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Read this owner's manual thoroughly before operating the appliance and keep
it handy for reference at all times.
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    OWNER'S MANUALAIRCONDITIONERRead this owner's manual thoroughly before operating the appliance and keepit handy for reference at all times.TYPE: WALL MOUNTEDOriginal instructionENEnglishFRFranaisELNLNederlandsPLPolskiHUMagyarBGHRHrvatskiCZetinaETEestiMTMaltiRORomnSKSloveninaSLSloveninaLVLatvieuLTLietuviGAGaeilgeSRsrpskiMKSQShqipBSBosanskiITItalianoESEspaolDEDeutschPTPortuguswww.lg.comMFL69780811Rev.01_040819Copyright 2019 LG Electronics Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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    TABLE OF CONTENTSThis manual may contain images orcontent different from the model youpurchased.This manual is subject to revision by themanufacturer.SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.................................................... 3IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.................................................4OPERATION........................................................................ 11Notes for Operation............................................................................... 11Parts and Function................................................................................ 11Wireless Remote Control.......................................................................12Restarting the Air Conditioner Automatically.........................................16Using the Mode Function.......................................................................16Using the Jet Mode Function.................................................................19Using the Fan Speed Function..............................................................20Using the Air Flow Direction Function....................................................20Setting the On/Off Timer........................................................................21Using the Sleep Function......................................................................22Using the Energy Saving Function........................................................22Using the Light Function........................................................................23Using the Auto Clean Function..............................................................23SMART FUNCTIONS.......................................................... 24Using LG SmartThinQ Application (Optional) .......................................24MAINTENANCE................................................................... 25Clean the air filter..................................................................................27TROUBLESHOOTING........................................................ 28
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    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSENThe following safety guidelines are intended to preventunforeseen risks or damage from unsafe or incorrectoperation of the appliance.The guidelines are separated into WARNING and CAUTIONas described below.This symbol is displayed to indicate matters andoperations that can cause risk. Read the part with thissymbol carefully and follow the instructions in order toavoid risk.WARNINGThis indicates that the failure to follow the instructions cancause serious injury or death.CAUTIONThis indicates that the failure to follow the instructions cancause the minor injury or damage to the product.The following symbols are displayed on indoor and outdoorunits.This symbol indicates that this appliance uses aflammable refrigerant. If the refrigerant is leaked andexposure to an external ignition source, there is a riskof fire.This symbol indicates that the Operation Manual shouldbe read carefully.This symbol indicates that a service personnel shouldbe handling this equipment with reference to theInstallation Manual.This symbol indicates that information is available suchas the Operating Manual or Installation Manual.3
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    ENIMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSWARNINGTo reduce the risk of explosion, fire, death, electric shock,injury or scalding to persons when using this product,follow basic precautions, including the following:Children in the HouseholdThis appliance is not intended for use by persons (includingchildren) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, orlack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been givensupervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by aperson responsible for their safety. Children should be supervisedto ensure that they do not play with the appliance.For use in Europe:This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years andabove and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mentalcapabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have beengiven supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance ina safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall notplay with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall notbe made by children without supervision.InstallationDo not install the air conditioner on an unstable surface or in aplace where there is danger of it falling.Contactan authorized service center when installing or relocatingthe air conditioner.Installthe panel and the cover of the control box safely.4
