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Washing machine Instructions for use

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    Washing machine

    Instructions for use

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    Please read these instructions for use carefully and all other information enclosed with the
    washing machine.
    Keep all documentation in a safe place for future reference or for any future owners.

    This appliances is intended to be used in household and
    similar applications such as:
    - staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working environments;
    - farm houses;
    - by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments;
    - bed and breakfast type environments.
    A different use of this appliance from household environment or from typical housekeeping
    functions, as commercial use by expert or trained users, is excluded even in the above
    If the appliance is used in a manner inconsistent with this it may reduce the life of the
    appliance and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.
    Any damage to the appliance or other damage or loss arising through use that is not
    consistent with domestic or household use (even if located in a domestic or household
    environment) shall not be accepted by the manufacturer to the fullest extent permitted by law.

    Notes on disposal
    All packaging material used is environmentally-friendly and recyclable. Please help dispose of
    the packaging via environmentally-friendly means.



    General delivery notes
    Safety notes
    Quick start
    Description of controls
    Programme Table
    Programme selector
    Detergent drawer
    Detergents, washing aids and amounts to use
    Useful advice for the user
    The main wash
    Cleaning and routine maintenance
    Investigating malfunctions
    Technical data
    Setting up + installation



    Your supplier or local council will be able to give you
    details of current means of disposal.
    Valuable materials can be salvaged from an old appliance via scrap reprocessing.

    Note: pull out the mains plug from any old appliance.
    Cut the power cable and dispose of it, together with the
    When disposing of an old washing machine, please ensure that the door lock is rendered
    inoperable to prevent children shutting themselves in the appliance.


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    General delivery notes
    Please check that the following items are delivered with the appliance:
    - Instruction manual
    - Certificate of guarantee
    - Inlet hose
    Check that no damage has occurred during transit, and if so, call your nearest Authorised
    Technical Support Service agent.

    M) N.B!
    If the appliance is installed on a carpeted floor ensure that the ventilation holes on the
    base of the appliance are not obstructed.
    N) If the appliance is not running properly or breaks down, switch it off, turn off the tap and do
    not tamper with the appliance.
    Consult only the Authorised Technical Support Service for possible repair and ask them to
    use original spare parts.
    Failure to comply with the above can compromise the safety of the appliance.
    O) If the appliance’s power cable should ever need replacing, consult the Authorised
    Technical Support Service

    Quick start
    Safety notes.
    for cleaning or maintenance of the washing machine.
    A) Pull out the plug
    B) Turn off the tap
    C) Candy equips all its appliances with earthing. Ensure that the mains supply is earthed,
    and if it is not, seek assistance from a qualified person.
    D) Do not touch the appliance when hands or feet are wet or damp. Do not use the appliance
    with bare feet.
    E) The use of adapters, multiple connectors and/or extensions is not recommended.

    water temperature can reach 90°C during the wash cycle.
    F) Check there is no water left in the drum before opening the door.
    G) This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced
    physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they
    have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person
    responsible for their safety.
    Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
    H) Do not pull the power cable or the appliance itself to remove the plug from the socket.
    I) The appliance must not be exposed to weather conditions (rain, direct sun, etc...)
    L) When moving the appliance never lift it by the controls or by the detergent drawer.
    When in transit never rest the door against the trolley or transport the appliance without
    the polystyrene base.


    Open the door by using the handle “A” (Fig. 1, page 6)
    Select laundry and put it in the machine
    Close the door
    Put detergent in the compartments as indicated in the programme guide in this instruction
    Select programme
    The display will show the settings for the programme selected.
    Adjust the wash temperature if necessary.
    Press additional function buttons (if required)


    Press the “Start/Pause” button (page 8)
    The programme starts.

    After washing
    The word “End” will appear on the display.
    Wait for the door lock to be released
    (about 2 minutes after the programme has finished).
    The “Door Security” indicator light will go out.
    Switch off the washing machine by turning the
    selector to “OFF” position.
    Open the door and remove the laundry.
    Ensure that the machine is correctly installed in line with the instructions found on page 28.


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    Description of controls

    (Function active only on Cotton and Synthetics programmes)

    Fig. 1




    Through every wash phase “Kg DETECTOR” allows to monitor information on the wash load
    in the drum.
    So, as soon as the “Kg DETECTOR” is set in motion, in the first 4 minutes of the wash, it:
    - adjusts the amount of water required
    - determines the length of the wash cycle
    - controls rinsing


    H G F E D C



    according to the type of fabric selected to be washed it:
    - adjusts the rhythm of drum rotation for the type of fabric being washed
    - recognises the presence of lather, increasing, if necessary, the amount of water during rinsing
    - adjusts the spin speed according to the load, thus avoiding any imbalance.
    In this way “Kg DETECTOR” is able to decide, by itself, the most suitable programme for each
    individual wash from the hundreds of possible wash combinations.

