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© 1999 Cambridge SoundWorks, Inc.
DeskTop Theater
DTT2500 Digital
Five Satellite/Subwoofer
Speaker System With Dolby Digital Processor
Installation and Operating Instructions
0420000547 REV. B SINGLE 2/9/01, 1:50 PM1

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    DeskTop Theater5.1DTT2500 DigitalFive Satellite/SubwooferSpeaker System With Dolby Digital ProcessorInstallation and Operating Instructions 1999 Cambridge SoundWorks, Inc.0420000547 REV. B SINGLE12/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    Safety & Regulatory InformationThe following sections contain notices for various countries:Notice for the USAFCC Part 15: This equipment has been testedand found to comply with the limits for a Class Bdigital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCCRules. These limits are designed to providereasonable protection against harmfulinterference in a residential installation. Thisequipment generates, uses, and can radiate radiofrequency energy and, if not installed and usedin accordance with the instructions, may causeharmful interference to radio communications.However, this notice is not a guarantee thatinterference will not occur in a particularinstallation. If this equipment does causeharmful interference to radio or televisionreception, which can be determined by turningthe equipment off and on, the user is encouragedto try one or more of the following measures: Reorient or relocate the receivingantenna. Increase the distance between theequipment and receiver. Connect the equipment to an outlet on acircuit different from that to which thereceiver is connected. Consult the dealer or an experiencedradio/ TV technician.CAUTION: To comply with the limits for theClass B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of theFCC Rules, this device must be installed withcomputer equipment certified to comply with theClass B limits.All cables used to connect the computer andperipherals must be shielded and grounded.Operation with non- certified computers or nonshielded cables may result in interference toradio or television reception.Declaration of ConformityThis product conforms to the following CouncilDirective:Name: Directive 89/ 336/ EEC, 92/ 31/ EEC (EMC),Address:ModificationsAny changes or modifications not expresslyapproved by the grantee of this device could voidthe users authority to operate the device.Notice for CanadaComplianceAccording to the FCC96 208 and ET95-19Creative Labs Inc.1901 McCarthy BoulevardMilpitas, CA. 95035United StatesTel: (408) 428-660073/23/EEC (LVD)declares under its sole responsibility that theproductTrade Name:Creative Labs/Cambridge SoundWorksThis apparatus complies with the Class B limitsfor radio interference as specified in theCanadian Department of Communications RadioInterference Regulations.Model Number:Cet appareil est conforme aux normes de CLASSEB dinterference radio tel que specifie par leMinistre Canadien des Communications dans lesrglements dinterfrence radio.EMI/ EMC: ANSI C63.4 1992, FCC Part 15 SubpartBCSW3500has been tested according to the FCC / CISPR22/85requirement for Class B devices and foundcompliant with the following standards:This device complies with part 15 of the FCCRules. Operation is subject to the following twoconditions:1. This device may not cause harmfulinterference, and2. This device must accept any interferencereceived, including interference that maycause undesirable operation.Ce matriel est conforme la section 15 desrgles FCC. Son fonctionnement est soumis auxdeux conditions suivantes:1. Le matriel ne peut tre source dinterfrenceset2. Doit accepter toutes les interfrences reques, Ycompris celles pouvant provoquer unfonctionnement indsirable.WARNING: To prevent fireor shock hazard, do notexpose this appliance torain or moisture.Important NoticeThe serial number for the DTT2500 Digital islocated on the Decoder Amplifier. Please writethis number down and keep it in a secure area.This is for your security.Compliance ManagerCreative Labs, Inc.March 4, 1999i0420000547 REV. B SINGLE22/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSREAD INSTRUCTIONS - All safety and operating instructions should be read before theDTT2500 Digital amplified subwoofer/satellite system is operated.RETAIN INSTRUCTIONS - The safety andoperating instructions should be retainedfor future reference.HEED WARNINGS - All warnings on thesubwoofer and in the operating instructions should be adhered to.FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS - All operatingand use instructions should be followed.CLEANING - Unplug the Power SupplyAdapter from the wall outlet or other powersource before cleaning. Do not use liquidcleaners or aerosol cleaners. Use a dampcloth for cleaning.ATTACHMENTS - Do not use attachmentsnot recommended by CambridgeSoundWorks as they may cause hazards.WATER AND MOISTURE - Do not use theDecoder Amplifier near waterfor example, near a bath tub, wash bowl, kitchensink, or laundry tub; in a wet basement; ornear a swimming pool; and the like.ACCESSORIES - Do not place the DTT2500Digital Decoder Amplifier on an unstablecart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table. TheDecoder Amplifier may fall, causing serious injury to a child or adult, and seriousdamage to the product. Use only with acart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table recommended by Cambridge Sound-Works,or sold with the product. Any mounting ofthe satellites or subwoofer should followthe manufacturers instructions, andshould use a mounting accessory recommended by Cambridge SoundWorks.VENTILATION - Slots and openings in theDecoder Amplifier are provided for ventilation and to ensure reliable operation ofthe Decoder Amplifier and to prevent itfrom overheating. These openings mustnot be blocked or covered. The openingsshould never be blocked by placing theproduct on a bed, sofa, rug, or other similar surface. The Decoder Amplifier shouldnot be placed in a built-in installation suchas a bookcase or rack unless proper ventilation is provided or CambridgeSoundWorks instructions have been adhered to.HEAT - The Decoder Amplifier should besituated away from heat sources such asradiators, heat registers, stoves, and otherproducts (including amplifiers) that produce heat.POWER SOURCES - The Decoder Amplifiershould be operated only from the type ofpower source indicated on the markinglabel. If you are not sure of the type ofpower supply to your home, consult yourproduct dealer or local power company.For products intended to operate frombattery power, or other sources, refer tothe operating instructions.POLARIZATION - The power supply may beequipped with a polarized alternating-current line plug (a