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Learning keypad
Installation guide
Your music +our passion

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    Learning keypadInstallation guide2Your music + our passionENGLISHLK10
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    ContentsIntroduction.....................................................3System setup...................................................4Installation notes............................................6Keypad overview.............................................8On-screen display............................................9Cloning from the remote control...................10Settings menus.............................................13Troubleshooting............................................18Limited warranty...........................................192
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    IntroductionThank you for purchasing this Cambridge Audio Incognito product. Incognito is a costeffective, modular based multi-room system using standard Cat-5/5e or Cat-6 cable todistribute hi-fi quality sound around a home. Optionally, video can also be distributed usingco-axial cable and a VH10 video hub.The LK10 in-wall learning keypad must be used with the Incognito KP10 A-BUS audiokeypad and LR10 learning remote.The LK10 keypad clones learnt IR codes and macros from the LR10 remote which oncetransferred allow the LK10 to be used to control your source equipment conveniently fromthe wall.The LK10 is fitted on the wall by fixing it into a standard double J-box electricians back-boxand double Decora style faceplate (not included) next to a KP10 keypad. All knock-outs inthe back-box should be removed to provide maximum ventilation. Care should be taken inchoosing a site for the LK10, always refer to the precautions in this guide.Thank you for taking the time to read this manual, we do recommend you keep it for futurereference.Matthew Bramble, Cambridge Audio Technical Directorand the LK10 design team.3ENGLISHLK10
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    System setupTo add your LK10 keypad into your Incognito system, refer to the diagram below:SS10SS10Speaker cableSpeaker cableKP10LK10KP10Ribbon cable(supplied withLK10)ShiftFav-1(Set)MenuTitleExitCat-5/5e cablePS10AH10Important: LK10 will only operate when connected to KP10 as part of a complete AH10hub-based system. It is not compatible with Incognito Ready amplifiers.4
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    The LK10 should be placed next to the KP10, using a double J-Box and double Decorafaceplate (not supplied).Rear viewFront view211KP10 connector - Connects the LK10 to the KP10 with the supplied ribbon cable.2I.C.P - In-circuit programming socket, used to upgrade keypad software when necessary.5ENGLISHLK10
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    Installation notesThe LK10 is fitted on the wall by fixing it into a double USA-type J-Box (electricians backbox). All knock-outs in the back-box should be removed to provide maximum ventilation.Where it is desired to fit a mains lighting switch etc next to a keypad, a barrier-box or twosingle back-boxes must be used (bear in mind it is not preferable to fit the keypad next to alight-switch particularly if the faceplate styles will differ). Only a qualified electrician shouldattempt such installations.Avoid fitting the LK10/KP10 where there is line of sight to another LK10/KP10. In suchsituations both keypads may pick up the same commands from a remote control and it willbe difficult to control each zone independently.Avoid fitting the LK10/KP10 where there is line of sight to the source equipment for thesystem. In such situations the source equipment may pick up the same IR commandsdirectly as are picked up by the keypad and sent to the source equipment. This caninterfere with the remote operation of the source equipment.Do not fit the keypad in areas directly lit by strong sunlight or where it will be strongly lit byfluorescent tubes. These can be sources of infra-red energy which can interfere with theremote control operation of the system. Some plasma televisions can radiate a lot of infrared energy and care should be taken if fitting a LK10/KP10 near a plasma screentelevision. Avoid placing the LK10/KP10 near to dimmer switches or other items, whichgenerate a lot of electrical noise.Safety precautionsCare should be taken when choosing the site for a LK10; the keypad must never beinstalled in a back-box which also contains mains wiring or in areas of high humidity.6
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    ENGLISHLK10Power requirementThe LK10 runs on 24 V DC (@ 250mA max) supplied through the connecting cable fromthe KP10 keypad. As such there is no mains voltage present in the KP10 and the unit isoften safe to fit in areas where only extra low voltage (ELV) equipment is permitted.However, it is imperative that you always check the wiring regulations in force for yourapplication and area.FaceplatesThe LK10 faceplate system is based on the Decora TM standard and is interchangeable withthe wide range of faceplates made by manufacturers such as Leviton etc that conform tothis standard. If it is desired to fit another faceplate, it can be replaced by gently prisingapart the LK10 faceplate and snapping on another in its place.ApprovalsThis product complies with European Low Voltage (73/23/EEC) andElectromagnetic Compatibility (89/336/EEC) Directives when used and installedaccording to this instruction manual. For continued compliance only CambridgeAudio accessories should be used with this product and servicing must be referred toqualified service personnel.The crossed-out wheeled bin is the European Union symbol for indicating separatecollection for electrical and electronic equipment. This product contains electricaland electronic equipment which should be reused, recycled or recovered andshould not be disposed of with unsorted regular waste. Please return the unit orcontact the authorised dealer from whom you purchased this product for moreinformation.7