    Door handle
    "Door Security" indicator light
    "Start/Pause" button
    "Fast Iron" button
    "Temperature Selection" button
    "Delay Start" button
    "Allergy Care" button
    "Stain Blaster" button
    "Spin Selection" button
    Digital Display
    "Stain level" button
    Programme selector with "OFF" position
    Buttons indicator light
    Detergent drawer


    “Kg DETECTOR” meets the need for easy use by permitting a simplified programme
    selection. Infact, the user need only tell the machine the type of fabric in the drum and the
    degree of soiling, to obtain a perfect wash with the highest level of drying possible with a spin
    which really cares for your clothes.


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    Door handle
    To open the door turn the handle as shown in the picture.
    A special safety device prevents the door from being opened
    immediately after the end of the cycle.
    Wait for 2 minutes after the wash cycle has finished and the “Door
    Security” light has gone out before opening the door. At the end of
    the cycle turn the programme selector to "OFF" .

    The option buttons should be selected before pressing
    the "Start/Pause" button.


    “FAST IRON” button

    The Fast Iron function (Not available on COTTON programmes) minimizes creases as much
    as possible with a uniquely designed anti-crease system that is tailored to specific fabrics.
    MIXED FABRICS - the water is gradually cooled throughout the final two rinses with no
    spinning and then a delicate spin assures the maximum relaxation of the fabrics.

    The “Door Security” indicator light is illuminated when the door is fully closed and the machine is ON.
    DOOR SECURITY indicator light

    When "Start/Pause" is pressed on the machine with the door closed the indicator will flash
    momentarily and then illuminate.
    If the door is not closed the indicator will continue to flash.
    A special safety device prevents the door from being opened immediately after the end of the cycle.
    Wait for 2 minutes after the wash cycle has finished and the “Door Security” light has gone out
    before opening the door. At the end of the cycle turn the programme selector to "OFF" .


    “START/PAUSE” button
    Press to start the selected cycle .

    Few seconds after the start the wash cycle will begin. During the first 4
    minutes of the wash cycle, the kg detector (active only on cotton and
    synthetics programmes) will weigh the clothes and update the maximum
    wash time remaining on the display every five seconds until the weight
    has been determined.
    While this function is operating the “kg detector” indicator is on.
    Changing the settings after the programmes has started (PAUSE)
    Press and hold the “START/PAUSE” button for about 2 seconds, the flashing lights on the
    options buttons and time remaining indicator will show that the machine has been paused,
    adjust as required and press the “START/PAUSE” button again to cancel the flashing lights.
    If you wish to add or remove items during washing, wait 2 minutes until the safety device
    unlocks the door.
    When you have carried out the manoeuvre, close the door, press "Start/Pause" button and
    the appliance will continue working where it left off.

    DELICATE FABRICS – after the final two rinses with no spinning the machine stops in the
    final rinse stage and the option indicators blink. The load is held in the water in the drum,
    thus reducing creasing and enabling easier ironing.
    WOLLENS/HAND WASH – after the final rinse the load is held in the water in the drum,
    thus reducing creasing and enabling easier ironing and the option indicators blink.
    To complete the cycle press the Fast Iron button and the machine will pump out the water
    and complete the cycle.
    If you do not want to spin the clothes and activate drain only:
    - Turn the programme selector to the "OFF" position;
    - Select programme drain only


    - Switch on the appliance again by pressing the "Start/Pause" button.


    When a programme is selected the relevant indicator will light up to show the recommended
    wash temperature. The Temperature button can be used to decrease or increase the
    temperature of your chosen wash cycle. Each time the button is pressed, the new
    temperature level is shown on the Wash Temperature Indicator.

    To cancel the programme, set the selector to the OFF position.
    Select a different programme.
    Re-set the programme selector to the OFF position.



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    “DELAY START” button


    “STAIN BLASTER” Button

    This button allows you to pre-programme the wash cycle to delay the start of the cycle for up
    to 24 hours.
    To delay the start use the following procedure:
    Set the required programme.
    Press the button once to activate it (h00 appears on the display) and then press it again to set
    a 1 hour delay (h01 appears on the display); the pre-set delay increases by 1 hour each time
    the button is pressed, until h24 appears on the display, at which point pressing the button
    again will reset the delay start to zero.

