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5.2 Inserting a memory card (not included)
This camera has built-in internal memory. This memory can be extended with a SD memory card (not
Follow the instructions given below to insert the optional SD memory card into the camera.
1. Turn off the camera first.
2. Insert the SD card into the camera.
Note: There is only one right direction to insert the SD memory card into the slot. Do not force the card
into the slot, or else it may damage both the camera and the SD memory card.
Note: The SD memory card must be formatted before taking photographs. See the following sections for
more information.
5.3 Formatting the memory or SD card
1. Press Menu button
2. Select Setup setting by right key.
3. Press OK to confirm and select by up or down key.
4. Press OK to format the card or memory.
5.4 Setting the resolution
The camera can be set to different resolutions.
1. Press MENU to set proper resolution.
Resolution: VGA640X480),1.3M1280x960 3.1M (2048X1536),
5M (2560 x 1920), 8M (3264x2448), 12M (4032x3024)
2. Six different resolutions will be displayed. Select the desired resolution by using the or
buttons and then press the OK button to confirm the selection.
5.5 Taking photographs
1. Turn on the camera by pressing the ON/OFF button.
2. Press MODE to set the camera to photo mode (
3. Depending on the distance to the object being photographed, use Macro switch to adjust
the distance. Select the flower symbol (
) if you wish to take a close-up photograph (11cm
If you wish to take photograph of surroundings or people (0.5m - infinity), set the Macro switch to
Normal mode (
4. If you are not sure if there is enough lighting, turn the automatic flash (
) on by pressing the flash
button. (If the battery power is too low, the flash won’t be activated).
5. Use the LCD screen to aim the object you wish to photograph.
6. Press Shutter button and hold the camera steadily for 2 to 3 sec, until the LCD display turn on again.
Caution: 1) Taking picture for fast-moving object is not recommended.
2) Image may be distorted when taking picture in a moving vehicle.
5.6 Zoom in and out
The camera can zoom in up to 8 times.
1. Zoom in by pressing the or button, a number will appear on the display. 8.0 is the maximum
2. You can zoom in by pressing the UP or DOWN button.
5.7 Taking photographs using self-timer function
You can use the self-timer function when you wish to take a photograph for yourself or when you wish to
photograph for an object where the camera must be as still as possible, for example on the stand.
1. Set the camera to photo mode.
2. Press the MENU button. The quick menu will appear.
3. Press to self-timer mode, press OK and or to set the delay time: 2seconds / 10 seconds /
10+2seconds or off.
4. Press the OK button to confirm. The self-timer function is now ready for use.
5. Aim at the object you wish to photograph.
6. Press the SHUTTER button to take a photograph.
7. The self-timer indicator LED in the front will blink.
8. The photograph will be taken after the timer reaches the delay time that you pre-set, and the
camera will beep once.
5.8 Recording video clips
1. Press the MODE button to select the video clip mode.
2. Press the SHUTTER button to start recording video, press the SHUTTER button again to stop
recording. The video clip will now be saved as an AVI file in the camera memory.
3. Press MENU to set proper resolution, EV and WB, and press OK to confirm.
5.9 Playback photographs
Press PLAYBACK button, press or to select the video clip or photo.
2. Press , it will go to 2x zoom, press again to 3x zoom…… up to 8x.
3. Press “OK” and then Press , , or to shift the image.
4. Press MENU to select SLIDE SHOW, and then press OK to confirm. The pictures saved in your
camera or your SD card will be displayed in sequence automatically.
5.10 Playback video clips
1. When video clips are displayed, press OK to play, and press DOWN key to stop.
2. Press OK to pause the playback
3. Press Playback key to exit.
5.11 Recording voice
1. Press MODE button to select the voice recording mode,
2. Press SHUTTER to start voice recording and press it again to stop.
5.12 Delete photographs and video clips
You can choose to delete a single photograph / video clip, or delete all the photographs / video clips in the
5.12.1 Delete photograph
Follow the instructions given below to delete photograph.
1. Press PLAYBACK to enter the playback mode.
2. Press the MENU button and select Delete One/Delete All, press OK to confirm.
3. If you select Protect picture, your current file or images can not be deleted.
4. Press MENU to exit.
NOTE: Select ‘Deleting All’ and Press OK to confirm, all the pictures will be deleted.
5.12.2 Shortcut to delete one picture
1. Press PLAYBACK to enter Playback mode.
2. Select the photo (video) you want to delete, press DELETE
3. Press OK to confirm.
6. Installing the camera driver
The driver in the CD has to be installed, under following applications:
For windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista: Using as a PC cam only. (Download
picture /video is driver free)
6.1 Uninstalling old drivers and devices
There is a chance for a conflict between the new driver and an existing driver in the computer. In that case,
it is better to remove those drivers before installing the new driver.