plug having one bladewider than the other). This plug will fit intothe power outlet only one way. This is asafety feature. If you are unable to insertthe plug fully into the outlet, try reversingthe plug. If the plug should still fail to fit,contact your electrician to replace yourobsolete outlet. Do not defeat the safetypurpose of the polarized plug.POWER-CORD PROTECTION - Power supply cords should be routed so that they arenot likely to be walked on or pinched byitems placed upon or against them, payingparticular attention to cords at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point wherethey exit from the Decoder Amplifier.LIGHTNING - For added protection for theDTT2500 Digital system during a lightningstorm, or when it is left unattended andunused for long periods of time, unplug itfrom the wall outlet. This will prevent damage to the Decoder Amplifier due to lightning and power-line surges.OVERLOADING - Do not overload wall outlets, extension cords, or integral convenience receptacles as this can result in arisk of fire or electric shock.OBJECT AND LIQUID ENTRY - Never pushobjects of any kind into the Decoder Amplifier through openings as they may touchdangerous voltage points or short outparts that could result in a fire or electricshock. Never spill liquid of any kind on thespeakers or the Decoder Amplifier.SERVICING - Do not attempt to service theany part of the DTT2500 Digital yourselfas opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or otherhazards. Refer all servicing to qualifiedservice personnel.ii0420000547 REV. B SINGLE32/9/01, 1:50 PMDAMAGE REQUIRING SERVICE - Unplugthe power supply from the wall outlet orother power source and refer servicing toqualified service personnel under the following conditions:a) When the power supply cord or plug isdamaged.b) If liquid has been spilled, or objectshave fallen into the subwoofer.c) If the Decoder Amplifier has been exposed to rain or water.d) If the subwoofer does not operate normally by following the operating instructions; or exhibits a distinct change in performance.e) If the product has been dropped ordamaged in any way.REPLACEMENT PARTS - When replacement parts are required, be sure the service technician has used replacementparts specified by Cambridge SoundWorksor have the same characteristics as theoriginal parts. Unauthorized substitutionsmay result in fire, electric shock, or otherhazards.SAFETY CHECK - Upon completion of anyservice or repairs to the DTT2500 Digitalsystem, ask the service technician to perform safety checks to determine that theDeskTop Theater 5.1 system is in properoperating condition.WALL OR CEILING MOUNTING - TheDTT2500 Digital satellites should bemounted to a wall or ceiling only as recommended by Cambridge SoundWorks.
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    DeskTop Theater 5.1DTT2500 DigitalContentsDeclaration Of Conformity ................................................................... iSafety Precautions .......................................................................... i, iiIntroduction ....................................................................................... 1Inspecting For Damage ....................................................................... 2Important Notes .................................................................................. 2Installation Sequence .......................................................................... 3Speaker Placement .............................................................................. 3Speaker Wire and Stand Installation .................................................... 6Mounting The Speakers ...................................................................... 7Decoder Amplifier Placement ............................................................... 8Making Connections ........................................................................... 8Wiring Diagram .................................................................................. 9Connection to Sound Blaster Live! Via Digital DIN ............................... 9Decoder Amplifier Functions ............................................................. 10Surround Reference .......................................................................... 12Dolby Digital ................................................................................. 12Dolby Surround with Pro Logic ...................................................... 12Creative Multi Speaker Surround .................................................... 13Audio Mode Selection .................................................................... 13Applications Guide ............................................................................ 14Specifications .................................................................................... 18Important ......................................................................................... 18Technical Support ............................................................................. 181-Year Limited Warranty .................................................................. 20iii0420000547 REV. B SINGLE42/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    IntroductionThank you for purchasingDeskTop Theater 5.1DTT2500 Digital byCambridge SoundWorks.DeskTop Theater 5.1 DTT2500Digital lets you experience the fullpotential of DolbyDigitalmultichannel sound from yourcomputer DVD player, with adynamic output that rivals acomponent home theater system.It processes both Dolby Digital andDolby Surround program material.DeskTop Theater 5.1 DTT2500Digital offers discrete four-channelsupport for Microsoft DirectSound3D and its other derivatives. Insome of todays best CD-basedaction games, DeskTop Theater 5.1DTT2500 Digital can automaticallydecode the Dolby Surround cutscenes while offering envelopingpositional four channel audio. Itsready for the new era of DVD-basedgames.Also included is Creative MultiSpeaker Surround, which lets youhear all of your favorite stereoprogram material with a new andexciting three-dimensional quality.Cambridge SoundWorks1-800-FOR-HIFI(1-800-367-4434),8 AM to Midnight,Eastern time1 PM to 4 AMGreenwich Mean TimeIn Canada: 1-800-525-4434Outside US or Canada:Tel: 617-332-5936Fax: 617-527-3194www.hifi.comor e-mail us at info@hifi.com10420000547 REV. B SINGLE52/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    InspectingFor DamageImportant NotesExamine each unit carefully forsigns of shipping damage. If there isany damage, do not install thesystem. Consult the store where youpurchased the system or call theappropriate Creative Technology, Ltd.support group at the number listedat the end of this publication. Savethe