    By pressing this button, which can only be activated in the Cotton cycles, the sensors in the
    new system come into operation. They affect both the selected temperature, keeping it at a
    constant level throughout the wash cycle, and the mechanical function of the drum.
    The drum is made to turn at two different speeds at crucial moments. When the detergent
    enters the garments, the drum rotates in such a way that the detergent is distributed in a
    uniform manner; during the wash and rinse procedures, however, the speed increases in
    order to maximise the cleaning action. Thanks to this special system, the efficiency of the
    wash procedure is improved WITHOUT ANY INCREASE IN THE LENGTH OF THE

    Confirm by pressing the “START/PAUSE” button (the light on the display starts to flash). The
    countdown will begin and when it has finished the programme will start automatically.

    “SPIN SELECTION” button

    Warning: If there is any break in the power supply while
    the machine is operating, a special memory stores the
    selected programme and, when the power is restored, it
    continues where it left off.


    “ALLERGY CARE” button

    The machine is fitted with a special electronic device, which
    prevents the spin cycle should the load be unbalanced.
    This reduces the noise and vibration in the machine and so
    prolongs the life of your machine.


    “DIGITAL” Display



    5 6




    It is possible to modify the spin speed without to pausing the machine.


    By pressing this button you can activate a special new wash cycle in the Cotton and Mixed
    Fabrics programs, thanks to the new Sensor Activa System. This option treats with care the fibres
    of garments and the delicate skin of those who wear them.
    The load is washed in a much larger quantity of water and this, together with the new combined
    action of the drum rotation cycles, where water is filled and emptied, will give you garments which
    have been cleaned and rinsed to perfection. The amount of water in the wash is increased so that
    the detergent dissolves perfectly, ensuring an efficient cleaning action. The amount of water is also
    increased during the rinse procedure so as to remove all traces of detergent from the fibres. This
    function has been specifically designed for people with delicate and sensitive skin, for whom even
    a very small amount of detergent can cause irritation or allergy.
    You are advised to also use this function for children’s clothing and for delicate fabrics in general,
    or when washing garments made of towelling, where the fibres tend to absorb a greater quantity of
    detergent. To ensure the best performance for your wash, this function is always activated on the
    Delicates and Woollens/Hand wash programs.

    The spin cycle is very important to remove as much water as possible from the laundry without
    damaging the fabrics. You can adjust the spin speed of the machine to suit your needs.
    By pressing this button, it is possible to reduce the maximum speed, and if you wish, the spin cycle
    can be cancelled.
    To reactivate the spin cycle press the button until you reach the spin speed you would like to set.
    To prevent damage to the fabrics, it is not possible to increase the speed over that which is
    automatically suitable during the selection of the program.


    It is possible to cancel the delay start by taking the following action:
    Press and hold the button for 5 seconds until the display will show the settings for the
    programme selected.
    At this stage it is possible to start the programme previously selected by pressing the
    “START/PAUSE” button or to cancel the process by setting the selector to the OFF position
    and then selecting another programme.



    The display’s indicator system allows you to be constantly informed about the status of the
    When a programme is selected the relevant indicator will light up to show the recommended
    wash temperature. The Temperature button can be used to decrease or increase the
    temperature of your chosen wash cycle. Each time the button is pressed, the new
    temperature level is shown on the Wash Temperature Indicator.

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    Once the START/PAUSE button has been pressed the light first flashes then stops flashing
    and remains on until the end of the wash.
    2 minutes after the end of the wash the light goes off to show that the door can now be
    Once the programme has been selected, the maximum spin speed allowed for that
    programme appears on the display. Pressing the spin button will reduce the speed by 100
    rpm each time the button is pressed. The minimum speed allowed is 400 rpm, or it is
    possible to omit the spin by pressing the spin button repeatedly.

    PROGRAMME selector with "OFF" position


    When the programme selector
    is turned the display lights up to
    show the settings for the
    programme selected.
    N.B. To switch the machine off,
    turn the programme selector to
    the “OFF” position.