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    ENDo not install the air conditioner in a place where flammableliquids or gases such as gasoline, propane, paint thinner, etc., arestored.Makesure that the pipe and the power cable connecting theindoor and outdoor units are not pulled too tight when installingthe air conditioner.Usestandard circuit breaker and fuse that conform to the rating ofthe air conditioner.Do not input air or gas into the system except with the specificrefrigerant.Usenon-flammable gas (nitrogen) to check for leak and to purgeair; using compressed air or flammable gas may cause fire orexplosion.Theindoor/outdoor wiring connections must be secured tightly,and the cable should be routed properly so that there is no forcepulling the cable from the connection terminals. Improper or looseconnections can cause heat generation or fire.Installdedicated electric outlet and circuit breaker before using theair conditioner.Do not connect the ground wire to a gas pipe, a lightning rod, or atelephone ground wire.Keepany required ventilation openings clear of obstruction.OperationBe sure to use only those parts listed in the service parts list.Never attempt to modify the equipment.Makesure that children do not climb on or hit the outdoor unit.Disposeof the batteries in a place where there is no danger offire.Useonly the refrigerant specified on the air conditioner label.5
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    ENCutoff the power supply if there is any noise, smell, or smokecoming from the air conditioner.Do not leave flammable substances such as gasoline, benzene, orthinner near the air conditioner.Contactan authorized service center when the air conditioner issubmerged by flood waters.Do not use the air conditioner for an extended period of time in asmall place without proper ventilation.In the event of a gas leak (such as Freon, propane gas, LP gas,etc.) ventilate sufficiently before using the air conditioner again.To clean the interior, contact an authorized service center ordealer. Using harsh detergents may cause corrosion or damage tothe unit.Be sure to ventilate sufficiently when the air conditioner and aheating appliance such as a heater are used simultaneously.Do not block the inlet or outlet of air flow.Do not insert hands or other objects through the air inlet or outletwhile the air conditioner is operating.Makesure that the power cable is neither dirty, loose, nor broken.Nevertouch, operate, or repair the air conditioner with wet hands.Do not place any objects on the power cable.Do not place a heater or other heating appliances near the powercable.Do not modify or extend the power cable. Scratches or peelinginsulation on the power cables may result in fire or electric shock,and should be replaced.Cutoff the power supply immediately in the event of a blackout ora thunderstorm.6
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    ENTakecare to ensure that power cable could not be pulled out ordamaged during operation.Do not touch refrigerant pipe, water pipe and any internal partswhile the unit is operating or immediately after operation.MaintenanceDo not clean the appliance by spraying water directly onto theproduct.Beforecleaning or performing maintenance, disconnect the powersupply and wait until the fan stops.Technical SafetyInstallationor repairs made by unauthorized persons can posehazards to you and others.Anyperson who is involved with working on or breaking into arefrigerant circuit should hold a current valid certificate from anindustry-accredited assessment authority, which authorizes theircompetence to handle refrigerants safely in accordance with anindustry recognized assessment specification.Servicingshall only be performed as recommended by theequipment manufacturer. Maintenance and repair requiring theassistance of other skilled personnel shall be carried out under thesupervision of the person competent in the use of flammablerefrigerants.Theinformation contained in the manual is intended for use by aqualified service technician who is familiar with the safetyprocedures and equipped with the proper tools and testinstruments.Failureto read and follow all instructions in this manual can resultin equipment malfunction, property damage, personal injury and/ordeath.7
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    ENTheappliance shall be installed in accordance with national wiringregulations.Whenthe power cord is to be replaced, the replacement workshall be performed by authorized personnel using only genuinereplacement parts.Thisappliance must be properly grounded to minimize risk ofelectric shock.Do not cut or remove the grounding prong from the power plug.Attachingthe earth wire to the power outlet cover screw does notground the appliance unless the cover screw is metal, uninsulated,and the power outlet is grounded through house wiring.If you have any doubt whether the air conditioner is properlygrounded, have the power outlet and circuit checked by a qualifiedelectrician.Therefrigerant and insulation blowing gas used in the appliancerequire special disposal procedures. Consult a service agent or asimilarly qualified person before disposing of them.If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by themanufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified person inorder to avoid a hazard.Theappliance shall be stored in a well-ventilated area where theroom size corresponds to the room area as specified foroperation.Theappliance shall be stored in a room without continuouslyoperating open flames (for example an operating gas appliance)and ignition sources (for example an operating electric heater).Theappliance shall be stored so as to prevent mechanicaldamage from occurring.8
