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The CL-306 Click central locking kit 1/2 MHK51500
The CL-306 Click central locking kit
The CL-306 Click is a system for the remote control of car central
locking. It is designed for installation inside a car having a voltage
supply with a negative ground. The kit contains two RC-4x remote
controls which communicate via a secure floating code protocol. Every
time a transmission is performed, the code is modified on both the
transmitter and receiver sides, thus ensuring a high level of
communication security. One receiver can be configured to work with
up to four remote controls.
The CL-306 Click has an optional re-lock (REARM) feature and is
protected against accidental unlocking while driving. It also allows you
to control the car’s boot release via a programmable PGM output. In
addition, you can use the device as a simple car alarm.
SIR (yellow) – siren output, switches to ground, max. 1.2 A. This
output can be used to indicate car locking or unlocking acoustically. If
applied, the siren will sound with a single beep after locking and with
two beeps after unlocking. In addition, this output can be used for
alarm signalling when in ALARM mode.
PGM (blue-white) – the output can be put into two modes (IMO and
BOOT). Maximum load is 300 mA.
An RA-12/30A relay is recommended when using the output for
actuator operation.
PGM modes are defined according to parameter 7 (see the table
- IMO – when the car is unlocked, the ignition key status will be copied
– operation is performed via an immobilization relay.
- BOOT – locking/unlocking the car is performed via the
button on
the remote control. Pressing
will switch the PGM output for 0.5
seconds. This allows you to operate the car boot release.
LCK_IN (brown) – provides input information about the position of door
ULK_IN (white) – provides input information about the position of door
DOOR (grey) door contact connection input. It is monitored as an
alarm input. Simultaneously, it provides the re-lock function.
KEY (blue) – signals that the ignition key is on. This input reacts to a
connection to +12V.
BLR, BLL (violet) – outputs for confirmation of the car being
locked/unlocked using turn lights (flashers). They switch to +12V,
output current is 2 times 5A.
+12V (red) – connects to the positive power supply.
GND (black) – connects to ground.
LNO, LNC, LC (red, black, green-yellow) – locking-power-relay outputs for
actuator operation.
UNO, UNC, UC (red, black, blue-yellow) – unlocking-power-relay outputs
for actuator operation.
We recommend the installation to be undertaken by an authorized
installer. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damage
or consequences related to the improper or incorrect use of this product.
First install the electromechanical actuators in the doors. Actuators
with five wires are for the front doors. Actuators with two wires are for the
rear doors. Avoid locations where water is likely to accumulate. The
actuators must be installed so that the actuator's movement axis is the
same as the movement axis of the moving door lock. Check by hand that
the locks move easily and smoothly.
Before you install the control unit, disconnect the car battery. Keep in
mind that if your car has some memory functions built in (radio, clock),
then these may be erased if you disconnect the battery. For airbag-
equipped cars, no person is allowed to stay inside the car while handling
the battery.
Install the control unit in the passenger compartment. The
recommended location is under the dashboard. Make sure that no
cables are damaged by opening or closing a door during the wiring. Fix
wires thoroughly to the original cabling (this is facilitated by cables
being equipped with connectors on their ends).
Enrolling remote controllers
The control unit is capable of communication with up to four RC-4x
remote controls. By enrolling the first remote control all other remote
controls previously enrolled will be erased. Thus all remote controls
intended for use should be enrolled in a single enrollment session as
Unlock the car and disconnect (remove) the power supply fuse.
Wait for 1 minute and then turn the ignition key on. Re-connect
(re-insert) the fuse.
Within 30 seconds turn the ignition key on and off 3 times. The turn
lights will respond with a long flash.
Press a button on the remote control: Either one of the pair ,
or of the pair
, , according to which remote control you want to
use. A flash from the turn lights will confirm enrollment.
Pressing an arbitrary button allows you to enroll all remote
controls intended for use, one by one.
Exit enrollment by turning the ignition off (enrollment mode
terminates automatically after 120 seconds anyway). Enrollment
termination will be confirmed by the turn lights with a long flash
The CL-306 Click is equipped with 8 programmable functions. They
are described in the table below. You can do the programming as
Unlock the car, turn the ignition key off and disconnect the power
supply (remove the fuse).
Wait for 1 minute, then re-connect (re-insert) the fuse.
Within 30 seconds turn the ignition key on and off 5 times. A single
flash from the turn lights indicates programming mode entry.
Programming always starts with programming parameter 1. The
status of the current parameter is indicated by the turn lights (lit or
unlit). A parameter can be changed by pressing the button on the
enrolled remote control.
To scroll to the next parameter, briefly switch the ignition key on
and off. The parameter number is indicated by the number of turn
light flashes (see the below table for a list)
To exit programming mode, go through all the parameters and turn
the ignition on and off – it is confirmed by a long flash from the turn
lights (programming mode terminates automatically after 120
seconds anyway).
The car central locking can be operated via a remote control or using a key
in a front door lock. In the factory default setting (PGM output set to IMO
mode) button
on the remote control is used to lock the car and button
to unlock the car. If the PGM output is set to BOOT mode, then the
button is used for both locking and unlocking. When pressing the
a 0.5 sec signal is generated to open the boot. However, if alarm mode is
used, then this function is disabled for the time the car is locked.
Alarm function
The CL-306 Click remote control can be used as a simple car alarm.
When the car is locked and the ALARM parameter is set to YES, the
DOOR and KEY inputs are monitored, starting 30 seconds after locking
the car. If these inputs are then activated, an instant alarm will be
triggered (the SIR output will be activated for 30s and the turn lights will
flash for 1 min). This means that unlocking the car by key will trigger an
alarm. To stop the alarm it is necessary to unlock the car remotely. If
there had been an intruder alarm during the time when the car was
locked, three siren chirps will be heard and the turn lights will flash during
The electronics of the remote control does not need any special
maintenance. Check if the locks can be operated easily by hand every
three months. Lubricate the locks before and after each winter season
to prevent possible damage.
If a good quality battery is used in the remote control then the
expected lifetime of the battery is about one year. The battery should
be replaced whenever the distance from your car at which the locking
system can be operated starts to decrease. A suitable replacement
battery is BAT-6.
Power supply 9 - 15 V
Stand-by consumption 6 mA
Max. consumption 16 A
Operational temperature -40 to +85 °C
Housing IP40

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