    This flashes when delay start has been set.
    When a programme is selected the display automatically shows the maximum cycle duration
    for a full load, which can vary, depending on the options selected. Once the programme has
    started you will be kept informed constantly of the time remaining to the end of the wash.The
    appliance calculates the time to the end of the selected programme based upon a standard
    loading, during the cycle, the appliance corrects the time to that applicable to the size and
    composition of the load.
    6)Kg DETECTOR Indicator
    Available on Cotton and Synthetic cycles, during the first 4 minutes of the cycle the intelligent
    sensor will weigh the laundry and adjust the cycle time, water and electricity consumption
    Once the programme has been selected the indicator light will automatically show the stain
    level set for that programme. Selecting a different stain level the relevant indicator will light


    “STAIN LEVEL” button

    By selecting this button (active only on COTTON and MIXED FIBRES programmes) there is a
    choice of 3 levels of wash intensity, depending on how much the fabrics are soiled.
    Once the programme has been selected the indicator light will automatically show the stain level
    set for that programme. Selecting a different stain level the relevant indicator will light up. For
    example: Using this button on the Rapid Wash cycle will enable you to select either a 14, 30 or 44
    minute wash cycle.


    Today, most detergents have been improved to wash efficiently at
    lower temperatures, therefore we have set the default
    temperature settings of each programme to a lower level, saving
    electricity and reducing the carbon footprint of your machine.
    You can select an high temperature by pressing the temperature
    Please refer to the programme guide for the maximum
    temperature to which each programme can be set.

    Press the "Start/Pause" button to start the selected cycle.
    Once a programme is selected the programme selector remains stationary on the selected
    programme till cycle ends.
    Switch off the washing machine by turning the selector to "OFF".

    The programme selector must be returned to the "OFF" position
    at the end of each cycle or when starting a subsequent wash
    cycle prior to the next programme being selected and started.


    Buttons indicator light

    These light up when the relevant buttons are pressed.
    If an option is selected that is not compatible with the selected programme then the light on
    the button first flashes and then goes off.


  • Page 8



    Resistant fabrics











    Up to:




    Up to:




    Up to:




    Up to:

    No 1061/2010

    Resistant fabrics
    Mixed fabrics and synthetics
    Rapid 30 minute




    Up to:

    COTTON PROGRAMME with a temperature of 60°C
    COTTON PROGRAMME with a temperature of 40°C

    Resistant fabrics
    Mixed fabrics and synthetics
    Rapid 44 minute




    Up to:









    Cotton, linen
    with Prewash
    Cotton, mixed


    Mixed fabrics and synthetics
    Cotton, mixed fabrics, synthetics


    Resistant fabrics
    Mixed fabrics and synthetics
    Rapid 14 minute




    Fast spin

    Please read these notes
    * Maximum load capacity of dry clothes, according to the model used (see rating plate).

    These programmes are suitable to clean normally soiled cotton laundry and they are the most
    efficient programmes in terms of combined energy and water consumptions for washing cotton
    These programmes have been developed to be compliant with the temperature on the wash
    label on the garments and the actual water temperature may slightly differ from the declared
    temperature of the cycle.

    The spin speed may also be reduced, to match any guidelines suggested on the fabric
    label, or for very delicate fabrics cancel the spin completely this option is available with a
    spin speed button.

    Drain only





    Very delicate fabrics




    Up to:





    Up to:

    1) For the programmes shown you can adjust the duration and intensity of the wash using
    the Stain Level button button.



    Up to:

    2) Using the Stain Level button on the Rapid cycle will enable you to select either a 14, 30 or
    44 minute wash cycle.

    Hand wash


    Jeans programme




    Up to:


    Pressing the wash temperature button makes it possible to wash at any temperature
    below the maximum allowed.


  • Page 9

    This programme carries out three rinses with a intermediate spin (which
    can be reduced or excluded by using the correct button). It can be used
    for rinsing any type of fabric, eg. use after hand-washing.

    Programme selector
    For the various types of fabrics and various degrees of dirt the washing machine has
    different programme bands according to: wash cycle, temperature and lenght of cycle (see
    table of washing cycle programmes).
    The Cotton programme is designed for maximum washing and rinsing
    efficiency. With spin cycles in between, the programme guarantees the
    laundry is rinsed perfectly. The final spin cycle ensures laundry is spun dry
    as much as possible up to the maximum speed.
    The Cotton programme includes a Prewash cycle. This option is
    particularly useful for really dirty loads and can be used independently of
    the main wash programme. Additional detergent for the Prewash part of
    the programme should be added to the first compartment of the soap
    drawer labelled "1" (please refer to the section of this manual entitled
    “Detergent”). We recommend you use only 20% of the quantity used for
    the main wash programme.
    The Cotton programme is also designed for maximum washing and rinsing
    efficiency. With spin cycles in between, the programme guarantees the
    laundry is rinsed perfectly. The final spin cycle ensures laundry is spun dry
    as much as possible up to the maximum speed. This cycle is set to 40°C,
    but the temperature may be altered using the Temperature option button.
    The main wash and the rinse gives best results thanks to the rotation
    rhythms of the drum and to the water levels.
    A gentle spin will mean that the fabrics become less creased.