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    ENCAUTIONTo reduce the risk of minor injury to persons, malfunction,or damage to the product or property when using thisproduct, follow basic precautions, including the following:InstallationDo not install the air conditioner in an area where it is directlyexposed to sea wind (salt spray).Installthe drain hose properly for the smooth drainage of watercondensation.Exercisecaution when unpacking or installing the air conditioner.Do not touch the leaking refrigerant during installation or repair.Transportthe air conditioner with two or more people or use aforklift.Installthe outdoor unit such that it is protected from directsunlight. Do not place the indoor unit in a place where it is directlyexposed to sunlight via the windows.Safelydispose of packing materials such as screws, nails orbatteries using proper packaging after installation or repair.Installthe air conditioner in a place where the noise from theoutdoor unit or the exhaust fumes will not inconvenience theneighbors. Failure to do so may result in conflict with theneighbors.OperationRemovethe batteries if the remote control is not to be used for anextended period of time.9
  • Page 10

    ENMakesure that the filter is installed before operating the airconditioner.Be sure to check if there is a refrigerant leak after installing orrepairing the air conditioner.Do not place any object on the air conditioner.Nevermix different types of batteries, or old and new batteries forthe remote control.Do not let the air conditioner run for a long time when humidity isvery high or when a door or a window has been left open.Stopusing the remote control if there is a fluid leak in the battery.If your clothes or skin are exposed to the leaking battery fluid,wash off with clean water.Do not expose people, animals, or plants to the cold or hot windfrom the air conditioner for extended periods of time.If the leaking battery fluid has been swallowed, rinse the inside ofthe mouth thoroughly and consult a doctor.Do not drink the water drained from the air conditioner.Do not use the product for special purposes, such as preservingfoods, works of art, and etc. It is an air conditioner for consumerpurposes, not a precision refrigeration system. There is risk ofdamage or loss of property.Do not recharge or disassemble the batteries.MaintenanceNevertouch the metal parts of the air conditioner when removingthe air filter.Usea sturdy stool or ladder when cleaning, maintaining, orrepairing the air conditioner at a height.Neveruse strong cleaning agents or solvents when cleaning theair conditioner or spray water. Use a smooth cloth.10
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    OPERATIONENNotes for OperationSuggestion for Energy Saving Do not over-cool the space. This may be harmful for your health and may consume moreelectricity. Block sunlight with blinds or curtains while you are operating the air conditioner. Keep doors or windows closed tightly while you are operating the air conditioner. Adjust the direction of the air flow vertically or horizontally to circulate indoor air. Speed up the fan to cool or warm indoor air quickly, within a short period of time. Open windows regularly for ventilation. The indoor air quality may deteriorate if the air conditioneris used for long durations. Clean the air filter once every 2 weeks. Dust and impurities collected in the air filter may block theair flow or reduce the unit performance.Parts and FunctionIndoor UnitOutdoor UnitAir FilterAir Intake VentsFront PanelAir Outlet VentsAir OutletBase PlateOn/Off ButtonPower Supply CableSignal ReceiverDrain HoseCoolant PipingNOTE The number and location of operation lamps may vary according to the model of the airconditioner. The feature may be changed according to the type of model.11
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    ENWireless Remote ControlOperating MethodInserting BatteriesPoint the remote control towards the signalreceiver at the right side of the air conditioner tooperate it.If the display screen of the remote controlbegins to fade, replace the batteries. Insert AAA(1.5 V) batteries before using the remotecontrol.1Remove the battery cover.2Insert the new batteries and make sure thatthe + and - terminals of the batteries areinstalled correctly.NOTEInstalling the Remote ControlHolderTo protect the remote control, install the holderwhere there is no direct sunlight.1Choose a safe and easily accessiblelocation.2Fix the holder by fastening 2 screws firmlywith a screwdriver.12The remote control may operate otherelectronic devices if it is directed towardsthem. Make sure to point the remote controltowards the air conditioner signal receiver.For proper operation, use a soft cloth to cleanthe signal transmitter and receiver.
