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The JA-82M wireless magnetic door-detector 1 MCK52000
The JA-82M wireless magnetic door-detector
The JA-82M is a component of Jablotron’s Oasis 80 alarm system. It is
designed to detect opening windows, doors etc. It can be installed into plastic
or wooden frames and is suitable for most types of fitting. The battery-powered
detector communicates via OASIS radio protocol.
Installation preliminaries
Installation shall only be undertaken by technicians holding a certificate
issued by an authorized distributor.
The detector must not be exposed to bending or other deformation,
otherwise it can be damaged.
The product should be installed into a gap between the moving and non-
moving parts of windows or doors where the closing mechanism of a fitting is
In practice, there exist various window/door frames and fittings. It is
therefore wise to verify before installation that the detector fits the given
window/door type. In the case of a wooden frame with too narrow a profile it is
usually possible to mill out a groove for detector insertion.
This detector reacts to the removal of its magnet unit. The electronics
should be installed onto the non-moving part of windows or doors, and the
magnet onto the moving part. If the supplied magnet does not exactly match
the window/door construction you can call the window/door supplier for a
magnet of a suitable type. Alternatively, you can adjust the magnet’s position
using a suitable back-plate.
12 34
CR 2354
CR 2354
1. magnet; 2. rear tamper sensors; 3. cover tamper sensor; 4. DIP switches;
5.battery; 6. led indicator; 7. adjustment lines; 8. fixing holes
LED indicator – 15 minutes after closing the detector’s battery cover, the LED
indicates detector triggering (a flashing light indicates window opening, a long
light indicates that both rear tamper sensors have been triggered).
1. Find a suitable place for the detector’s location so that the magnet is aligned with
the A (or B) adjustment line when the window/door is closed. After opening the
window/door, the magnet’s distance from the detector should increase by at
least 2 cm.
2. Avoid locating the detector directly on a metal frame as metal influences the
functioning of the magnetic sensor and radio communication. This can be
usually achieved by placing the detector on the hinge side of the window/door. In
addition, avoid installing the detector onto the bottom part of the window/door
frame due to possible water condensation.
3. Screw the magnet onto the moving part of the window according to the following
picture. Use a non-metallic back-plate if the frame groove is too wide.
4. Unscrew the battery cover and screw the detector on so that the magnet is
aligned with the A (or B) adjustment line when the window/door is closed, see
the picture. Be careful not to use too much force while screwing on, otherwise
the detector’s plastic body could be damaged.
5. You can use the long plastic plates supplied in the package to ensure that the place
for detector attachment is sufficiently even. After the detector has been installed, at
least one of the rear tamper sensors must be permanently closed (pressed).
6. Carefully try out, if the detector (magnet) makes no obstruction when closing the
7. If all is in order, you can configure the detector’s functionality (see DIP switches
8. Enter enrollment mode on the control panel (or on a receiver). Subsequently,
install battery cells into the detector and screw the battery cover on (2 screws).
After connecting the battery the detector will send an enrollment signal. Up to 10
seconds’ delay is to be expected to the detector’s response to putting the
magnet away/close or pressing/releasing tamper sensors.
9. After the detector has been enrolled, you can check its functioning. On the Oasis
control panel, you should also check signal strength.
DIP switches
There are four DIP switches located under the battery cover:
1 Rear tamper sensors OFF
Rear tamper sensors ON*
Permanent window/door status
Only window/door opening will be
signalled **
The system will provide an exit
/ entrance delay
The system will respond with an
instant alarm
No function
Default settings are shown in bold
* To detect intrusion the switch should be ON.
** Switching ON (when only window/door opening will be signalled) is suitable for
bedrooms, where windows/doors are left open for ventilation during the
protection period.
*** This setting will apply if the detector is used with an Oasis control panel with a
natural reaction pre-programmed for the detector’s address.
Detector functionality
If DIP switch no. 2 is OFF, the detector will indicate whether the window/door is
open. When used within an Oasis system and the system is set (armed) while
the window/door is open, the detector will be bypassed. However, if somebody
closes the window/door while the system is set, then subsequently opening it
will trigger an alarm. This also applies to pulling the window/door handle by
string. If you do not wish permanent window/door open status to be indicated
on the keypad, then DIP switch no. 2 should be ON. This will ensure that only
window/door opening will be signalled.
Battery replacement
The detector monitors its battery voltage and if too low, a report is sent to the
control panel to inform the installer or user. The detector continues to function,
however battery replacement should not be delayed by more than two weeks.
Always replace both battery cells. We recommend using a high quality brand-
name battery (e.g. Panasonic). After the battery has been replaced, detector
functioning should be tested.
Expired batteries should not be thrown into the garbage, but disposed of
according to local regulations.
Removing the detector from the system
If a detector is removed, the control panel announces the removal. The
detector has to be deleted in the control panel before intentional removal.
Technical specifications
Voltage Lithium battery type CR2354 - 2 pc (3.0 V, 1 Ah), power source type C
Typical battery lifetime approx. 3 years (for 5 daily activations maximum)
Communication band 868 MHz, Oasis protocol
Communication range approx. 200m (open area)
Dimensions 192 x 25 x 9 mm
Operational environment EN 50131-1 class II. internal
Operational temperature range -10 to +40 °C
Classification: grade 2
according to: EN 50131-1, EN 50131-2-6, EN 50131-5-3
Complies with: ETSI EN 300220, EN50130-4, EN55022, and EN 60950-1
Can be operated according to: ERC REC 70-03
JABLOTRON ALARMS a.s. hereby declares that the JA-82M is in compliance with the
essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC and
complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two
conditions: 1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2. This device must
accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired
CAUTION: Changes or modifications no expressly approved by Jablotron could void
the user´s authority to operate the equipment.
The original of the conformity
assessment can be found at www.jablotron.com
, Technical Support section
Note: Although this product does not contain any harmful materials we suggest you
return the product to the dealer or directly to the producer after use.

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