shipping carton and inserts incase you have to transport thesystem later.All the items shown in theillustration should be included. Ifanything is missing, notify theretailer.should utilize the exclusive DigitalDIN connection, to hear theclearest digital audio available.Conventional 2-channel soundcards such as Sound Blaster 16 orthe Sound Blaster AWE series canalso be used with DTT2500Digital, but these cards will notprovide rear channel output whenplaying games usingDirectSound3D or its derivatives.One pair of satellites has cablesThese instructions assume youhave a DVD player with a coaxialDolby Digital (AC-3) output (forexample, the Creative Labs PC-DVDEncore). These instructions alsoassume your sound card supportsprocessing of DirectSound3D,including front and rear twochannel minijack line outputs (likeCreative Labs Sound Blaster PCIseries or Sound Blaster Live!series). Sound Blaster Live! ownersHolder/Cap (2)Satellites (5)that are 3 meters (9 feet) long. Theother pair has cables that are 5meters (16 feet) long. Typically, thetwo satellites with the longercables will be used on the surroundchannels, but the satellites areotherwise identical. If you needextra cable length for the frontchannel satellites, use the pairwith the longer cables instead.All the speakers are magneticallyshielded, but the subwoofer is not.3 meter speaker wires (4)PRO LOGICMUSIMOVIFOURPOIN STEREODOLBYDIGITA DIGITAL IN ANALOG IN LLLCREATIVEMULTI SPEAKERSupports (6)RDOLBYAUDIOMASTECENTESPEAKERMUTPOWERDTT 3500 DIGITALQuick Reference GuideSUBWOOFESURROUND(5) Wall Mounting HardwareDecoder AmplifierStrips of 4 feet (5)5 meter speaker wires (2)SPDIF DIN CableLRLSRSSUBCRSSUBCCSUBLSLSRSRLLRFeet (6)Tandem Audio Cable (Green and Black Miniplugs)Support Extends (18)Frames (2)Desktop Stands for satellites (5)Monitor StandSPDIF Cable (RCA to RCA)Hook and Loop Fasteners (10)Satellite Position Stickers20420000547 REV. B SINGLE62/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    Installation SequenceSpeaker Placement1. Read all of the instructionsbefore installing the speakersystem.2. Using the placement instructions as a guide, position thesatellites, the center channelspeaker and subwoofer aroundyour computer. Install theDesktop Stands and FloorStands as appropriate. If youwish to substitute a poweredsubwoofer for the subwooferthat comes with the DTT2500Digital, read Substituting apowered subwoofer page 5.3. Connect the satellite speakers,center channel speaker, andsubwoofer to the back of theDecoder Amplifier.4. Connect the Dolby Digital outputof your digital program source(typically a DVD player) to theDolby Digital input of theDecoder Amplifier.5. Connect your normal audiosignal sources via the Line Inand Rear In inputs. An owner ofa Sound Blaster Live! soundcard with a Digital DIN outputThe Front Satellites. The left frontand right front satellites playstereo music, the off-screen soundsof video playback and the frontchannels of four channel games.These satellites should be placedto the sides of your monitor (seeDiagram A). Be sure to have aclear line of sight from yourlistening position to thesesatellites. The satellites intendedfor front placement have 3 meters(9 feet) of cable.Install the satellites DesktopStands when using them on thedesktop (see page 6).should use the supplied cable toconnect it to the Digital DINinput instead.6. With the Decoder Amplifierspower switch off, connect thepower supply adaptor to theDecoder Amplifier.7. Turn on the power. Use theSPEAKER TEST mode to positionand balance the speakers.8. You may wish to experimentwith speaker placement brieflybefore concealing the connectingcables and making the installation more permanent.9. The unit is ready for you toenjoy. Refer to the QuickReference guide for informationabout settings for specificprogram sources like DVD, CDs,Video CD and games.A7BMUSICMOVIEFOURPOINTSTEREOPRO LOGICDOLBYDIGITAL DIGITAL IN ANALOG INCREATIVEMULTI SPEAKER SURROUNDLLRRDOLBY SURROUNDAUDIO MODEMASTERCENTERSPEAKER TESTMUTEPOWERDTT 3500 DIGITAL30420000547 REV. B SINGLEThe satellites may also be hungon the wall behind the monitorusing the screw and wall anchorsprovided (see Mounting TheSpeakers, page 7).If you wish to save desktopspace, use the hook and loopfasteners to attach the satellitespeakers to the sides of thecomputer monitor (see Diagram B).The Center Channel Speaker. Thecenter channel speaker providesthe on-screen effects and dialog inDolby Digital, Dolby Surround orCreative Multi Speaker Surroundmodes. It should be placed as closeto the center of your computermonitor as possible.2/9/01, 1:50 PMSUBWOOFERSURROUND
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    There are many mountingpossibilities. The monitor standcan be attached with hook andloop fasteners to the top of thecomputer monitor. It directs thesound down towards the listener(see Diagram C).If your computer monitorsconstruction directs the sound ofthe center channel satellitetowards you without a stand,attach the satellite directly to thetop of the monitor, using the hookand loop fasteners (see DiagramD). Position the face of the centerCDchannel so that it is as far forwardas possible.Use a Desktop Stand to positiona center channel satellite in frontof the monitor. It directs the soundup towards the listener (seeDiagram E).The Center Speaker may also behung on the wall behind themonitor using the screw and wallanchors provided (see MountingThe Speakers, page 7).The Rear Satellites. The rearsatellites provide the surroundeffects in Dolby Digital, DolbySurround and Creative MultiSpeaker Surround modes. Theyalso provide the discrete rearsounds produced in four channelgaming.5 meters (16 feet) of cable isprovided with the two remainingsmall satellites for more flexibilityin rear channel placement.The rear satellites may be placedin any convenient sites alongsidethe listener, including sites slightlyforward of the listening location.The rear satellites do not have tobe at exactly the same height, norat the same height as the frontsatellites.If you have side walls close toyour listening position, excellentplacement for the rear satellites isslightly behind your listeningposition, slightly above ear level(see Diagram F). The satellites maybe hung on the wall using thescrew and wall anchors provided(see Mounting The Speakers, page 7).Do not be concerned if thisplacement is not practical. Anyrear satellite placement to the leftand right side of the listeningposition will provide strongdirectional and surround effects.EFG40420000547 REV. B SINGLE82/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    The rear satellites may beinstalled on their convenient floorstands. While listening, the standsshould be positioned to the left andright of your