  • Page 13

    ENSetting the Current Time1Pressbutton and hold it about 3seconds.The icon below blinks at the bottom of thedisplay screen.2Pressorminutes.3Press SET/CLEAR button to finish.Operating the Air Conditionerwithout the Remote ControlYou can use the ON/OFF button of the indoorunit to operate the air conditioner when theremote control is unavailable.button to select theNOTEThe On/Off Timer is available after setting thecurrent time.Using the C/F ConversionFunction (Optional)This function changes unit between C and FPress and holdbutton about 5 seconds.ON/OFF buttonNOTEThe stepping motor may be broken, if thehorizontal vane opens rapidly.The fan speed is set to high.The feature may be changed according to thetype of model.The temperature cannot be altered whenusing this emergency ON/OFF button.For cooling & heating models, the temperatureis set from 22 C to 24 C13
  • Page 14

    ENUsing Wireless Remote ControlYou can operate the air conditioner more conveniently with the remote control.1Control panel2Display screenDescriptionTo select the fan mode.To turn on/off air conditionerautomatically at desired time.To adjust the desired room temperaturein cooling, heating or auto changeovermode.C / F (5 s)To turn on/off the air conditioner.To adjust the fan speed.To select the cooling mode.TIME (3 s)To select the heating mode.RESETTo select the dehumidification mode.To select the auto changeover/autooperation mode.To change room temperature quickly.To adjust the air flow direction verticallyor horizontally.To display the room temperature.To change unit between C and FTo remove moisture generated insidethe indoor unit.To minimize power consumption.14
  • Page 15

    EN1Control panelC / F (5 s)2Display screenDescription-To set the brightness of the display onthe indoor unit.-To set/cancel the function and timer.-To adjust time.-To set the current time.-To initialize the remote control settings.NOTE Some functions may not be supported, depending on the model.TIME (3 s)RESET15
  • Page 16

    ENRestarting the Air ConditionerAutomaticallyWhen the air conditioner is turned on againafter a power failure, this function restores theprevious settings.Using the Mode FunctionThis function allows you to select the desiredfunction.Cooling ModeDisabling Auto Restart1Press the ON/OFF button and hold it for 6seconds, then the unit will beep twice andthe lamp will blink twice 4 times.To re-enable the function, press the ON/OFF button and hold it for 6 seconds. Theunit will beep twice and the lamp will blink4times.Auto Changeover Mode / AutoOperation(AI) ModeDehumidification ModeHeating ModeCooling ModeON/OFF button1Turn the appliance on.2Press MODE button repeatedly to select theCooling Mode.is displayed on the display screen.NOTEThe feature may be changed according to thetype of model.If you press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3 5 seconds, instead of 6 seconds, the unitwill switch to the test operation. In the testoperation, the unit blows out strong cooling airfor 18 minutes and then returns to factorydefault settings.316Pressortemperature.button to set the desired
  • Page 17

    ENAuto Operation(Artificial Intelligence)Auto Changeover ModeCooling-only modelsThis mode changes the mode automatically tomaintain the set temperature at 2 CCooling & Heating ModelIn this operation mode, the system isautomatically operated by the electroniccontrols.1Turn the appliance on.2Press MODE button repeatedly to select theAuto Operation.1Turn the appliance on.2Press MODE button repeatedly to select theAuto Changeover Mode.is displayed on the display screen.is displayed on the display screen.CodeDescription2Cold1A little cold0Maintain roomtemperature-1-2A little hotHotNOTE In this mode, you cannot adjust the fan speed,but you can set the air deflector to rotateautomatically.34Pressortemperature.button to set the desiredPress FAN SPEED button to adjust the fanspeed.17
  • Page 18

    ENDehumidification ModeHeating ModeThis mode removes excess moisture from ahighly humid environment or during the rainyseason, in order to prevent mildew from settingin. This mode adjusts the room temperature andthe fan speed automatically to maintain theoptimal level of humidity.1Turn the appliance on.2Press MODE button repeatedly to select theHeating Mode.1Turn the appliance on.2Press MODE button repeatedly to select theDehumidification Mode.is displayed on the display screen.3NOTEIn this mode you cannot adjust the roomtemperature, it is adjusted automatically.The room temperature is not displayed on thedisplay screen.18is displayed on the display screen.Pressortemperature.button to set the desired