    Programme “SPIN” carries out a maximum spin (which can be reduced by
    using the correct button).
    This programme drains out the water.
    This is a new wash cycle which alternates washing and soaking and is
    particularly recommended for very delicate fabrics.
    The wash cycle and rinses are carried out with high water levels to ensure
    best results.
    The special cycle enables to thoroughly wash garments without damaging
    them. The cycle comprises of alternate periods of activity and pauses. The
    programme has a maximum temperature of 40° and concludes with 3 rinses
    and a short spin.
    This washing machine also has a gentle Hand Wash programme cycle.
    This programme allows a complete washing cycle for garments specified
    as “Hand Wash only” on the fabric care label. The programme has a
    temperature of 30°C and concludes with 3 rinses and a slow spin.
    This specially designed programme maintains the high quality wash
    performance for resistant fabrics like Jeans.
    The programme has a maximum temperature of 40°C , ideal for
    removing the dirty without damaging the elasticity of the fibres.

    The Rapid programme allows a washing cycle to be completed in just 14
    minutes! This programme is particularly suited to slightly dirty cottons and
    mixed fabrics.
    Using the Stain Level button on the Rapid cycle will enable you to select
    either a 14, 30 or 44 minute wash cycle.
    When selecting the rapid programme, please note that we recommend you
    use only 20% of the recommended quantities shown on the detergent pack.
    For information about these programmes please refer to the programmes table.


  • Page 10

    Detergent drawer


    Detergents, washing aids and amounts to use

    The detergent drawer is split into 3 compartments:

    Choice of detergent
    General purpose detergents

    - the compartment labelled "1" is for prewash detergent;


    - the compartment labelled " " is for special additives,
    fabric softeners, fragrances, starch, brighteners etc;


    - the compartment labelled "2" is for main wash


    Powder detergents, for a thorough wash, with bleaching agent, particularly suitable for
    use in hot wash programmes (60°C and over), for heavily soiled and stained laundry.
    Liquid detergents, particularly suitable for grease stains, such as greasy skin marks,
    cosmetics and oil.
    These detergents are not suitable for washing stained laundry, as they do not contain
    Biological detergents, not all the products available give a really thorough wash.

    Additional laundry aids

    Some Detergents are Difficult to
    utilise. Ensure to use an in drum
    dispenser if recommended by
    the detergent Manufacturer.
    Note: only put liquid products in the compartment
    labelled “
    ”. The machine is programmed to
    automatically take up additives during the final rinse
    stage for all wash cycles.



    Water softener, means less detergent can be used where water hardness is classed as
    hard to very hard.
    Prewash substances, for the programmed treatment of stains prior to the main wash.
    Using them means the subsequent wash can be at a low temperature or with bleach-free
    Fabric softener, prevents static build-up in synthetic fabrics and softens fabrics.
    If you own a tumble dryer, clothes are softened even without the use of a fabric softener.

    Do not put solvents in the washing machine!
    Keep detergents and other laundry products out of children’s reach.
    Before pouring in the detergent check that there are no foreign bodies in the detergent
    Dosage details are usually shown on the detergent packaging. Follow those instructions.


  • Page 11

    Only use detergents which are suitable for use in a washing machine.
    You will obtain the best results from your wash with the minimum use of chemical products
    and the best care for your laundry if you take into consideration the degree of soiling as well
    as the type of detergent to choose.
    The amount of detergent to use depends on:
    - water hardness: depending on the hardness of the water and the type of detergent used, it
    is possible to reduce the amount of detergent.
    - the degree of soiling: it is possible to reduce the amount of detergent used depending on
    the degree of soiling.
    - amount of laundry: it is possible to reduce the amount of detergent when washing only a
    small amount of laundry.

    Useful advice for users
    Tips on using your domestic appliance in the most environmentally-friendly and economical

    Do a full load in your washing machine
    To prevent any possible waste of energy, water or detergent we recommend that you put a
    full load in your washing machine, not exceed the recommended maximum load size.
    Up to 50% energy saving can be made with one full load compared to two half load washes

    When is prewashing really needed?
    Dosage for powder detergent
    For normal and low concentration detergents: for normally soiled laundry choose a
    programme without prewash.
    Put the detergent in compartment “2” of the drawer.
    For heavily soiled laundry, choose a programme with prewash.
    Put 1/4 of the detergent in compartment “1”, 3/4 in compartment “2” of the drawer.
    When using water softeners, first put in the detergent, then add the softener to compartment “2”.
    For highly concentrated detergents not in single dose format, follow what is shown on pack
    exactly as regards type and amount of dosage.
    To avoid the difficulty of checking if the detergent has been taken up, use the dosage aids
    provided in the detergent packaging.

