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    Important!ContentsThe CXN v2 is largely a software based product and new features andupdates will be made available from time to time. See the UpgradeFirmware section at the end of this manual for how to check for and thenautomatically update your unit via the internet. The process takes only afew minutes.REAR PANEL CONNECTIONS3FRONT PANEL CONTROLS3REMOTE CONTROL4GETTING CONNECTED5NETWORK CONNECTIONS5CHARACTER ENTRY5OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS6INPUTS6Visit: www.cambridgeaudio.com/registerSETTINGS7By registering, you'll be the first to know about:We would encourage you to check for any updates before using your CXNv2 for the first time and then from time to time afterwards.Also please do check the support page for the CXN v2 athttps://techsupport.cambridgeaudio.com for details of any new features,advice on compatibility with other products and audio formats and themost recent copy of this manual.Make sure you register your purchase. Future product releases Software upgrades News, events and exclusive offers plus competitions!SupportFAQS AND SUPPORTPlease visit https://techsupport.cambridgeaudio.comGET IN CONTACT WITH OURDEDICATED TECHNICAL SUPPORT TEAM:support@cambridgeaudio.comUK:+44 20 7551 5422US:+1 877 357-8204HK:+852 2499 6018This guide is designed to make installing and using this product as easyas possible. Information in this document has been carefully checked foraccuracy at the time of printing; however, Cambridge Audios policy isone of continuous improvement, therefore design and specifications aresubject to change without prior notice.This document contains proprietary information protected by copyright.All rights are reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced byany mechanical, electronic or other means, in any form, without priorwritten permission of the manufacturer. All trademarks and registeredtrademarks are the property of their respective owners. Copyright Cambridge Audio Ltd 2020.Cambridge Audio and the Cambridge Audio logo are trademarks ofCambridge Audio.Stream Magic is a trademark of Audio Partnership Plc and is registered inthe European Community and other countries.This product contains software licensed under version 2 of the GNU PublicLicense and version 2.1 of the GNU Lesser Public License. The source codefor this software is available from:http://gpl.stream-magic.com/This product includes technology owned by Microsoft Corporation andunder a licence from Microsoft Licensing GP. Use or distribution of suchtechnology outside of this product is prohibited without a license fromMicrosoft Corporation and/or Microsoft Licensing, GP as applicable.The Spotify software is subject to third party licenses found here:www.spotify.com/connect/third-party-licenses.
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    CXN V23Rear panel connections123458910671. AC POWER SOCKET6. USB AUDIO IN2. USB SOCKETSFor connecting to PC/MAC computers.Pre-fitted Wi-Fi dongle and connection for USB HD/flashdisk or optionalBT100 Bluetooth audio receiver.Ground lift switchEnable 'Lift' to eradicate hum noise through the speakers.The USB ports are not intended for connection to Apple mobile devices, nofunctionality, charging or otherwise is supported.7. IR (INFRA RED) EMITTER IN8. CONTROL BUSThe Wi-fi dongle is pre-fitted. Please leave connected. Your unit willautomatically default to an Ethernet connection if one is made. If youare using this CXN v2 with Wi-Fi please make sure your unit is positionedwithin range of your wireless router.For connection to other CX series products. Features vary according toother product functionality.9. BALANCED AUDIO OUTPUTImportant note:Do not connect/disconnect the Wi-Fi dongle when the unit is on.For use with XLR connections.Note: XLR connectors should be wired as follows: Pin 1: Ground, Pin 2: Hot(in-phase) and Pin 3: Cold (phase-inverted).3. ETHERNET4. DIGITAL INPUTS10. LINE OUTPUT5. DIGITAL OUTPUTSFront panel controls12346789101112CX N51. STANDBY/ON7. (i) INFO2. USBDisplays 'Now Playing' screen. Press to toggle through various screenlayouts.For use with USB audio storage. 1A maximum current consumption.Note: This USB port is not intended for connection to Apple mobiledevices.8. HOME3. SKIP10. RETURN4. PLAY/PAUSEPress to return to the previous menu.5. STOP/DELETE11. (MORE)Press during playback to stop or delete items in various menus.6. DISPLAYDisplays the status of the unit.9. INFRARED SENSORWhen playing from UPnP sources, this button displays queued tracksand options.12. NAVIGATION/SELECT (ROTARY DIAL)Rotate to scroll and navigate around the menus. Press to accept the item/function shown on the display.
