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MCB-01 1/2 MZZ52402
MCB-01 CAN BUS module installation
The module is intended for connection to a CAN-BUS data interface in
motor vehicles with a 12V voltage and a negative ground connected to
chassis. The module converts digital information to analogue form, thus
providing interconnectivity to the inputs of Athos, Akcent and other car
The module is intended for professional installation and therefore we
recommend having it installed by a professional service. Improper
installation may result in damage to your car. The manufacturer shall not
be held responsible for damage caused by improper installation or misuse.
The product is not intended for installation in an engine compartment.
Disconnecting the battery before the installation is recommended. If your
vehicle is equipped with an airbag, nobody should be inside during
manipulation of the battery (disconnecting, connecting). Keep in mind that
some car equipment’s memory functions (e.g. a radio) can be erased when
the battery is disconnected.
Bond newly installed wires to the original bundles. For crimped
connections use tools designed exclusively for this purpose. If possible, try
to avoid drilling into metal parts of the vehicle during installation. Before you
start drilling holes, make sure that you will not damage other parts of the
vehicle. When the installation is finished, attach the module through the
hole in its upper part using a wire tie
Module programming:
If you want the module to function properly, it is necessary to select the
type of vehicle in which it is to be used. The programming is carried out
by setting a corresponding programming number (see below) which
you will find in the attached table using the PRG button and an LED on
the bottom side of the module. Use an item which is thin and not too
sharp (a pin, toothpick, etc) to press the PRG button.
1. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds until the LED lights up.
Release the button within 2 seconds and the LED will fade. Thus
you have started the CAN-BUS interface set-up process.
2. The LED starts flashing and thus indicates the first digit of the
programming number. You can confirm it by pressing the button
after the corresponding number of flashes. The LED subsequently
starts indicating the second digit which you can confirm after the
corresponding number of flashes again. Both digits can range
from 1 to 9.
When you confirm the second digit of the requested programming number,
the data is stored in an EEPROM memory. This should be confirmed by
three short flashes of the LED.
Example of module programming for the Audi Q7:
You can find out in the table that the Audi Q7 corresponds to
programming number 15.
1. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds, until the LED lights up. Release
the button within 2 seconds and the LED will fade.
2. The LED will start flashing and thus indicates the first digit of the
programming number. After one flash briefly press the programming
button. The LED will start flashing and indicating the second digit. Press
the button again after the fifth flash.
3. The module saves the requested programming number into an
EEPROM memory, which is confirmed by three flashes of the LED.
Programming button
and LED
ignition key
Description of module wires:
Black Earth
Red +12 V
Orange/brown CAN L
Orange/green CAN H
Blue ignition key signal output; +12V, 800mA
Grey open door information output, GND, 10mA
White/yellow open boot information output, GND, 10mA
White open bonnet information output, GND, 10mA
White/black arming impulse output, GND,10mA
White/blue disarming impulse output, GND, 10mA
The CAN H and CAN L access points description can be downloaded from
The arming and disarming outputs switch on and off when they receive a
signal signifying the locking and unlocking of the whole car with an original
remote control. In combination with ATHOS car alarms it is possible to use
them as signals in RESET 2 mode. In such a case, do not connect the
INP1 wire and set the E parameter to 2 when setting the SET parameters –
reaction to disconnection of GND. This setting is valid up to ATHOS
software version 6, for higher software versions it is possible to set INP1 as
an alarm input.
The firmware allowing the selection of brands and models is regularly
updated. Up-to-date information about supported vehicle models can
be found at www.jablotron.com in the Car Alarm product range section
in the MCB-01 product description (a sub-section of Product Range). In
the case that a new model is added, the new software version can be
downloaded into the module through a BL-MCB Bootloader device.
First you download an up-to-date software version from
(a .hexfw extension file) to your
computer. Then you connect a BL-MCB Bootloader to your computer
via a USB interface, run the Bootloader program and connect the
MCB-01module. Then you simply transfer the new version to the
module using the program. A successful transfer is then confirmed on
the screen. More detailed information is available in the BL-MCB
Bootloader manual.
Supply voltage 10 - 16 VDC
Current consumption 8 mA
Operational temperature range -40 to +85 °C
Dimensions without wiring 54x 46x18 mm
Weight 20g
This product is identical to the
type certified by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic under
E8 10R-02 4901.
Note: Although the product does not contain any harmful substances,
do not throw it away with ordinary waste. Dispose of it at an electronic
waste collection point instead. Additional information can be found at
www.jablotron.com in the Technical Support section.
Product manufactured and service provided by: JABLOTRON
ALARMS a.s. Pod Skalkou 33, Jablonec n.N., Czech Republic
10R-02 4901

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