    Only with particularly dirty loads!
    Energy savings of 5 to 15% are made by not selecting the prewash option for normal soiled

    Which wash temperature should you choose?
    Using stain removers before machine washing reduces the need to wash at temperatures
    over 60°C.
    Energy savings of up to 50% can be made by using a 60°C wash temperature rather than

    Liquid detergent dosage
    Liquid detergents may be used in accordance with the instructions on the relevant
    packaging, for all programmes without prewash, by using the special container which is
    placed in the drum or, for those models that have it, in the special insert for liquid detergents.



  • Page 12

    Main wash
    Sorting the laundry

    It is recommended you wash only items which are machine washable with water and
    detergent and not dry-clean items.


    If you need to wash rugs, bedspreads or other heavy items, it is best not to spin them.


    Sort the laundry according to fabric type, degree of soiling and wash temperature: Always
    follow the wash care advice on the garment label for the most suitable care and
    treatment of the laundry
    Laundry for hot wash
    Coloured, easy-care materials
    Delicates and wool
    Wash by hand

    The correct way to wash
    Preparing the laundry
    A) Select the laundry.
    Loading the laundry
    B) Open the porthole.
    C) Put the laundry in the washing machine.
    Close the porthole again, ensuring that no items of
    laundry are obstructing the lock.
    Putting detergent in machine
    D) Open the drawer, choose the detergent and put in
    the correct amount, according to the manufacturer’s
    instructions and the advice on page 19.
    Add any other laundry aids (see page 19). Close the
    drawer again.

    Items labelled with the following symbol are not suitable for machine washing:
    Dry clean
    For very delicate items, such as net curtains, underwear, tights etc., you are advised to
    use a laundry net or wash bag.
    Woollen items must be labelled with the "Pure New Wool" symbol to be washed in the
    machine, and must also be labelled "non-matting" or "machine washable".
    Colour often leaks from new coloured items.
    This can then colour other lighter items being washed.
    We therefore recommend that coloured items should be washed for the first time
    For future washes, colourfast items can only be washed with whites up to 40°C.



    Refer to the programme guide or the programme descriptions on the machine to select the
    most suitable programme.
    Turning the selector knob, the required programme is activated.
    Adjust the wash temperature if necessary.
    Press additional function buttons (if required).
    Check that the tap is turned on and that the discharge hose is positioned correctly.
    Press the "Start/Pause" button.
    When the "Start/Pause" button is pressed the machine sets the working sequence in motion.

    Note: when sorting laundry

    Selecting the wash programme

    check there are no metal objects in the laundry
    (such as paper clips, safety pins, pins, coins
    button up pillowcases, fasten zips, hook & eye
    fasteners, belts and long dressing gown cords;
    remove curtain hooks;
    pay close attention to the labels on items
    if you notice stubborn stains whilst sorting the
    laundry, remove them using a special detergent or
    a special stain remover.

    The programme carries out with the programme selector stationary on the selected
    programme till cycle ends.
    Warning: If there is any break in the power supply while the machine is operating, a special
    memory stores the selected programme and, when the power is restored, it continues where
    it left off.

    When the programme is finished

    - We recommend that you do not do a full load of towelling items only as these become too
    heavy since they absorb a lot of water.

    The word “End” will appear on the display.
    Wait for the door lock to be released (about 2 minutes after the programme has finished).
    The "Door Security" indicator light will go out.
    Switch off the machine by turning the programme selector on the “OFF” position. Open the
    door and remove the laundry. Turn off the tap.



  • Page 13

    Cleaning and routine maintenance
    Do not use alcohol-based scourers and / or thinners on the outside of your washing machine,
    just a wipe with a damp cloth will suffice. The washing machine needs very little maintenance:
    - Cleaning the drawer compartments.
    - Cleaning the filter.
    - Cleaning the door glass.

    Cleaning the drawer compartments
    Even if it is not strictly necessary, it is good to clean the
    compartments for bleaching detergents and additives
    A) To do this you just need to pull them out firmly, but
    without forcing them.
    B) Clean everything in the compartment under running
    C) Put everything back in its proper place.

