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Thank you for purchasing this HT2 Hummer phone. Please read carefully all information before using your new handset.
This section contains important information for the safe and efficient operation of your mobile device. For your safety,
please refer to the guidelines prior to using the phone.
Failure to comply with the following precautions may be dangerous/illegal.
Radio Waves
Your cellular mobile phone is a low power radio transmitter and receiver. When it is operating, it sends and receives
radio waves. The radio waves carry your voice or data Signal to a base station that is connected to the telephone
network. The network controls the power at which the phone transmits. For body worn operation, this phone has been
tested and meets CE RF exposure guidelines when used with an accessory that contains no metal and that positions the
handset a minimum of 1.5cm from the body. Use of other accessories may not ensure compliance with CE RF exposure
Always switch off your phone...
Inadequately protected or sensitive electronic equipment may be affected by radio energy. This interference can lead to
- Before boarding an aircraft and/or when packing the phone in your luggage: the use of mobile phones in an aircraft
may be dangerous for the operation of the aircraft, disrupt the mobile phones network and may be illegal.
- In hospitals, clinics, other health care centres and anywhere else where you may be in the close vicinity of medical
- In areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere (e.g. petrol stations and also areas where the air contains dust
particles, such as metal powders).
- In a vehicle transporting flammable products (even if the vehicle is parked) or a vehicle powered by liquefied
petroleum gas (LPG), check first that the vehicle complies with the applicable safety rules.
- In areas where you are requested to turn off radio transmitting devices, such as quarries or other areas where blasting
operations are in progress.
- Check with the vehicle manufacturer that electronic equipment used in your vehicle will not be affected by radio
If you have a pacemaker:
- Always keep the phone more than 15 cm from your pacemaker when the phone is switched on, in order to avoid
potential interference.
- Do not carry the phone in a breastpocket.
- Use the ear opposite to the pacemaker to minimise the potential interference.
- Switch off your phone if you suspect that interference is taking place.
Hearing aids
If you are a user of a hearing aid, consult your physician and hearing aid manufacturer to learn whether your particular
device is susceptible to cellular phone interference.
Improved performance
In order to improve the performance of your phone, reduce radio energy emission, reduce battery consumption and
ensure safe operation adhere to the following guidelines:
- For the optimal and satisfactory operation of the phone you are recommended to use the phone in the normal
operating position (when not using in hands-free mode or with a hands-free accessory).
- Do not expose your phone to extreme temperatures.
- Treat the phone with care. Any misuse will void the International Guarantee.
- Do not immerse the phone in any liquid; if your phone is damp, switch it off, remove the battery and let them dry for
24hrs before using them again.
- To clean the phone, wipe it with a soft cloth.
- Placing and receiving calls consumes the same amount of battery energy. However, the mobile consumes less energy
in idle screen when kept in the same place. When in idle screen and while you are moving, your phone consumes
energy to transmit updated location information to the network. Setting the backlight for a shorter period of time as well

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