listening position (seeDiagram G on the previous page).The Floor Stands are smallenough to be stowed underneath adesk when not in use. See page 7for floor stand assembly instructions.Larger work surfaces canaccommodate both front andsurround pairs of satellites ontheir Desktop Stands. Try theextreme corners of a desk usingthe Desktop Stands (see Diagram H).HAlso, you may attach the rearsatellites under a desktop or at thesides of a desk using the hook andloop fasteners (see Diagram I).After you have positioned therear satellites, use the test soundto make sure each speaker can beheard clearly.The Subwoofer. The subwoofersoptimum position is on the flooragainst the wall under thecomputer desk. The nearer thesubwoofer is to the corner of theroom, the stronger its maximumbass output will be. We stronglyrecommend placing the subwooferon the floor (see Diagram J).Leave at least 8 cm (3 inches) ofspace between the subwoofer faceand a wall. Small objects in frontof, but not touching the subwoofer(table legs, for instance) will haveno effect on its sound. If you haveno available floor space, thesubwoofer can be placed on ashelf, desktop or other sites, but itsmaximum output will be reduced.The subwoofer is not magneticallyshielded, so position it at least 18IJ50420000547 REV. B SINGLE9inches away from a computermonitor.Substituting a poweredsubwoofer. You may substitute apowered subwoofer for thesubwoofer that comes with theDTT2500 Digital. Connect its linelevel input (typically an RCA jack)to the dedicated subwoofer outputon the back of the DecoderAmplifier, using a shielded audiocable with RCA plugs on each end.Refer to the powered subwoofersUser Manual for adjustmentprocedures.2/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    LSRRLREARRIGHTKRLSCSUBRSLSDOLBY DIGITAL(AC-3) SPDIF INSUBWOOFERLINE OUTCSUBRSDiagram K: To connect thespeaker wire to each satellite,press one of the spring-loaded tabsto expose the connection hole.Insert the bare end of the wireinto the exposed hole, then releasethe tab to lock the wire in place.Connect wires with red bands tored tab connectors, and unmarkedwires to black tab connectors.Notes: Matching red wires to redtabs and unmarked wires to blacktabs insures the speakers all playin phase. Out-of-phaseconnections will do no electricalharm, but the overall soundquality will be greatly reduced.You can substitute regular 18gauge speaker wire to createlonger cables, if needed.SUB3. Remove the backing from theremaining, longer L label andwrap it around the opposite endof the speaker cable near theRCA-type plug.4. Place the satellite in the frontleft position.5. Repeat this process usinganother 3 meter cable for thefront right satellite, using theR labels.6. Connect another 3 meter cable toa satellite. Use the C (center)labels. If used, the MonitorStand attaches to the satellite inthe same manner as theDesktop Stands, although itdoes not have a hole for thespeaker wire. Route the wire tothe left or right side of theattachment strut. Position thesatellite.7. If you wish to use the FloorStands with the rear satellites,assemble the stand according toAttaching The Floor Standinstructions on page 7. Use theRS and LS labels (right and leftsurround) and 5 meter cables.8. Connect the subwoofer using thelast 3 meter cable to the SUBlabels.CTypically, the 3 meter speakercables will connect the front andcenter satellites to the DecoderAmplifier and the 5 meter cableswill connect the rear satellites tothe Decoder Amplifier. A panel oftwelve self-adhesive labels isprovided to identify each satelliteand subwoofer and the oppositeend of the cable connected to asatellite and subwoofer.1. Identify a 3 meter cable. Mostoften, a satellite will be usedwith a desktop stand. In thiscase, thread the bare wire end ofa 3 meter cable through the holein the desktop stand. Connectthis end to a satellite (as shownin Diagram K). Carefully insertthe desktop stands attachmentarm into the socket in the backof the satellite, taking up anyslack in the cable as required.2. To use this satellite in the frontleft position, remove the backingfrom the small, round L labeland apply it to the back of thesatellite (see Diagram K).RSSpeaker Wire and Stand InstallationLINE IN REAR INDIGITALDINANALOGAUTOINPUTSPEAKER OUTPUTSC SUBWOOFER RSLSR15VDC INLL60420000547 REV. B SINGLE102/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    Mounting The SpeakersScrew Mounting: The Satelliteand Center Channel speakers maybe hung on a wall using an M5screw and their keyhole openings.First attach four self-adhesivefeet to the back of each satellite(see Diagram P) insuring avibration-free, secure installation.Leave about 3/8 of an inch of thescrew-head exposed to fit into theback of the speaker.Plastic anchors may be needed tosecure the screws into particularlyhard or soft material. If so, drill theappropriate sized holes in the walland tap the anchors into the holesuntil they are flush with the wall.Insert the screws into the anchorsuntil they protrude 3/8 inch fromthe wall.Hook and Loop Fasteners: Whenmounting speakers with hook andloop fasteners, make sure that allsurfaces are clean and free of dirtand grease. Hard, flat, unpaintedsurfaces work best with hook andloop fasteners (see Diagram Q).Attach the fastener first to aspeaker. Then remove theremaining backing and adhere tothe chosen surface.PQLREARRIGHTMUSICMOVIEFOURPOINTSTEREOPRO LOGICDOLBYDIGITAL DIGITAL IN ANALOG INCREATIVEMULTI SPEAKER SURROUNDLLRRDOLBY SURROUNDAUDIO MODEMASTERCENTERSPEAKER TESTMUTEPOWERDTT 3500 DIGITALSUBWOOFERSURROUND70420000547 REV. B SINGLE112/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    Decoder AmplifierPlacementThe Decoder Amplifier can beplaced on the desktop, a shelf orany site that makes the controlsconvenient (see Diagram R).The Power Adapter cord must beable to reach from the DecoderAmplifier back panel to your ACpower receptacle.Place the Decoder Amplifier on ahard, flat surface.There are ventilation slots on thebottom and top of the DecoderAmplifiers enclosure. Dont blockthe ventilation slots by placingmaterial on top of or below theDecoder Amplifier.MUSICMOVIEFOURPOINTSTEREOMaking ConnectionsRPRO LOGICDOLBYDIGITAL DIGITAL IN ANALOG INCREATIVEMULTI SPEAKER SURROUNDLLRRDOLBY SURROUNDAUDIO MODEMASTERCENTERSPEAKER TESTMUTEPOWERDTT 3500 DIGITALSUBWOOFERSURROUNDConsult the Wiring Diagram onthe next page before making anyconnections.Speaker Connections. Insert onesatellites plug into the corresponding Speaker Output on theDecoder Amplifier. Repeat thisprocess for the remainingsatellites and subwoofer. Ifsubstituting a poweredsubwoofer, connect it to theSUBWOOFER LINE OUT.Signal Connections.Dolby Digital. Connect the DolbyDigital/SPDIF output of yoursignal source to the