  • Page 19

    ENFan ModeUsing the Jet Mode FunctionThis mode only circulates the indoor air withoutchanging the room temperature.Changing Room TemperatureQuickly1Turn the appliance on.2Press FAN button.3is displayed on the display screen.Press FAN SPEED button to adjust the fanspeed.This function allows you to cool indoor airquickly during the summer or warm it quicklyduring winter.The Jet Mode function is available withCooling, Heating and Dehumidification Mode.1Turn the appliance on.2Press MODE button repeatedly to select thedesired mode.3Press JET MODE button.is displayed on the display screen.NOTEJet Heating Mode is not available on somemodels.In Jet Cooling Mode, strong air blows out for30 minutes.After 30 minutes later, setting temperature ismaintaining 18 CIf you want to change the temperature, Pressorbutton to set the desiredtemperature.In Jet Heating Mode, strong air blows out for30 minutes.After 30 minutes later, setting temperature ismaintaining 30 CIf you want to change the temperature, Pressorbutton to set the desiredtemperature.This function may operate differently from theremote control display.19
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    ENUsing the Fan SpeedFunctionUsing the Air Flow DirectionFunctionAdjusting the Fan SpeedThis function adjusts the direction of the air flowvertically (horizontally).Press FAN SPEED button repeatedly to adjustthe fan speed.Display ScreenSpeedHighMediumLowNatural Wind20Press SWING button repeatedly and selectthe desired direction.Selectto adjust the direction of theair flow automatically.NOTEAdjusting the air deflector arbitrarily maycause product failure.If you restart the air conditioner, it starts tooperate with the previously set direction of airflow, so the air deflector may not match theicon displayed on the remote control.When this occurs, press SWING button toadjust the direction of the air flow again.This function may operate differently from theremote control display.
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    ENSetting the On/Off TimerSetting the OFF TimerThis function sets the air conditioner to turn on/off automatically at desired time.On/Off Timer can be set together.1Press OFF button.The icon below blinks at the bottom of thedisplay screen.2Pressorminutes.3Press SET/CLEAR button to finish.Setting the ON Timer1Press ON button.The icon below blinks at the bottom of thedisplay screen.2Pressorminutes.3Press SET/CLEAR button to finish.button to select theAfter setting the timer, current time andicon are displayed on the displayscreen indicating that the desired time isset.button to select theAfter setting the timer, current time andicon are displayed on the displayscreen indicating that the desired time isset.Canceling the Timer Setting1Press ON(OFF) button.() icon blinks at the bottom of thedisplay screen.2Press SET/CLEAR button to cancel thesetting.NOTETo cancel all timer settings, press SET/CLEAR button.21
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    ENUsing the Sleep FunctionThis function turns off the air conditionerautomatically when you go to sleep.1Turn the appliance on.2Press SLEEP button.icon blinks at the bottom of thedisplay screen.3Pressorbutton to select the hour(up to 7 hours).4Press SET/CLEAR button to finish.is displayed on the display screen.NOTEIn the Cooling and Dehumidification Mode, thetemperature increases by 1 C after 30minutes and additional 1 C after another 30minutes for a more comfortable sleep.The temperature increases up to 2 C fromthe preset temperature.Although the remark for fan speed on thedisplay screen may be changed, the fanspeed is adjusted automatically.22Using the Energy SavingFunctionThis function minimizes power consumptionduring Cooling and increases the settemperature to the optimal level for a morecomfortable environment. The temperatureautomatically settles at 22 C if desiredtemperature is below 22 C The temperatureremains constant if it is above 22 C1Turn the appliance on.2Press MODE button repeatedly to select theCooling Mode.3Press E/SAVING button.is displayed on the display screen.