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    Remote controlFor ultimate control of your Cambridge Audio CXN (v2) the StreamMagicapp gives you fast access to device settings, media libraries and internetradio.23Remote control1. STANDBY/ON2. DISPLAY BRIGHTNESS3. MUTE1CXA6145678(Pre-amp mode)4. (MORE)910When playing from UPnP sources, this button displays queued tracksand options.1111121314155. DIGITAL INPUT6. RANDOM7. REPEAT88. VOLUME(Pre-amp mode)9. HOME10. (i) INFODisplays Now Playing screen. Press to toggle through various screenlayouts.11. SKIPSkips between tracks.12. ENTER13. NAVIGATION14. RETURN15. PLAY/PAUSE16. PRESETSRecalls stored 1 8 presets.16
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    CXN V25Getting connectedBASIC AUDIO CONNECTIONSCONNECTING TO A WIRELESS NETWORKSwitch the power off before making any connections.Phono cable(2RCA-2RCA)Internet10-30m distanceCXN v2/CXANETWORK CONNECTIONSTo use the UPnP media sharing feature, you will need either a wiredEthernet or Wi-Fi connection to your networkWireless broadband Router/ModemYour CXN v2 will need to be in range of your wireless router.Important note: Do not plug/unplug the wireless dongle when theunit is on.On an iOS device go to Wi-Fi settings and select 'CXN v2'.To use internet radio, Streaming Services or to receive product softwareupdates you will also need a broadband internet connection.Alternatively, connect the CXN v2 directly to the Wi-Fi network: Selectyour Wi-Fi network and then enter your password.Use a wired connection for seamless playback of high resolution24-bit/176kHz and 24-bit/192kHz files.Note: Wi-Fi network passwords are sometimes case sensitive.CONNECTING TO A WIRED NETWORKFor further information on CXN v2 network settings please see the"Settings >> Network" section later in this manual.Character entryThis is typically for: Wi-Fi network password. Searching for radio stations and content on UPnP servers.InternetEthernetcableCustomising the CXN v2's "friendly" name and digital inputnames.Broadband Router/ModemA B C D E F G HConnect a network cable (Category 5/5E straight through Ethernet cable)between the CXN v2 and your router.U V W X Y Z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 <|= >+-_!? @ # $ % & *.,/[]{}()IJ K L M N O P Q R S T:;`"\~To enter text:1. Use the front panel rotary encoder to scroll through each symbol.2. Using the IR remote control, you can navigate horizontally andvertically.3. Press Enter on the front panel or IR remote to select thehighlighted character. eletes the last character selected (equivalent to the button ondthe front panel or IR remote control).cancels the text entry process.submits the entered text.
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    Operating instructionsMUSIC LIBRARYThe Music Library menu item lists all found UPnP servers and USB mediadevices.There are many suitable UPnP server software packages available for PCand Mac. Stand-alone servers and Network Attached Storage (NAS) deviceswith built in UPnP server capabilities are also available. Please see the setup guides on our website at: www.cambridgeaudio.com/networksetupNote: When using a UPnP server to share your media, the menu structure,search and selection criteria are determined by that server, not the CXN v2.The CXN v2 does not scan entire USB storage devices to build an artist/track database. It is therefore recommended that audio files are stored in astructured way by artist and album to facilitate locating tracks.PLAYING TRACKS AND ADDING TO THE QUEUEADD INDIVIDUAL TRACKSSelecting an individual track will show the following menu: PLAY NOWINPUTSUSB AUDIOThe CXN v2 USB Audio input is intended to connect directly to a PC or Maccomputer.The default CXN v2 configuration is USB Audio profile 1.0 which workswith nearly all common operating systems and computer types withoutneeding additional drivers. In this configuration sample rates from16-bit/44.1kHz to 24-bit/96kHz are supported.For more details on USB Audio, see our online guides at:www.cambridgeaudio.com/USB-audio.D1-D2The two digital inputs are capable of receiving stereo PCM audio withsample rates up to 24-bit/192kHz.BLUETOOTHThe optional Cambridge Audio BT100 Bluetooth dongle can be connectedinto any available USB socket. PLAY NEXTSPOTIFY CONNECT ADD TO QUEUE Add the track to the end of the queue.Spotify lets you listen to millions of songs the artists you love, the latesthits and discoveries just for you. If you are a Spotify Premium user, you cancontrol your CXN v2 using the Spotify app. REPLACE QUEUE Remove all queue items and replace with the newtrack.VIEWING THE QUEUE1. Connect your CXN v2 to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone or tabletrunning the Spotify app.To view the queue at any time press the '' (more) button.2. Open the Spotify app, and play any song.You can jump playback to any point in the queue by navigating up/downthe list and pressing Enter.3. Tap the song image in the bottom left of the screen.EDITING THE QUEUETracks can be removed from the queue by highlighting them with thenavigator and pressing the Stop button.To clear an entire queue, navigate to the bottom of the queue to highlight[Clear Queue] and press Enter.Note: Switching the CXN v2 into Eco mdoe standby