DecoderAmplifiers Dolby Digital inputusing the cable with the RCAplugs at each end.For Sound Blaster Live! soundcards with a digital I/O card:Connect its Digital DIN output tothe Digital DIN input with thesupplied Digital DIN cable (theone with the red plugs at eachend). It is not necessary toconnect a cable to the Line In andRear In input in this instance.Refer to Connection to SoundBlaster Live! via Digital DIN(next page) for more informationabout this connection.For all other sound cards: Usethe tandem audio signal cable.Connect the green stereominiplugs to the Line Outminijack output of your soundcard and to the Line In minijackoutput of the Decoder Amplifier.Connect the black stereominiplugs to the Rear Outminijack output of your soundcard (if present) and to the RearIn minijack input of the DecoderAmplifier.)Power Supply Adapter Connections. Confirm the power switchis in the OFF position. Insertthe power supplys AC plug intoan appropriate receptacle. Insertthe small DC connector into the15V DC IN receptacle on theback of the Decoder Amplifier.80420000547 REV. B SINGLE122/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    Connection to Sound BLasterLive! via Digital DINWiring DiagramDVD OUTPUT(EXAMPLE: CREATIVE LABSPC-DVD ENCORE Dxr2)DOLBY DIGITAL(AC-3) SPDIF INREAROUTLINEOUTBLACKGREENDIGITALOUTPUTSUBWOOFERLINE OUTIf your Sound Blaster Live! soundcard includes a Digital I/O card,you can take advantage of theclear, distortion-free audioavailable from its Digital DINoutput.1. Insert on end of the SPDIFcable into the Digital DINoutput jack on the SoundBlaster Live! Digital I/O card.The position of the Digital DINconnector on the Digital I/Ocard may be different from thisdiagram. The Digital DINconnector is the only connectorwith a 9-pin configuration.2. Insert the other end of theSPDIF cable into the DigitalDIN input on the decoderamplifier.3. Use the following procedure toconfigure the Sound BlasterLive! sound card for fourspeakers:SOUNDCARD OUTPUT(EXAMPLE: SOUND BLASTER LIVE!)LINE IN REAR INDIGITALDINANALOGAUTOINPUTSPEAKER OUTPUTSC SUBWOOFER RSLSR15VDC INLPOWERSUPPLYADAPTERRIGHT SURROUNDSATELLITELEFT SURROUNDSATELLITESUBWOOFERSPDIF CABLEDOLBY DIGITAL(AC-3) SPDIF INSUBWOOFERLINE OUTRIGHT SATELLITECENTER CHANNELSPEAKERLEFT SATELLITELINE IN REAR INDIGITALDINANALOGAUTOINPUTSPEAKER OUTPUTSC SUBWOOFER RSLSR15VDC INDIGITAL I/O CARD DIGITAL DINDigital DIN ConnectorLDTT2500 Digital Decoder Amplifier90420000547 REV. B SINGLE132/9/01, 1:50 PM Bring your mouse pointer tothe top of the monitor screento display the CreativeLauncher. Click on AudioHQ. Click on the Speaker tab.The speaker dialog box willappear. On the configuration tabbedpage, select the 4 Speakersoption. A sofa icon (representing you)appears in the center of thepreview box, with four speakersat the corners of the box. In some versions of SoundBlaster Live! software, you canselect the four-speaker outputoption in the Environment deckof the Surround Mixer application (located in the SoundBlaster Live! program tab of theCreative Launcher).Note: When the Analog/Autoswitch is pushed towards the Autoside, the signal at the Digital DINinput is given priority and thesignal at the Analog Audio inputswill be ignored. To listen to asound source through the analogaudio inputs, push the switch tothe Analog side.
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    Decoder Amplifier FunctionsWhen the power is switchedON, the green indicator lightson the face of the DecoderAmplifier will sequentially lightfrom the left to the right. TheCMSS Music light will remainilluminated after start-up. Theindicator light for Dolby Digitalwill illuminate automatically if aDolby Digital program is playing.1. ON/OFF: Switches DeskTopTheater DTT2500 Digital poweron and off. An indicator lightsignals the power is on.2. Master: Adjusts the volume ofthe entire system.3. Center, Subwoofer andSurround: These controls adjustthe level of the indicatedchannels. Their output levelshould be balanced with the fixedoutput level of the Left and Rightfront speakers.Top Row4. Creative Multi SpeakerSurround: CMSS processesanalog program material.Repeated presses of this buttonsteps through five differentoperation modes.Music: Creates a 5.1 speakersoundfield appropriate for musicfrom any analog sound source.Movie: Creates a 5.1 speakersoundfield appropriate for movieor game enjoyment from ananalog sound source.FourPoint: Use this mode forDVD games having Dolby Digitalsoundtracks with EnvironmentalAudio Extensions or MicrosoftDirectSound3D for real-timepositioning of sound effects.Stereo: Use this mode when youwant to hear just stereo effects orA Quick Reference Guide isprovided separately.Consult this guide foradvice about playingdifferent program sources.Slip it underneath theDecoder Amplifier forfuture use.No lights illuminated: Mutesany analog stereo or CMSSoutput. Use this setting if youwish to play an analog stereosignal through the Dolby ProLogic processor. For moreinformation about Creative MultiSpeaker Surround, see page 13.5. Dolby Digital indicator light:This light turns on whenever aDolby Digital signal is detected atthe SPDIF input of the DTT2500Digital. For Dolby Digital 5.1sound reproduction, make sureonly this light is illuminated.6. Dolby Surround: This buttoncycles between Dolby Pro Logicprocessing of the digital signal,then the analog input and no ProLogic processing. To decodeDolby Surround program at theDigital DIN input, select theAnalog Pro Logic mode.7. Audio Mode: Use this buttonto play just the left or rightchannels of a stereo digitalsignal (PCM from an audio CD, aVideo CD or a stereo signal froma DVD). Use this when, forexample, a Video CD has differentlanguages on the left and rightchannels.Repeated presses of the buttonselects which channel is fed toboth the Left and Right frontspeakers.LL-Left channel to both Left andRight front speakers.RR-Right channel program toboth Left and Right frontspeakers. See Audio ModeSelection, page 13 for furtherinformation about this feature.8. Speaker Test: Press thisbutton to start the test soundgenerator. Use this test sound toposition all the speakers and tobalance their relative output.The test sound moves in sequencefrom the left satellite, the centerspeaker, the right satellite, thento the right surround satellite,left surround satellite and thesubwoofer. All of the indicatorlights will blink on and off whilethe test sound generator is inoperation.The test sound will operate forthree complete cycles and thenstop. You can terminate the soundat any point by pressing the SpeakerTest button again.First use the test sound to verifythat each speaker is operating.100420000547 REV. B SINGLE142/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    