    Cleaning the filter
    The washing machine is fitted with a special filter for
    handling large deposits which could block the discharge
    hose (coins, buttons etc.) and which can, therefore, be
    easily retrieved.
    We recommend that the filter be cleaned at least
    once a month.
    The cleaning operation is as follows:
    1) Open the flap

    Attention: if the filter needs cleaning while there is
    washing still in the drum, follow the instructions on the
    following page to empty the water. This will prevent
    excessive loss of water via the filter.
    Cleaning the door glass
    Regularly clean the door glass with a damp cloth. A build
    up of soiling and
    residues from the water may result in water leaking from
    the door.
    Do not use abrasive cleaners as they can scratch the

    Transporting the appliance or long
    periods when appliance is not in
    If the appliance is being transported or is out of use for
    long periods in unheated places, all remaining water
    must be completely removed from the hoses.
    Ensure mains power is off, then unclip the hose and
    point it downwards into a basin until all the water has
    emptied out.
    When finished, repeat the operation in the reverse order.

    2) Only available on certain models:
    Pull out the corrugated hose, remove the stopper and
    drain the water into a container.
    3) Before removing the filter, place an absorbent towel
    below the filter cap to collect the small amount of
    water likely to be inside the pump
    4) Turn the filter anti-clockwise until it stops in the
    vertical position.
    Remove and clean.
    5) After cleaning, replace by turning the notch on the
    end of the filter clockwise. Then follow all procedures
    described above in reverse order.



  • Page 14

    Investigating malfunctions
    What might be the cause of…
    Defects you can remedy yourself


    1. Does not work on any

    Plug not in socket.
    Not switched on.
    Power failure.
    Fuse blown.
    Door open.

    Plug it in.
    Switch on.
    Close door.

    2. Does not fill with water

    See cause 1.
    Tap turned off.
    Programme selector not correctly positioned.
    Fill hoses are kinked

    Turn on tap.
    Position programme selector correctly.
    Straighten fill hoses

    3. Water does not drain away

    Kink in discharge hose.
    Foreign bodies in filter
    House drain is blocked

    Straighten discharge hose.
    Examine filter (see pages 24-25)
    Clean drain

    4. Water on floor around the
    washing machine

    Leaking gasket between tap and water inlet
    House drain is blocked
    Soap drawer blocked with soap residues

    Replace gasket and tighten hose and
    tap well.
    Clean drain
    Clean soap drawer

    5. Does not spin

    Water has not yet drained away.
    "No spin" selected (certain models only).

    Wait a few minutes for machine to empty.
    Reset button or turn "no spin" knob.

    The presence of excessive foam has aborted
    the spinning phase.

    Do not use excessive amounts of

    6. Machine vibrates a lot
    during spin

    Washing machine not completely level.
    Transit brackets not removed yet.
    Load not distributed evenly.

    Adjust the special adjustable feet.
    Remove transit brackets.
    Rearrange the laundry evenly.

    7. Door will not open

    Two minutes have not elapsed since the
    programme finished.

    Wait two minutes.
    Call service.

    8. Display reads error
    0, 1, 5, 7, 8, 9

    9. Display reads error 2

    No water fill.

    Check water supplies are on.

    10. Display reads error 3

    No pump out.

    Check drain is clear.
    Check drain hose is not kinked.

    11. Display reads error 4

    Machine overfilled with water.

    Turn off water supply to machine.
    Call service.

    The machine makes a
    different noise when
    spinning! This is because it
    has a brush motor for better

    Only a small level of water can be
    seen in the drum! This is because
    new machines do not use much
    water, yet achieve the same standard
    of washing and rinsing.

    The use of environmentally-friendly, phosphate-free detergents can have the following effects:
    - waste water from rinsing may be cloudier because of the presence of zeolites held in
    suspension, without the rinse performance being adversely affected;
    - presence of white powder (zeolites) on laundry after washing, which is not absorbed by
    the fabric and does not alter the colour of the fabric.
    - The presence of foam in the final rinsing water is not necessarily an indication of poor
    - Anionic surfactants used in washing detergent formulae often prove to be difficult to
    remove from the laundry itself and, even in small quantities, can still cause considerable
    foam production.
    - Carrying out more rinse cycles does not serve any purpose in such cases.

    Fig. 2

    Technical data
    ■ Max. load of dry laundry
    ■ Water pressure


    ■ Width
    ■ Depth
    ■ Height

    8 kg
    0,05 ÷ 0,8 MPa

    9 kg
    0,05 ÷ 0,8 MPa

    60 cm
    52 cm
    85 cm

    60 cm
    60 cm
    85 cm

    NB: For specifications regarding electrical data, see the data panel on the front of the washing
    machine (porthole area) - as shown in diagram above.
    Appliance complies with European Directives 73/23/EEC and 89/336/EEC, replaced
    by 2006/95/EC and 2004/108/EC, and subsequent amendments.