  • Page 23

    ENUsing the Light FunctionDisplay Screen BrightnessYou can set the brightness of the indoor unitdisplay screen.Press LIGHT button.NOTETurn on/off the Display screen.Using the Auto CleanFunctionIn the Cooling and Dehumidification Mode,moisture is generated inside the indoor unit.This function removes such moisture.1Turn the appliance on.2Press Auto Clean button.is displayed on the display screen.NOTESome functions cannot be used while the AutoClean function is in operation.If you turn off the unit, the fan continues to runfor 30 minutes and cleans the inside of theindoor unit.23
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    SMART FUNCTIONSUsing LG SmartThinQApplication (Optional)Wi-Fi FunctionCommunicate with the appliance from a smartphone using the convenient smart features.Smart DiagnosisIf you use the Smart Diagnosis function, you willbe provided with the useful information such asa correct way of using the appliance based onthe pattern of use.SettingsAllows you to set various options on theappliance and in the application.NOTEIf you change your wireless router, Internetservice provider, or password, delete theregistered appliance from the LG SmartThinQapplication and register it again.The application is subject to change forappliance improvement purposes withoutnotice to users.Functions may vary by model.24EN
  • Page 25

    MAINTENANCEENWARNINGBefore cleaning or performing maintenance, disconnect the power supply and wait until the fanstops.If the air conditioner will not be used for an extended period of time, dry the air conditioner tomaintain it in best condition. Clean the product regularly to maintain optimal performance and toprevent possible breakdown.Dry the air conditioner in Fan mode for 3 to 4 hours and disconnect the power. There may beinternal damage if moisture is left in its components.Before using the air conditioner again, dry the inner components of the air conditioner in Fan modefor 3 to 4 hours. This will help to remove the odor generated from moisture.Air FilterSignal receiverFront PanelON/OFF buttonAir OutletThe feature may be changed according to the type of model.25
  • Page 26

    ENTypeAir filterIndoor unitOutdoor unitDescriptionIntervalClean with a vacuum or hand wash.2 weeksClean the Indoor unit surface by using a soft, dry cloth.RegularlyHave a professional clean the condensate drain pan.Once a yearHave a professional clean the condensate drain pipe.Every 4 monthsReplace the remote control batteries.Once a yearHave a professional clean the heat exchanger coils andthe panel vents. (Consult with technician.)Once a yearHave a professional clean the fan.Once a yearHave a professional clean the condensate drain pan.Once a yearHave a professional verify that all the fan assembly isfirmly tightened.Once a yearClean the electric components with air.Once a yearNOTENever use water that is higher than 40 C when you clean the filters. It may cause deformation ordiscoloration.Never use volatile substances when you clean the filters. They may damage the surface of theproduct.26
  • Page 27

    ENClean the air filter7Put the hook of front panel onto thehanger, in order to close the front panel.Clean the air filter once every 2 weeks or more ifnecessary.1Turn Off the power to the unit.2Pull out the upper section of front paneland lift it up.Air filterFront panelFrontpanelhookHookhangerNOTE The air filter can be broken when it is bent.3Take out a filter with front panel held. When the air filter is not assembled correctly,dust and other substances can enter into theindoor unit. If you do not hang the front cover correctly, itmay result in having a gap between the frontpanel and the inner cover. If so, remove the frontcover and refit it correctly. The feature can be changed according a type ofmodel.4Clean the filter with a vacuum cleaneror with warm water. If dirt is difficult toremove, wash the filter in lukewarm waterwith neutral detergent.5Dry it completely in the shade aftercleaning.6Then set a filter orderly.Air filter27
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    TROUBLESHOOTINGENSelf-diagnosis FunctionThis product has a built-in self-diagnosis function. If an error occurs, the lamp of the indoor unit willblink in 2 second intervals. If this occurs, contact your local dealer or service center.Before Calling for ServicePlease check the following before you contact the service center. If the problem persists, contactyour local service center.ProblemThe air conditionerdoes not worknormally.Possible CausesBurning smell and strangesounds are coming from theunit.Water leaks from the indoorunit even when the humiditylevel is low.The power cable is damagedor it is generating excessiveheat.A switch, a circuit breaker(safety, ground), or a fuse isnot operated properly.The unit generates an errorcode from its self-diagnosis.The air conditioner isunplugged.A fuse exploded, or the powersupply is blocked.A power failure has occurred.The air conditionerdoes not work.28Corrective ActionTurn off the air conditioner, switchOFF, or disconnect the power supply,and contact the service center.Check whether the power cord isplugged into the outlet or the powerisolators are switched on.Replace the fuse or check if the circuitbreaker has tripped.Turn off the air conditioner when apower failure occurs.When the power is restored, wait 3minutes, and then turn on the airconditioner.Check if the circuit breaker hastripped.The voltage is too high or toolow.The air conditioner was turnedoff automatically at a presetTurn the air conditioner on.time.Make sure that the batteries areinserted correctly in your remotecontroller.The battery setting in thethe batteries are placed correctly,remote controller is incorrect. Ifbut the air conditioner still does notoperate, replace the batteries and tryagain.