Then make sure the speakersare positioned so that the testsound can be clearly heard.Finally, adjust the front panellevel controls for the center,subwoofer and rear speakers.Adjust each control so its speakerachieves a balanced output levelwith the left and right satellites(which provide a fixed referenceoutput level).All Decoder Amplifier functionsexcept for the level controls aredisabled while the test sound isrunning.MUSICThe speaker level controlsoperate at all times. If desired,you may adjust these controlsduring program material to finetune the balance.9. Mute: Mutes all output fromthe DTT2500 Digital. Press thebutton once to mute. Press asecond time to restore audiooutput.The CMSS, Dolby Surround,Audio Mode and Speaker Testbuttons are operable duringmute.PRO LOGICDOLBYDIGITAL DIGITAL IN ANALOG IN LLMOVIE FOURPOINT STEREOR546DOLBY SURROUNDCREATIVEMULTI SPEAKER SURROUND789AUDIO MODESPEAKER TESTMUTECENTERSUBWOOFERSURROUNDPOWERCAMBRIDGESOUNDWORKS1MASTER23110420000547 REV. B SINGLE152/9/01, 1:50 PM
  • Page 16

    Surround ReferenceDolby DigitalDolby Digital (earlier called AC-3)delivers five discreet full-rangechannels (left front, center, rightfront, left surround and rightsurround) plus a separate LowFrequency Effects (LFE) channel.Many soundtracks on the latestgeneration laser discs, DVDs andHigh Definition Television (HDTV),are encoded with Dolby Digitaltechnology.When a 5.1 channel DolbyDigital program source is playing,such as from a Creative PC-DVDplayer, the Dolby Digital indicatorlight will illuminate automatically.Note: Not every section of a DVDwill be 5.1-channel encoded. Onmany DVDs, only the main movieprogram will be available in 5.1channel sound. Other supportingchapters (like a DirectorsComment section) may be instereo or mono. These sections willnot light the Dolby Digital indicateor even though the sound will beproperly reproduced by theDTT2500 Digital.When listening to DVD movieswith 5.1 channel Dolby Digitalsound, be sure to listen only to thedigital program source. You caninsure this by:1) making sure your DVDplayers stereo downmix isnot sent to your soundcard. Forexample, disconnect any cablelink between the cards.2) making sure all four CMSSindicator lights are off(MUSIC, MOVIE,FOURPOINTand STEREO)3) muting the CD input ofyour computers software mixer/volume control application.When playing a DVD game witha mix of Dolby Digital 5.1 sound (adigital signal at the SPDIF input)and soundcard wavetable output(a signal at the analog input), besure to engage the FOURPOINTmode in the CMSS settings.Dolby Pro LogicDolby Surround is an earliersurround sound standard which isdecoded with a Pro Logic processorin the DTT2500 Digital. The ProLogic steering circuitry derivesseparate center and rear channelsfrom encoded stereo programsources.Pro Logic processing provides aconvincing movie soundfield whenthe material is specifically encodedfor Dolby Surround. Most olderstereo movie soundtracks will onlybe encoded for Dolby Surround,even though the program sourcemay be a DVDs digital output.Most DVDs containing DolbySurround program material willcause both the Dolby Digital andDigital Pro Logic lights toilluminate. DTT2500 Digital willdecode these digitally transferredDolby Surround programs throughthe digital Pro Logic decoderautomatically.CD-ROMs and CDs with DolbySurround encoding will featurethe Dolby Surround logo at thebeginning of the program or on thepackaging. Process these programsby making sure all CMSS indicatorlights are off and selecting the ProLogic Analog Input setting of theSurround Mode button. Use thisAnalog Pro Logic Mode to decodeDolby Surround program materialat the Digital DIN input.Do not select a Pro Logicdecoding mode if the programmaterial is not encoded for DolbySurround. Excessive centerchannel output will result, andmost stereo effect will be lost. UseCMSS Movie or Music modesto upmix stereo programs to arealistic 5.1 channel sound field.120420000547 REV. B SINGLE162/9/01, 1:50 PM
  • Page 17

    Creative Multi SpeakerSurround (CMSS)CMSS is a 2-channel to 5.1channel sound processor similar insome aspects to a Dolby Surroundwith Pro Logic processor.CMSS Music mode creates aconvincing 5.1 channel surroundsoundfield with typical stereosources, whether they are DolbySurround-encoded or not. It workswell with Dolby Pro Logic, WAVE,AVI and MIDI program material. Inessence, CMSS Music mode putsyou on the stage for themusics performance, surrounding you with the performers.In a similar manner, CMSS Moviemode provides the sonic impression of being front and center at amovie screening. Dialog and allnormally centered sounds from astereo program are heard throughthe center speaker. Use this modewhenever a music program hassounds you want to blend with onscreen action or dialog.Unlike Pro Logic decoding, CMSSMusic, Movie and Four Pointmodes are appropriate for use withmulti-coded sources such as DVDgames. In some game titles, themovie sequences may be encodedin Dolby Surround but the gamesequences may be in the WAVformat. CMSS Movie modesupports 6-channel output for.WAV, .AVI, .MIDI and other audiosoftware formats. Few, if any ofthese kinds of formats are DolbySurround encoded.The FOURPOINT mode passesthe four discreet channel audio offour-channel games direct to eachsatellite channel. It does notsynthesize rear channel output, sostereo signal in this mode will playjust through the front two speakersand subwoofer.The STEREO mode plays the Leftand Right Front speakers and thesubwoofer. It also lets you hearthe stereo downmix from any DVD.Audio Mode SelectionThe stereo soundtracks of somemovies on the Video CD (VCDformat) contain different languages. For example, a twochannel soundtrack may containMandarin on the right channel andEnglish on the left channel. TheVCD program literature shouldindicate the presence of duallanguage soundtracks. Similarly,some movies in the DVD formatwill contain dual-languagesoundtracks. DTT2500 Digital letsyou select one of these languagesand play it through both the Leftand Right speakers.If there is no indication of whichchannel is which and you hear twodifferent language soundtracks130420000547 REV. B SINGLE172/9/01, 1:50 PMduring stereo playback, select theLL and RR settings until youfind the language soundtrack youwant.The Audio Mode selection featurecan only be used with the PCMdigital soundtrack of a Video CD orDVD with a stereo soundtrack, nota DVD encoded with Dolby Digital5.1 sound or Dolby Surroundencoded material. If you have ananalog program with separate leftand right channels (the analogoutput of a CD ROM, or the analogstereo output of a software videoCD, for instance), you will have touse the balance control in yourPCs audio software to mute theundesired channel.