  • Page 15


    Remove the polystyrene base and place the machine near
    its permanent position (diagram 1).
    Carefully cut through the hose retaining clip at the rear of
    the appliance (diagram 2).
    Remove the 4 fixing screws marked (A) and remove the 4
    spacers marked (B) (diagram 3).



    Cover the 4 holes using the caps provided in the instruction
    booklet pack (diagram 4).

    Note: we recommend you keep the screws to
    immobilise the machine for future transit.
    The Manufacturers will not be responsible for any
    possible damage to the machine caused by not
    following the rules relating to releasing the mechanism.
    The user is responsible for all costs of installation.
    Water connection
    The appliance must be connected to the water mains using new
    The old hose-sets should not be re-used.
    The machine has an inlet hose with 3/4" B.S.P threaded end
    connection to attach between the threaded connector on the
    appliance and the cold water supply.



    This machine only uses cold water, therefore
    only one hose is needed to connect to the cold
    water supply. Do not connect to the hot supply.
    Cold fill is an energy efficient system. Only the
    water required for the washing is heated.There
    is no loss of heat in the pipeline from a hot
    water tank or boiler to the machine.

    Apply the insulation sheet of corrugated material to the base
    as shown.
    min 4 cm

    Use the 4 feet to level the machine with the floor:
    a) Turn the nut clockwise to release the screw adjuster on the foot.
    b) Rotate the foot to raise or lower it until it stands firmly on the
    c) Lock the foot in position by turning the nut
    anti-clockwise until it comes up against the bottom of the machine.

    max 100 cm




    +2,6 mt max
    min 50 cm
    max 85 cm

  • Page 16

    Note: it is advisable to turn off the tap after each wash
    to isolate the washing machine from the water supply.
    For the washing machine to function properly the terminal end of the discharge hose (mouth)
    must be at a minimum of 50 cm and a maximum of 85 cm from the ground.

    After installation, the appliance must be positioned so that the plug is accessible.
    If the plug we supply does not fit
    You can’t use it on other appliances, and the exposed wires could be dangerous if plugged in.
    To fit a replacement plug, proceed as follows:

    to the terminal in the plug

    green and yellow wire

    marked with the letter E,
    OR marked
    with the symbol,
    OR coloured green,
    OR coloured green and yellow.

    blue wire
    brown wire

    marked N
    OR coloured black.
    marked L
    OR coloured red.

    Your new appliance is fully guaranteed by the manufacturer for 12 months against
    electrical/mechanical breakdown excluding:
    A. Any faults which occur due to bad installation or misuse of the machine.
    B. Any faults which occur due to repair of, or interference with, the machine by any person
    not authorised by the manufacturer to carry out service.
    C. Any faults which arise from parts fitted to the machine which are not the manufacturers
    original parts.
    D. Any faults arising from non-domestic use or unusual or abnormal use of the machine.
    E. Any faults arising from operation at an incorrect voltage.
    F. Any faults arising from incorrect operation of the machine.
    The guarantee applies to Gt. Britain and Northern Ireland only, and is an addition to your
    statutory rights.

    After Sales Service
    If, having investigated the possible malfunctions on the chart on the previous page, you
    believe the appliance is not working correctly, please call our After Sales Service dept. on
    telephone number:

    Gias Service


    Tel: 08444 995599

    Support Service

    (Eire 0818 200021)

    This appliance must be earthed
    Fuses and plugs
    This appliance should be used only on a socket with a minimum rating of 13 Amp.
    Our ready-fitted plug is already equipped with a 13 amp fuse which is BS 1362 ASTA
    approved. Any replacement should be exactly the same.
    If the fuse cover is lost, do not use the plug until it is replaced. A correct replacement fuse
    cover (obtainable from your local retailer) must be the same colour as shown or named on
    the insert on the base of the plug.



  • Page 17

    This appliance is marked according to the European directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic
    Equipment (WEEE).
    By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the
    environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this
    The symbol on the product indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste. Instead it shall
    be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment
    Disposal must be carried out in accordance with local environmental regulations for waste disposal.
    For more detailed information about treatment, recovery and recycling of this product, please contact your
    local city office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product.

    The manufacturer declines all responsibility in the event of any printing mistakes in
    this booklet. The manufacturer also reserves the right to make appropriate
    modifications to its products without changing the essential characteristics.

    12.05 - 41037419 - www.graficaestampa.it - Printed in Italy - Imprimé en Italie


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