the battery is damaged or has deformations or cracks, do not dismantle
it or modify its structure.
If the battery loses electrolytes, avoid touching the extremely corrosive
liquid. If there is contact with the eyes or skin, see a doctor.
Fully charge the battery before the first use. The first charging pro-
cess enables the light functions. Use the charging cable provided when
charging the battery. This guarantees the stated life of the battery. Only
charge the battery in ambient temperatures of +10 to +40°C. Do not insert
foreign objects into the charging socket. The battery has a life of at least
500 charge cycles.
Connect charging cable to one of the two USB-C charging connections.
)Each control element has a USB-C charging connection.
WARNING! Risk of strangulation. Do not lead the charging cable across
the child seat. Lead the charging cable away from the child seat.
Connect charging cable to a 5V USB adapter.
ªIf the red LED is permanently on, the battery is charged.
ªIf the red LED is no longer on, the battery is fully charged.
Remove charging cable and store out of reach of children (e.g. in the glove
Recharge the battery as soon as the charge level is low.
)You can check the charge level. Press any button. If the red LED slowly
flashes three times, the charge level capacity is low.
)The interior lighting, the installation light and the safety light can be used
during charging.
Interior lighting 12
)Only available for BABY-SAFEiSENSE.
)Operation of the BABY-SAFEiSENSE diers from the DUALFIXiSENSE.
The interior lighting can be controlled manually both with the left and right
control element. In addition, delayed switching-o can be activated. The light
switches o automatically after a few minutes.
Switch light on and o
Briefly press the top button.
ªLight switches on.
Briefly press the top button again within a few minutes.
ªBrightness is increased.
)The brightness can be increased twice. Pressing the top button again
switches o the light.
)If the light is on and you press the top button again after a few minutes, the
light goes out.
Activate delayed switching on
Hold down the top button until the light flashes once.
ªDelayed switch-o is enabled.
)The light switches o automatically after a few minutes.
Installation and safety light 13
)Only available for BABY-SAFE iSENSE.
)Automatic mode can be activated after the first charging.
The installation light aids with the installation of the product. You are visible
to other drivers with this safety light. Both lights are switched on and o
automatically by sensors. The sensors react to movement, darkness and
to the compatible station FLEXBASEiSENSE, as well as to compatible
BRITAXRÖMER adapters for the SMILEIII pushchair.
Activate automatic mode
Briefly press the bottom button.
ªAutomatic mode is active.
)If you install the infant carrier with a 3-point seat belt, we recommend
disabling automatic mode.
Switch on light manually
You can switch on both the installation light and the safety light manually with
the left and right control element. To be able to switch on the light manually,
automatic mode must be active. As soon as you remove the child seat from a
station or a pushchair, manual mode is disabled.
Briefly press the bottom button.
ªSafety light turns on.
ªInstallation light turns on.
Briefly press the bottom button again.
ªSafety light remains on.
ªInstallation light turns o.
Briefly press the bottom button again.
ªSafety light turns o.
ªInstallation light turns on.
Briefly press the bottom button again.
ªManual mode is disabled.
ªAutomatic mode is active.
Disable automatic mode
Hold down the bottom button for two seconds.
ªAutomatic mode is disabled.
ªInstallation and safety light are disabled.
Switch o installation and safety light manually
)See “Disable automatic mode”.
3. Intended use
This product has been designed, tested and approved according to the re-
quirements of the European Standard for Child Safety Equipment R129/03.
This product many only be used to secure a child in the vehicle, in an aircraft
or on a pushchair.
Rear-facing Never use the product
Body height 40 - 83 cm
Body weight Maximum 13 kg
10 12
2000035156 A6

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