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    Applications GuidePlaying DVD Movies:Using PC-DVD player on PC1. Disable the Creative MultiSpeaker Surround (CMSS)function by pressing the CMSSbutton until all four LEDs areoff.For movies with DolbyDigital 5.1 (AC-3)soundtracks:This signal is detected automatically and the DOLBYDIGITAL LED lights up. Youwill experience Dolby Digital5.1 channel output.For two-channel movieswhich are Dolby Surroundencoded carried within theDolby Digital compressedbitstream:The Dolby Pro Logic decoderwill automatically decode theprogram for 5.1 channel movieexperience.Using DVD player on TV1. Connect Video Out of the DVDplayer to Video Input of yourtelevision.2. Connect Dolby Digital compressed signal output fromyour DVD player to the DOLBYDIGITAL (AC-3) SPDIF IN ofyour DTT2500 Digital decoderamplifier unit.3. Press the CMSS button until allits three LEDs are off todisable the Creative MultiSpeaker Surround (CMSS)function.DigitalAudioAnalogAudioPC-DVD ROM DriveMPC-to-MPC CD-Audio CableLINE INCD_INAUX_INMIC INLINE OUTREAR OUTFor movies with DolbyDigital 5.1 (AC-3)soundtracks:This signal is detected automatically and the DOLBYDIGITAL LED lights up. Youwill experience Dolby Digital5.1 channel output.For two-channel DVDmovies which are DolbySurround-encoded:The Dolby Pro Logic decoderwill automatically decode theprogram for 5.1 channel movieexperience.4-Channel Sound Card(e.g. Sound Blaster Live!)Dolby Digital (AC-3)SPDIF OutDOLBY DIGITAL(AC-3) SPDIF INSUBWOOFERLINE OUTLINE IN REAR INDIGITALDINANALOGAUTOINPUTSPEAKER OUTPUTSC SUBWOOFER RSLSRAUDIO_OUT15VDC INLEncore Dxr2 / PC-DVD MPEG2Decoder Card (Luxsonar)Connection Guide for DeskTop Theatre 5.1 DTT2500 Digital with Sound Blaster Live! and Creative PC-DVD system.140420000547 REV. B SINGLE182/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    Playing VCD Movies:Using PC-DVD player on PC1. Disable the Creative MultiSpeaker Surround (CMSS)function by pressing the CMSSbutton until all four LEDs areoff.For VCD movies withDolby Surround-encodedstereo program:You can use the Dolby ProLogic decoder, by selectingPRO LOGIC DIGITAL IN, toexperience 5.1-channel movieviewing.For VCD movies:You will have Digital 2.1channel output. To enhancethe experience, enable theDigital Pro Logic by pressingthe DOLBY SURROUND buttonuntil the DIGITAL IN LEDlights up.Using SoftMPEG player orPlayCenter on PC1. Select the MOVIE mode bypressing the Creative MultiSpeaker Surround (CMSS)button until the LED forMOVIE mode lights up.This mode lets you experiencethe surround sound with 5.1channel output; all dialog andcentral sounds will be heardthrough the center speaker,while music and off-stagesounds are heard through theother four satellites.If you are using PlayCenter toplay the VCDs, disable all CMSSeffects in your PlayCenter - useonly DTT2500 Digital CMSSMOVIE mode.Using VCD player on TV1. Connect Video Out of the VCDplayer to Video Input of yourtelevision.2. Connect the Audio Out of theVCD player to the Line In ofyour DTT2500 Digital decoderamplifier unit.3. Select the MOVIE mode bypressing the Creative MultiSpeaker Surround (CMSS)button until the LED forMOVIE mode lights up.You can experience surroundsound instead of mono/stereosound; all dialog and centralsounds will be heard through thecenter speaker, while music andoff-stage sounds are heardthrough the other four satellites.150420000547 REV. B SINGLE192/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    Playing Games:Playing Multi-format DVDGamesThese games have Dolby Digitalor Dolby Pro Logic movie clipsmixed with the actual gamesequence.Select the MUSIC or MOVIE modeby pressing the Creative MultiSpeaker Surround (CMSS) buttonuntil the LED for MUSIC orMOVIE mode lights up.Playing Microsoft DirectSound3D or Environmental AudioGames1. Under CMSS on your DTT2500Digital decoder amplifier, selectFOURPOINT to fully enjoy the4-channel gaming experiencefrom Microsoft DirectSound3Dor Creative EnvironmentalAudio (EA) titles with a 4channel audio card.2. For Sound Blaster Live! users,enable the 4-Speakerconfiguration on your PC.Otherwise, select FourPointunder CMSS on your DTT2500Digital decoder amplifier unit.Playing Conventional GamesSelect MUSIC or MOVIE bypressing the Creative MultiSpeaker Surround (CMSS) buttonuntil the LED for MUSIC orMOVIE mode lights up.160420000547 REV. B SINGLE202/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    CD Audio Music:Karaoke Music:Enjoying CD Audio on PCSelect the MUSIC mode bypressing the Creative MultiSpeaker Surround (CMSS) buttonuntil the LED for MUSIC modelights up. This mode creates anenveloping five-speaker surroundeffect that enhances stereomusic.Singing Karaoke on PC with SBLive! and Creative PC-DVDDecoder Card (with CreativeNavigator application)1. Connect your microphone tothe MIC IN of SB Live!.2. Enable the Microphone sourcein the Mixer.3. Select one of the sevenKaraoke modes under Environment in Creative Launcher.4. Press the AUDIO MODE buttonof the DTT2500 Digitaldecoder amplifier unit untilyou hear only the music i.e.vocal portion is masked out.Singing Karaoke on PC with SBLive! only (with CreativePlayCenter)1. Connect your microphone tothe MIC IN of SB Live!.2. Enable the Microphone sourcein the Mixer.3. Select one of the sevenKaraoke modes under Environment in Creative Launcher.4. Click the Audio Menu buttonon the Creative PlayCenter tohear only the music, i.e. withthe vocal portion masked out.170420000547 REV. B SINGLE212/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    SpecificationsDeskTop Theater 5.1DTT2500 DigitalSix-channelAmplifier SpecificationsLeft, Right, Left Surround, RightSurround amplifiers, each offour: 7 watts RMS per channelCenter Channel amplifier: 21watts per channelSubwoofer amplifier: 20 wattsper channelImportant Technical SupportPlayback LevelsInside U.S.A., Canada and Latin AmericaDDT2500 Digital