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Please take the time to read these instructions carefully and keep
them to hand in the intended storage compartment 04 on the child
safety seat at all times! The instructions must be with the child safety
seat if the latter is passed on to a third party.
DANGER! For the protection of your child:
In the event of an accident with a collision speed of more than 10 km/h,
the child safety seat may be damaged without the damage becoming
immediately visible. In this case the child safety seat must be replaced.
Please dispose of it properly.
As a rule, have your child safety seat checked if it was damaged (e.g if it
falls on the ground).
Regularly check all important parts for damage. Ensure that all mechanical
parts, in particular, are fully functional.
Never lubricate or oil parts of the child seat.
Never leave your child unattended in the child seat in the vehicle.
Only allow your child to enter and exit the vehicle on the pavement side.
Protect the child safety seat from intensive direct sunlight when it is not in
use. The child safety seat can get very hot in direct sunshine. Child skin is
sensitive and could thereby be harmed.
The more snugly the belt ts over your child's body, the better they will be pro-
tected. Therefore avoid putting thick clothes on your child under the belt.
Take regular breaks on long journeys in order to give your child the oppor-
tunity to play around.
Use on the rear seat: Move the front seat forward far enough that you
child's feet cannot hit the backrest of the front seat (to prevent risk of
DANGER! For the protection of all vehicle occupants:
In the case of an emergency stop or an accident, unsecured persons or
objects may cause injury to other vehicle occupants. Please always check
the backrests of the vehicle seats are locked (i.e. that any foldable rear
seat bench latch is engaged).
all heavy or sharp-edged objects in the vehicle (e.g. on the parcel shelf)
are secured.
all persons in the vehicle have their seatbelts fastened.
the child safety seat is always secured when it is in the vehicle, even if no
child is being transported.
WARNING! For your protection when handling the child seat:
Never use the child safety seat free-standing, not even for test sitting.
When swivelling up the backrest 07 , nothing must come between the
backrest 07 and the seat cushion 03 . You or your child could pinch your
ngers, injuring them.
To avoid damage, ensure that the child safety seat is not jammed in between
hard objects (car door, seat rails, etc.).
Keep the child safety seat in a safe place when it is not in use. Do not place
any heavy objects on the seat and do not store it directly next to sources of
heat or in direct sunlight.
CAUTION! To protect your vehicle:
Certain car seat covers made from more sensitive materials (e.g. velour, leath-
er, etc.) may sustain signs of wear and tear when using child safety seats. For
optimum protection of your car seat covers, we recommend using the BRITAX
RÖMER car seat protector from our range of accessories.
A correctly set headrest 05 ensures that the diagonal seat belt section 18 is
optimally positioned, and gives your child optimum protection.
The headrest 05 must be adjusted so that there is a space two ngers wide
between the headrest 05 and your child's shoulders.
To adjust the height of the headrest to t your
1. Grip the adjustment handle 06 on the back of the
headrest 05 and pull it upwards.
This unlocks the headrest.
2. You can now move the unlocked headrest 05 to
the desired height. As soon as you release the
adjustment handle 06 , the headrest 05 will lock
into place.
3. Place the child safety seat on the vehicle seat.
4. Have your child sit down in the child safety seat and
check the height. Repeat the procedure until the
headrest 05 has the correct height.
With 3-point belt
1. Carry out the steps in Section 8 "ADJUSTING
2. Place the child seat on the vehicle seat. Ensure
that the backrest 07 is ush with the backrest of
the vehicle seat.
Tip! If the headrest of the vehicle seat gets in the
way, turn it the other way.
3. Carry out the steps in Section 10 „SECURING
YOUR CHILD“. For the safety of your child, before every journey in the car check
the child safety seat is securely fastened;
the lap belt
runs in the bright red belt guides on both sides of the seat
the diagonal seat belt section 18 on the side of the vehicle seatbelt buck-
le 19 also runs through the light red belt guide 01 of the seat cushion,
the diagonal seat belt section 18 runs through the dark red belt holder 02
of the headrest,
the diagonal seat belt section 18 runs diagonally backward,
the straps are tight and not twisted,
the seatbelt buckle 19 must not be positioned on the red belt guide 01 in
the seat cushion.
DANGER! If your child tries to open the vehicle belt buckle 19 , stop the
vehicle as soon as safely possible. Check whether the child safety seat is
correctly fastened and ensure that your child is correctly secured. Explain
to your child the dangers associated with his actions.
To unfasten your child or to remove the child safety seat, observe the
steps in Section 6 „REMOVAL“ [PAGE I]
is not installed permanently in the vehicle. It is simply secured
together with your child using the vehicle's 3-point seatbelt.
1. Have your child sit down in the child seat.
2. Pull out the vehicle belt and guide it in front of your
child to the vehicle seat buckle 19 .
DANGER! Ensure the vehicle belt is not twisted, as
otherwise the full protective effect of the
retaining system is not ensured.
3. Engage the buckle tongue in the vehicle seat buck-
le 19 with a CLICK!
4. Place the diagonal seat belt section 18 and lap
belt section 17 on the side of the vehicle seatbelt
buckle 19 into the light red belt guide 01 of the seat
DANGER! The vehicle seatbelt buckle 19 must
not be positioned between the light red
belt guide 01 and the armrest.
5. Also place the lap belt section 17 on the other side
of the seat cushion in the light red belt guide 01 .
DANGER! The lap belt section 17 must lie as low
as possible over your child's hips on
both sides.
6. Guide the diagonal seat belt section 18 into the dark
red belt holder 02 of the headrest 05 until it lies
completely in the belt holder 02 and is not twisted.
Tip! If the backrest 16 conceals the belt holder 02 ,
you can adjust the headrest 05 upwards. The diagonal
seat belt section 18 can now be easily inserted. Now
return the headrest 05 to the proper height.
7. Make sure that the diagonal belt 18 runs over your
child's shoulder, and not in front of his or her neck.
Tip! You can still adjust the height of the headrest
05 again here in the vehicle.
DANGER! The diagonal seat belt section 18 must
run diagonally backward. You can
adjust the course of the belt with your
vehicle's adjustable belt deector.
DANGER! The diagonal belt 18 must never be di-
rected forwards to the belt deector on
the vehicle. In this case, use the child
safety seat on the back seat only.
8. Tighten the vehicle seat belt by pulling on the diag-
onal seat belt section 18 .
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