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    Keypad overviewButtons numbered 1-8 have dual functions, whichare controlled by the Shift button. These buttonsgenerate IR codes or macros cloned from thebuttons of the same name on the LR10 learningremote (see later section on Cloning).PMSHAREDEDIT SLEEP LEARN111324ShiftFav-19(Set)58Menu7Title106Primary functions1 Play2 Skip forward3 Skip backward4 Scan backward5 Scan forward6 Stop7 Pause8 Fav-1 (Favourite)9 Set (Settings)10 Cloning port11 Display screenSecondary functionsEnterUpDownLeftRightExitTitleMenuShiftExitNote: The actual functions of the buttons arecompletely dependent on the codes taught intothe LR10 remote.For full instructions on Shift/Settings, learningbuttons and the cloning port, please refer to the Operating instructions and Keypadsetup sections of this guide.8
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    LK1012ENGLISHOn-screen display3PM54SHARED6EDIT SLEEP LEARN7891012345678910Week days - The bar over a letter indicates the day of the week.Alarm - Displayed when the alarm function is set.IR - Indicates when an infra-red signal is sent from the LK10.Time - Displays current time. PM appears when 12 hour clock is set.Date - Can be set as Month/Date or Date/Month.Shared - Displayed when sharing a source with another zone connected to the sameAH10 hub.Edit - Displayed when in Edit mode (Settings menu).Sleep - Displayed when the sleep function is set.Learn - Displayed when in Learn/Clone mode.Name bar - Displays the name of the source, button or function.For full instructions on these functions, please refer to the Keypad setup section of thisguide.9
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    Cloning from the remote controlThe LK10 can only be used to control source equipment once ithas been cloned from the LR10. This transfers the necessary IRcodes and macros into the LK10. The Incognito LR10 is asophisticated learning remote which is able to learn the codes ofall the source equipment from their own remotes.Once the LR10 itself has been programmed the user can clone allmacros and programmed information from the LR10 to the LK10,allowing the keypad to also perform the same operations (IRcodes, macros, button names and clock settings).Note: Only the learning buttons highlighted on the remote arecloned to the LK10.Please refer to the LR10s own manual for full details on how to teachcodes into the LR10, advice on macros etc. Once the LR10 is fullyprogrammed/setup, you can clone it into the LK10.To begin cloning, plug the supplied connectioncable into the cloning port on the LK10 andLR10, then put the LK10 into Learn mode.Set the LR10 to transmit (the LK1O will defaultto Receiving mode).On the back of the LR10 press the Edit button4 times (using a paperclip or similar) to enterClone mode. REC/TRX will appear on bothdisplays.10PMSHAREDShiftFav-1(Set)MenuEDIT SLEEP LEARNTitleExit
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    For the LK10 to receive commands, it must be first put into Learn mode. The LK10 has aseries of menus that can be accessed by pressing and holding the Shift/Set button on thefront panel. The menu options are continuously scrolled on the LK10 display until yourelease the Shift/Set button.Follow the next steps to complete the cloning operation:LK10 keypad - Receiving data1LR10 remote - Transmitting data21. Press and hold the Set button for fiveseconds. When LEARN is displayed,release the button. READY will then bedisplayed on screen.42. Press thebutton on the remoteuntil TRX is flashing.34. RXING.. will then be displayed, toindicate it is receiving data.3. Press the Enter button on the remote.Display shows SENDING.11ENGLISHLK10
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    Cloning from the remote controlAfter approximately 7 minutes the keypad display should show COMPLETE and return tonormal operation. All data has been transferred.If the clone fails the keypad will show ERROR or TIMEOUT. Put the transmitting LR10remote back into Clone mode and repeat the process.Note: Once the cloning process has been started it must be completed, as it overwrites thesoftware in the receiving LK10 keypad.12
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    Settings menusNote: You still use your KP10 keypad to control audio functions (volume adjustment, sourceselection etc).To personalise other settings of the LK10, press and hold the Set button for four seconds toactivate the Settings menus (Fig. 1). The LK10 screen will continuously scroll through thefive menu options:LearnAlarm1SleepSetup2ShiftFav-1(Set)MenuTitleExitConfigure3ShiftFav-1(Set)MenuTitleExitShiftFav-1(Set)MenuTitleExitTo select the option you require release the button when the menu option is displayed onthe screen (Fig. 2).To return, press Exit (Fig. 3). Any changes you have have made will be saved.13ENGLISHLK10
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    Settings menusAlarm menuPress the Set button for five seconds and release when ALARM? is displayed on thescreen.AlarmHourMinuteDaysSourceOn/OffUse theandto navigate the menu.buttonsUse theandbuttons toadjust the desired option.ShiftFav-1(Set)MenuTitleExitNote: When a Source isselected, it will display thedefault Source programmed intothe KP10 keypad.DaysWhen selecting DAYS, use theandMonday to Friday, weekend or everyday.keys to scroll to single day,On/OffWhen the alarm is selected on, the Alarm icon14will appear on the display.