1. Enter Windows ‘Safe Mode’ (press F8 when starting Windows and then select ‘Safe Mode’ from
the menu which will be displayed).
2. Click on ‘Start – Settings – Control Panel’ and double-click on ‘Add/Remove Programs’ icon.
3. Find all the programs for similar, old devices and remove these by clicking on the ‘Add/Remove’
button. When in ‘Safe Mode’, it is possible for some programs to appear twice. In
that case, remove all the programs which appear twice.
4. Restart the computer.
6.2 Installing the driver for Windows ME / Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista
Note: Make sure all other programs are closed during the installation process.
Note: During installation for Windows XP/Vista, you may receive a message saying that the driver has not
been signed. This does not cause a problem for the functionality of the program. Please click "Yes"
to continue.
Note: For example, ‘D: \’ is used to indicate the CD-ROM drive. This may be different for your computer.
1. Insert the CD-ROM into your computer’s CD-ROM drive. The installation program will start
automatically. If it does not start automatically, please do the following:
a) Select 'Run' from Windows Start menu.
b) Type [D:\SETUP.EXE] and click on 'OK' to start the Software Installer.
2. The Software Installer will appear.
3. Select the language you wish to use for the installation.
4. Click on ‘Install driver‘to start the installation of the camera driver.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions.
6.3 Connecting the camera
The camera can be connected to the computer in two different modes: Mass Storage Device, or as a PC
camera for video conferencing on the Internet.
6.3.1 Connecting as a mass storage device
1. Turn the camera on by pressing the ON/OFF button.
2. Press MENU button and press RIGHT key to select the Setup setting.
3. Press button to set USB connection.
4. Press or button to choose the Disk Drive mode.
5. Press OK to confirm.
6. Connect the camera to the computer.
7. Windows will automatically detect the camera. You can use this camera as a removable disk.
6.3.2 Connecting as a PC camera
When you connect the camera as a PC camera, you can use the camera as a web cam for video
conferencing on the Internet by using Windows NetMeeting or Windows Messenger.
(You must install the driver before connecting the Digital Camera to your computer.)
1. Turn the camera on by pressing the ON/OFF button.
2. Press MENU button and press RIGHT key to select the Setup setting.
3. Press button to chook USB connection.
4. Press or button to choose the PC camera mode.
5. Press OK to confirm.
6. Connect the camera to the computer.
7. Windows will automatically detect the camera. You can use this camera as a web camera.
7. Trouble shooting
Problem Cause Solution
Cannot turn on the camera by
pressing the “power” button.
Low battery power.
Battery placed at wrong
Replace or install the battery correctly.
Photos can not be saved when
taking pictures.
The memory card or built-in
memory hasn’t been
formatted properly.
Format the memory in SETUP mode of
the camera. Please refer to section 5.3.
Cannot find removable disk after
connecting the camera to the
1. Connection failure.
2. The mode of the camera
is not set to removable
disk properly
1. Make sure all cable connections are
secured and restart the computer if
2. Set the camera to removable disk
mode, refer to section 6.3.1 (system
setting, USB connection).
Flash does not work. Battery Power is too low. Replace with new ALKALINE battery.
The batteries used up very fast. Use wrong type of battery. Replace with new ALKALINE battery.
The photos are over exposure
Set the flash light to force
in bright
Set the Flash light to Auto mode
The photos are blurry
1. The camera is not held
2. The lens of camera is
1. Hold the camera steadily until it
beeps when taking photo.
2. Clean the lens with soft dry cloth.
Get a warning message:
“Capture device was not
detected” when trying to open
PC cam.
1. Conflict with another
camera or video device.
2. The mode of the camera
is not set to PC cam
mode properly.
1. Remove any other camera driver
completely from your system.
Sometimes you have to re-install your
2. Set the camera to PC cam mode,
refer to section 6.3.2 (system setting,
USB connection).
Cannot preview image in PC
Camera mode.
“Preview” is not selected in
option Menu in PC.
Click “preview” in the “option” menu to
select it.
If you have questions regarding the warranty, the length of warranty and the working method of it, you can
find the information on our site
www.lenco.eu or you can directly contact the place where you
purchased your product.
If at any time in the future you should need to dispose of this product please note
that:Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste. Please
recycle where facilities exist. Check with your Local Authority or retailer for recycling
advice.(Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive)
For information and support, www.lenco.eu

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