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azur 540P/640P
Phono pre-amplifer
User’s manual

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    azur 540P/640PPhono pre-ampliferUsers manual
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    INTRODUCTIONThank you for purchasing this Cambridge Audio azur series phono preamplifier. It is the result of our ongoing research and developmentprogram for over three decades of producing high quality audioproducts. We hope that you will appreciate the results and enjoy manyyears of listening pleasure.The 640P uses more exotic amplification circuitry to provide even lowerdistortion and noise plus the higher gain stage for MC cartridges. Inaddition, the 640P employs multi-parallel capacitors to achieveexceptional RIAA accuracy of only 0.3dB up to 50kHz and features adefeatable subsonic filter.Now we invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy!About this phono pre-amplifierThe design of a high quality but cost-effective phono pre-ampliferpresents a major challenge. Providing first-class performance on anunlimited budget is one matter; achieving the same performance withintight price limits is quite another, and requires all the expertise andexperience that Cambridge Audio brings to its product design process.We believe we have succeeded in our aim of creating a first-classaffordable product.The 540P features a moving magnet stage whilst the 640P offersmoving magnet and moving coil stages. Both use discrete transistors forthe all-important input stages instead of the more common integratedcircuits.Both are designed to produce high gain and linearity, without requiringmassive amounts of negative feedback to achieve low distortion. Thesenew models also employ a single-ended Class A gain stage withaudiophile passive RIAA equalisation.High quality components are used throughout such as 1% metal filmresistors and close tolerance polypropylene capacitors.2 Azur phono pre-amplifierMatthew BrambleTechnical Director
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    540P/640P Phono pre-ampliferCONTENTSIMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSIntroduction .................................................................................................2Please take a moment to read these notes before installing your Azurphono pre-amplifier, they will enable you to get the best performanceand prolong the life of the product. We advise you follow all instructions,heed all warnings and keep the instructions for future reference.Important safety Information......................................................................3Rear panel connections..............................................................................4Troubleshooting......................................................................................... 6Specifications ............................................................................................6Limited warranty....................................................................................... 7This unit must not be exposed to dripping or splashing water or otherliquids. No objects filled with liquid, such as vases, shall be placed onthe unit. In the event, switch off immediately, disconnect from the mainssupply and contact your dealer for advice.Do not route the power cable so that it can be walked upon or damagedby other items near it.Electronic audio components have a running in period of around a week(if used several hours per day). This will allow the new components tosettle down, the sonic properties will improve over this time.If you do not intend to use this unit for a long period of time, unplug itfrom the mains socket.To clean the unit, wipe its case with a moist, lint-free cloth. Do not useany cleaning fluids containing alcohol, ammonia or abrasives. Do notspray an aerosol at or near the amplifier.These units are not user serviceable, never attempt to repair,disassemble or reconstruct the unit if there seems to be a problem. Aserious electric shock could result if this precautionary measure isignored. In the event of a problem or failure, please contact your dealer.Azur phono pre-amplifier 3
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    REAR PANEL CONNECTIONSazur 640PMM/MC Phono Pre-Amplifierwww.cambridge-audio.co.ukLRL12VDesigned in London, EnglandRLROn0.5 AUse supplied PSU only!R Output LThis device complies with part 15 of FCC rulesMMRLPhono Input0.5 AManufactured in anISO9002 approved facilityUse supplied PSU only!R Output LRTurntableGroundOffSubsonic FilterMMTurntableGroundLwww.cambridge-audio.co.ukDesigned in London, EnglandR12VLRLazur 540PMM Phono Pre-AmplifierMCCartridge TypeThis device complies with part 15 of FCC rulesRMMMCLManufactured in an ISO9002 approved facility540P640PMC input sockets (640P only)Subsonic Filter (640P only)If your turntable uses a moving coil cartridge, connect outputs here(0.5-1mV, with 100 ohm 220pF loading).The subsonic filter cuts out very low frequency rumble, caused by vinylimperfections, which can affect your systems performance.MM input socketsOutput socketsIf your turntable uses a moving magnet cartridge, connect outputs here(3-5mV, with 47k ohm 220pF loading).Use phono cables to connect to any line level input on your amplifier,such as Aux.Turntable groundIf your turntable has a separate grounding lead then connect here. Thisprovides shielding to the arm and the sensitive circuitry in the turntable.Cartridge Type selector switch (640P only)Match this switch to the cartridge type that your tunrtable uses. MM fora moving magnet cartridge or MC for a moving coil cartridge.NB. Do not connect to a phono level input.PSU socketOnce you have completed all connections to the amplifier and turntable,plug the PSU power cable into an appropriate mains socket. The blueLED on the front panel will indicate that the power is on. The unit hasbeen designed to be left permanently powered.Please note the 640P has an output relay, which after power on takes15 seconds to come out of mute.NB. Only use supplied power supply.4 Azur phono pre-amplifier