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    Sleep menuThis menu allows you to set the time at which the LK10 will automatically switch off.Press the Set button for five seconds and release when SLEEP? is displayed on the screen.SleepHourMinuteOn/OffUse theandto navigate the menu.buttonsUse theandbuttons toadjust the desired option.ShiftFav-1(Set)MenuTitleExit15ENGLISHLK10
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    Settings menusSetup menuThis menu lets the user manually set the time and date of the LK10. Press the Set buttonfor five seconds and release when SETUP? is displayed on the screen.SetupHourMinuteDate/MonthMonth/DateYearUse theandto navigate the menu.buttonsUse theandbuttons toadjust the desired option.ShiftFav-1(Set)MenuTitleExitNote: The time and date will also be set automatically after a download from the LR10.16
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    Configure menuPress the Set button for five seconds and release when CONFIG? is displayed on thescreen.Configure12/24 HourDD/MMLCD BrightnessUse theandto navigate the menu.buttonsUse theandbuttons toadjust the desired option.ShiftFav-1(Set)MenuTitleExit12/24 Hour - Controls the clock display in either 12 or 24 hour format.DD/MM - Sets the order in which the date and month are displayed.LCD Brightness - Controls the LCD brightness level; Bright, dim or off.17ENGLISHLK10
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    TroubleshootingIf the LK10 becomes locked and/or ERROR appears on the display due to a powerinteruption or during cloning, follow these steps:1. Unplug the power to the system and plug back in after one minute.2. When the power resumes, the LK10 will display distorted text.3. Clone the LR10 to the LK10 without entering Learn mode.4. When the LR10 has finished sending, repeat Step 1.Note: Time and date will not be updated in the LK10.Important: LK10 will only operate when connected to KP10 as part of a complete AH10hub-based system. It is not compatible with Incognito Ready amplifiers.Visit www.cambridge-audio.com and register to receive notification of future hardware and softwarereleases.This guide is designed to make installing and using this product as easy as possible. Information in thisdocument has been carefully checked for accuracy at the time of printing; however, Cambridge Audio'spolicy is one of continuous improvement, therefore design and specifications are subject to changewithout prior notice. If you notice any errors please feel free to email us at: support@cambridgeaudio.comThis document contains proprietary information protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. No part ofthis manual may be reproduced by any mechanical, electronic or other means, in any form, without priorwritten permission of the manufacturer. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property oftheir respective owners.Incognito and Incognito Ready are trademarks of Cambridge Audio Ltd. All rights reserved. Copyright Cambridge Audio Ltd 2009A-BUS and A-BUS Ready are registered trademarks of LeisureTech Electronics Pty Ltd Australia. Thisproduct may be covered by one of more of the following patents: US 7,181,023, 6,389,139, EP 1004222,AU 739808, NZ 502982, Mexico Z41196, Canada CA2301062.18
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    Limited warrantyCambridge Audio warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship (subject tothe terms set forth below). Cambridge Audio will repair or replace (at Cambridge Audios option) thisproduct or any defective parts in this product. Warranty periods may vary from country to country. If indoubt consult your dealer and ensure that you retain proof of purchase.To obtain warranty service, please contact the Cambridge Audio authorised dealer from which youpurchased this product. If your dealer is not equipped to perform the repair of your Cambridge Audioproduct, it can be returned by your dealer to Cambridge Audio or an authorised Cambridge Audio serviceagent. You will need to ship this product in either its original packaging or packaging affording an equaldegree of protection.Proof of purchase in the form of a bill of sale or receipted invoice, which is evidence that this product iswithin the warranty period, must be presented to obtain warranty service.This warranty is invalid if (a) the factory-applied serial number has been altered or removed from thisproduct or (b) this product was not purchased from a Cambridge Audio authorised dealer. You may callCambridge Audio or your local country Cambridge Audio distributor to confirm that you have an unalteredserial number and/or you purchased from a Cambridge Audio authorised dealer.This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or damage due to acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse,negligence, commercial use, or modification of, or to any part of, the product. This warranty does not coverdamage due to improper operation, maintenance or installation, or attempted repair by anyone other thanCambridge Audio or a Cambridge Audio dealer, or authorised service agent which is authorised to doCambridge Audio warranty work. Any unauthorised repairs will void this warranty. This warranty does notcover products sold AS IS or WITH ALL FAULTS.REPAIRS OR REPLACEMENTS AS PROVIDED UNDER THIS WARRANTY ARE THE EXCLUSIVE REMEDY OFTHE CONSUMER. CAMBRIDGE AUDIO SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIALDAMAGES FOR BREACH OF ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY IN THIS PRODUCT. EXCEPT TO THEEXTENT PROHIBITED BY LAW, THIS WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER EXPRESS ANDIMPLIED WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE WARRANTY OFMERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PRACTICAL PURPOSE.Some countries and US states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequentialdamages or implied warranties so the above exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specificlegal rights, and you may have other statutory rights, which vary from state to state or country to country.For any service, in or out of warranty, please contact your dealer.19ENGLISHLK10
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    www.cambridge-audio.comCambridge Audio is a brand of Audio Partnership PlcRegistered Office:Gallery Court, Hankey Place,London SE1 4BB, United Kingdom 2009 Cambridge Audio LtdAP20830/2Registered in England No. 2953313

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