is intended forindividual or small group listeningand will achieve surprisingly highoutput levels. However, playing thesystem continuously at overly loud,distorted levels on heavy bassprogram material may cause itsinternal fuse to blow.The fuse can be replaced only bya qualified representative. To avoidthis inconvenience and a possiblenon-warranty repair charge, reducethe playback volume when thesystem shows obvious signs ofstress, i.e. it sounds raspy,fuzzy, and/or muddy.Creative Labs Inc. Technical SupportIf you need technical assistance, call 405-742-6622. Operating hours:(Central Time) Mon-Sat: 8am - 10pm and Sun Noon - 8pm. You can getthe latest program and driver updates from Creative Labs bulletin board, 24hours a day. Call 405-742-6660; use modem settings:Baud rate:Data bits:Parity:Stop bits:300 to 14400(V.32/V.42 bis)8none1You can also send a FAX at 405-742-6633 or write us at:Technical SupportCreative Labs, Inc.1523 Cimarron PlazaStillwater, OK 74075To reach Creative Technical support via the Internet, visit our technicalsupport web site at http://www.creativehelp.com, for troubleshooting help.For information about this product and other Creative Labs products,visit Creative Zone at http://www.soundblaster.com. Or, call CustomerService at 800-998-1000.Faxback information is available by calling 405-372-5227.180420000547 REV. B SINGLE222/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    Inside EuropeCreative Labs (Ireland) Ltd. Technical SupportBallycoolin Business Park, Blanchardstown Dublin,15 IrelandIrelandTel:Fax:BBS:Belgium(for Benelux)Tel:Fax:BBS:DenmarkTel:BBS:FinlandTel:BBS:FranceTel:Fax:BBS:Germany(for Central andEastern Europe)Minitel:Tel:Fax:BBS:+353 1 820 7555+353 1 820 5052+353 1 820 3784 (HST)+353 1 820 3818 (ZyXEL)+32 32300997 (French)+32 32300998 (Dutch)+32 3281 4631 (HST V.34)+32 3281 4632 (V.34)8001 7177 (Freephone)+45 4824 4351 (HST V.34)+45 4824 4361 (V.34)08001 18052 (Freephone)+45 4824 4351 (HST V.34)+45 4824 4361 (ZyXEL 19,200)+33 1 39 20 04 21+33 1 39 20 90 10+33 1 39 20 90 43 (HST)+33 1 39 20 90 47 (V.32bis)3615 CREATIVE and 3617 CREATIVE+49 089 9579081+49 089 9577453+49 089 9577274HollandItalyNorwayTel:Tel:Tel:BBS:+3115578244+39 2 982 4 4100800 11663 (Freephone)+45 4824 4351 (HST V.34)+45 4824 4361 (ZyTEL 19,200)ScandinaviaTel:Fax:Tel:Tel:BBS:+45 4824 4322+45 4824 4323900 953536 (Freephone)020 791088 (Freephone)+45 4824 4351 (HST V.34)+45 4824 4361 (ZyTEL 19,200)+44 01734 344 744+44 01734 320 271+44 01743 360 287SpainSwedenUKTel:Fax:BBS:Operating hoursMon-Fri: Business HoursSat-Sun: ClosedFaxback is a facility that allows you to obtain product and technical information through facsimile services. In Europe, use the following number:+353 1 820 3667.190420000547 REV. B SINGLE232/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    1-Year Limited WarrantyInside AsiaCreative Technology Ltd. Technical Support31 International Business Park,Creative Resource, Singapore 609921Tel:+65 8954100Fax:+65 8954999BBS:+65 776 2423Operating Hours (Singapore Time)Mon-Thu:9am-6:30pmFri:9am-6pmSat-Sun & Public Holidays:ClosedTo the original purchaser,Cambridge SoundWorks,Inc. (a division of CreativeTechnologies, Ltd.) willwarrant the DeskTop Theater 5.1DTT2500 Digital system to befree of defects in material andworkmanship for a period of one(1) year from date of purchase.With respect to defects, Cambridge SoundWorks will, at itsoption, replace the product orrepair the defect in the productwith no charge to the originalpurchaser for parts or labor.This warranty does not extendto any defect, malfunction orfailure caused by misuse, abuse,accident, faulty hookup, defectiveassociated equipment or use ofthe speaker with equipment forwhich it is not intended.This warranty is valid onlywhen the speaker is returned tothe retailer that sold the DeskTopTheater 5.1 DTT2500 Digital tothe original purchaser.This is the sole and expresswarranty. This warranty is in lieuof all other warranties, expressedor implied, of merchantability,fitness for purpose or otherwise.In no event shall CambridgeSoundWorks be liable forincidental or consequentialdamages or have any liabilitywith respect to defects other thanthe obligations set forth asstated.To ensure warranty coverage, itis incumbent upon the originalpurchaser of DeskTop Theater 5.1DTT2500 Digital to inform theretailer of the defect within thewarranty period. The onlyacceptable method of establishing warranty status isa copy of the original proof ofpurchase indicating customersname and purchase date. 1999 Cambridge SoundWorks, Inc. All rights reserved. Cambridge SoundWorks is a registered trademark, and PCWorks and DeskTop Theater are trademarks of CambridgeSoundWorks, Inc., Newton, MA. The Creative logo and Sound Blaster logo are registered trademarks and the Environmental Audio logo and Creative Multi Speaker Surround aretrademarks of Creative Technology Ltd. The DeskTop Theater 5.1 DTT2500 Digital Dolby Digital Decoder Amplifier is manufactured under the license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby,Pro Logic, AC-3, and the Double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Confidential unpublished works. Copyright 1992-1997 Dolby Laboratories, Inc. All rights reserved.Microsoft and DirectSound are registered trademarks of Microsoft Inc. All other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Allspecifications are subject to change without prior notice. Actual contents may differ slightly from those pictured.200420000547 REV. B SINGLE242/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    0420000547 REV. B SINGLE252/9/01, 1:50 PM
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    311 Needham Street, Newton, MA 024641-800-367-4434 Fax: 617-527-3194www.hifi.com or e-mail us at info@hifi.comRev. B04200005470420000547 REV. B SINGLE262/9/01, 1:50 PM

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