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    540P/640P Phono pre-ampliferonly one of theseconnectionsLRLR540PTurntableGroundazur 640PMM/MC Phono Pre-Amplifier12Vwww.cambridge-audio.co.ukR0.5 AUse supplied PSU only!www.cambridge-audio.co.ukDesigned in London, EnglandL12VDesigned in London, EnglandOnR Output LThis device complies with part 15 of FCC rulesMMRLPhono Input0.5 AManufactured in anISO9002 approved facilityUse supplied PSU only!R Output LOffSubsonic FilterThis device complies with part 15 of FCC rulesRazur 540PMM Phono Pre-AmplifierMust not beconnected to aphono levelinputMMFrom aturntablewith amovingcoilcartridgeusingphonocable(2RCA-2RCA)TurntableGroundLMust not beconnected to aphono levelinputFrom aturntablewith amovingmagnetcartridgeusingphonocable(2RCA-2RCA)To any line levelinput on youamplifier usingphono cable(2RCA-2RCA)RFrom aturntablewith amovingmagnetcartridgeusingphonocable(2RCA-2RCA)LRLTo any line levelinput on youamplifier usingphono cable(2RCA-2RCA)MCCartridge TypeRMMMCLManufactured in an ISO9002 approved facility640PAzur phono pre-amplifier 5
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    TROUBLESHOOTINGSPECIFICATIONS540P640P(MM)640P(MC)Max power consumption5W5W5WGain @ 1kHz39dB39dB55dBNominal output300mV300mV300mVSensitivity fornominal output3.35mV3.35mV0.5mVThere is no sound on one channelTHD 20Hz-20kHz<0.009%<0.005%<0.002%Check that your speakers are properly connected.Check all connections are secure.RIAA curve accuracy<+/-0.65dB<+/-0.3dB<+/-0.3dB25hz-20kHz20Hz-50kHz20Hz-50kHz>85dB>86dB>72dBCrosstalk @ 20kHz>76dB>83dB>69dBDimensions (HxWxD)mminches46 x 215 x 1331.8 x 8.5 x 5.246 x 215 x 1331.8 x 8.5 x 5.246 x 215 x 1331.8 x 8.5 x 5.2Weightkglbs0.81.80.920.92There is no powerEnsure the AC power cord is connected securely.Ensure the plug is fully inserted and is switched on.There is no soundMake sure the unit is plugged in.Check that your turntable is properly connected.Check that your speakers are properly connected.Check all connections are secure and correct amplifier input is selected.Ensure correct cartridge type has been selected (MM or MC).(subsonic filter off)There is a loud buzz or humCheck turntable or tone arm for ground and connectionlead fault.Ensure no connections are loose or defective.Ensure that your turntable is not too close to the amplifier.Volume is too loud/quietCheck cartridge type matches input type. If a MC cartridgeis connected through the MM inputs, volume will be veryquiet (and vica versa). Note that it is possible to obtainhigh level MC cartridges which are designed for an MMinput.6 Azur phono pre-amplifierSignal to noise ratiousing Audio Precision RIAA-1with grounded inputs
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    540P/640P Phono pre-ampliferLIMITED WARRANTYCambridge Audio warrants this product to be free from defects inmaterials and workmanship (subject to the terms set forth below).Cambridge Audio will repair or replace (at Cambridge Audio's option) thisproduct or any defective parts in this product. Warranty periods may varyfrom country to country. If in doubt consult your dealer and ensure thatyou retain proof of purchase.To obtain warranty service, please contact the Cambridge Audioauthorised dealer from which you purchased this product. If your dealeris not equipped to perform the repair of your Cambridge Audio product,it can be returned by your dealer to Cambridge Audio or an authorisedCambridge Audio service agent. You will need to ship this product ineither its original packaging or packaging affording an equal degree ofprotection.Proof of purchase in the form of a bill of sale or receipted invoice, whichis evidence that this product is within the warranty period, must bepresented to obtain warranty service.This Warranty is invalid if (a) the factory-applied serial number has beenaltered or removed from this product or (b) this product was notpurchased from a Cambridge Audio authorised dealer. You may callCambridge Audio or your local country Cambridge Audio distributor toconfirm that you have an unaltered serial number and/or you purchasedfrom a Cambridge Audio authorised dealer.Cambridge Audio dealer, or authorised service agent which is authorisedto do Cambridge Audio warranty work. Any unauthorised repairs will voidthis Warranty. This Warranty does not cover products sold AS IS or WITHALL FAULTS.REPAIRS OR REPLACEMENTS AS PROVIDED UNDER THIS WARRANTYARE THE EXCLUSIVE REMEDY OF THE CONSUMER. CAMBRIDGE AUDIOSHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIALDAMAGES FOR BREACH OF ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY INTHIS PRODUCT. EXCEPT TO THE EXTENT PROHIBITED BY LAW, THISWARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER EXPRESS ANDIMPLIED WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO,THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PRACTICALPURPOSE.Some countries and US states do not allow the exclusion or limitation ofincidental or consequential damages or implied warranties so the aboveexclusions may not apply to you. This Warranty gives you specific legalrights, and you may have other statutory rights, which vary from state tostate or country to country.This Warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or damage due to actsof God, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, commercial use, ormodification of, or to any part of, the product. This Warranty does notcover damage due to improper operation, maintenance or installation,or attempted repair by anyone other than Cambridge Audio or aAzur phono pre-amplifier 7
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    azur 540P/640Pwww.cambridge-audio.co.ukPart No. AP14509/2

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