will delete the queue.THE 'NOW PLAYING' SCREENPressing the 'i' button will cycle through: Combination of track/stream info plus album/station art.4. Tap the Connect icon.5. Pick your CXN v2 from the list.For information on how to set up and use Spotify Connect please visitwww.spotify.com/connect.The Spotify Software is subject to third party licenses found here:www.spotify.com/connect/third-party-licenses.HOW TO USE AIRPLAY1. Connect your CXN v2 to your network.2. Open the app that you want to AirPlay from.3. Tapor.4. Select CXN v2 as your AirPlay device. Just album/station art.FROM CONTROL CENTER Just track/stream info.To switch the audio on your device from Control Center: Swipe up from thebottom edge of any screen on your device to open Control Center.Album art and radio station logos may also be displayed if available. ForUSB Media the album art needs to be in the same folder as the track.Touch and holdin the upper-right corner, then select your CXN v2.ALBUM ART FILE FORMATHOW TO USE CHROMECAST BUILT-INAlbum art images are supported in .png and .jpg file formats only.CXN v2 comes with Chromecast built-in. It lets you stream your favoritemusic from your phone, tablet or laptop to your speaker.*Images can have any name, but images named Folder.png or Folder.jpgtake precedence.Images embedded into tracks are not supported.PLAYLISTSThe CXN v2 supports various playlist formats: ASX (Microsoft playlist format) M3U PLSFor permanent storage of favourite media selections it is recommendedto use suitable software to create playlists. These can then be accessed bythe CXN v2 from USB storage devices or UPnP servers that support playlistserving.It is not currently possible to save the queue created on the CXN v2 as aplaylist.*Works with compatible iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, Macand Windows laptop, and Chromebook devices.Your phone is your remoteBy using your phone, theres nothing new to learn stream your apps,your playlists, your favorite artists without new log-ins or downloads.Its simple to browse, queue, and control from anywhere in the home.Tap the Cast buttonSimply tap the Cast button from your own mobile device to start streamingmusic to your speaker. Search, play, pause, and more right from yourphone.**Device should be on the same Wi-Fi network.100+ Chromecast enabled appsChoose from millions of songs from popular music services like GooglePlay Music, Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn and 100+ more. Discover more apps at...google.com/cast/appsSet up your speaker on your phone or tabletgoogle.com/cast/setup
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    CXN V27SettingsNETWORKSet-up Wi-Fi: Initiates Wi-Fi setup.Enter network name: For manual entry of the network name.Current config: Displays current network settings.Edit config: Auto (DHCP).REMOTE CONTROLUsed when there is a clash with other products. CXN v2 Series handset (24) (default). CXN v2 Series handset (28) alternate set IR remote control commands. No IR control disables the CXN v2 from responding to IR remote controlcommands.YES (recommended).To use the alternate set IR remote control commands, both the CXN v2 andthe CXN v2 IR remote control handset must be reconfigured:NO settings are manually entered. CXN v2 select CXN v2 Series handset (28) in the above menu.If 'NO' is selected, you will need to enter (using the navigator and selectbuttons) the CXN v2's IP address, Network mask, Gateway address and DNSserver(s).Wi-Fi strengthSignal warning: On-screen warning of low Wi-Fi signal strength.Wi-Fi region: Select the region that closest matches your location.Wired/Wi-Fi: Auto (default). Remote control perform the following steps:Remove the batteries from the CXN v2 IR remote control.Press and hold the 'Power' button while reinserting the batteries.Note: To restore the default CXN v2 IR remote control command set,remove and reinstall the batteries without pressing any buttons.LANGUAGESTANDBY MODE Wired only.Network Standby network connections remain active and theStreamMagic app can turn on the CXN v2. Wi-Fi only. ECO mode all audio, network and control circuits are shut down.FIRMWAREAUTOMATIC POWER-DOWN Check for updates and display version number.Sets the time before entering Standby Mode after inactivity.DISPLAY BRIGHTNESSEDIT INPUT NAMESDEVICE NAMEAllows you to customise the names of the digital inputs; USB Audio andD1 D2.Rename the CXN v2.AUDIO Digital pre-amp mode.On enables volume control.Off fixed output.Balance only available if Digital Pre-amp Mode = On. USB audio class.1.0 for greatest compatibility with computers.2.0 allows high sample rate audio (up to 24-bit/192kHz sample rate).You may need to download and install the Cambridge Audio USBAudio class 2.0 driver.For further information on USB Audio: www.cambridgeaudio.com/USBaudio.FACTORY RESETRestores the CXN v2 to the default factory shipping state.Note: Factory reset will delete all Wi-Fi networks and keys from memory..
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    W W W.C A M B R I D G E AU D I O.C O MGallery Court, Hankey PlaceLondonse1 4bbUnited KingdomCambridge Audio is a brand of Audio Partnership Plc.Registered in England No. 2953313AP36775/1

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