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    ENProblemPossible CausesAir is not circulating properly.The air filter is dirty.The room temperature is toohigh.The air conditionerdoes not emit coolair.Cold air is escaping from theroom.The desired temperature ishigher than the currenttemperature.There is a heating sourcenearby.Fan Mode is selected.Outside temperature is toohigh.The fan speedcannot be adjusted.The Jet Mode, or AutoOperation Mode is selected.The temperaturecannot be adjusted.The Fan Mode or Jet Mode isselected.The air conditionerstops duringoperation.The air conditioner issuddenly turned off.A power failure has occurredduring operation.Corrective ActionMake sure that there are no curtains,blinds, or pieces of furniture blockingthe front of the air conditioner.Clean the air filter once every 2weeks.See Clean the Air Filter for moreinformation.In summer, cooling the indoor air fullymay take some time. In this case,select the Jet Mode to cool the indoorair quickly.Make sure that no cold air is escapingthrough the ventilation points in theroom.Set the desired temperature to a levellower than the current temperature.Avoid using heat generators likeelectric ovens or gas burners whilethe air conditioner is in operation.During Fan Mode, air blows from theair conditioner without cooling orheating the indoor air.Switch the operation mode to coolingoperation.The cooling effect may not besufficient.In some operation modes, you cannotadjust the fan speed. Select anoperation mode in which you canadjust the fan speed.In some operation modes, you cannotadjust the temperature. Select anoperation mode in which you canadjust the temperature.The Timer Function may have timedout, which turns the unit off. Checkthe timer settings.Wait for the power to come back. Ifyou have the Auto Restart functionenabled, your unit will resume its lastoperation several minutes after poweris restored.29
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    ENProblemPossible CausesThe indoor unit isstill operating evenwhen the unit hasbeen turned off.The Auto Clean function isbeing operated.The air outlet on theindoor unit isdischarging mist.The cooled air from the airconditioner makes mist.Corrective ActionAllow the Auto Clean function tocontinue since it removes anyremaining moisture inside the indoorunit. If you do not want this feature,you can turn the unit off.When the room temperaturedecreases, this phenomenon willdisappear.This symptom requires installing adrain hose under the base pan.Contact the installer.the heating operations,Water leaks from the Incondensed water drops fromoutdoor unit.the heat exchanger.A clicking sound can be heardwhen the unit starts or stopsdue to movement of thereversing valve.Creaking sound: The plasticThere is noise orparts of the indoor unit creakThese are normal symptoms. Thevibration.when they shrink or expandnoise will stop.due to sudden temperaturechanges.Flowing or Blowing sound:This is the flow of refrigerantthrough the air conditioner.Odors (such as cigaretteIf the smell does not disappear, youThe indoor unitsmoke) may be absorbed intoneed to wash the filter. If this does notgives off an odor.the indoor unit and discharged work, contact the service center towith airflow.clean your heat exchanger.When Heating Mode starts, the This symptom is normal. Please waitvane is almost closed, and nountil the unit has generated enoughair comes out, even thoughwarm air to blow through the indoorthe outdoor unit is operating.unit.In Heating Mode, ice/frost is built upThe air conditioneron the coils when the outsidedoes not emit warm The outdoor unit is intemperature falls. This functionair.Defrosting Mode.removes a layer of frost on the coil,and it should finish in approximately15 minutes.Outside temperature is tooThe heating effect may not below.sufficient.30
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    ENProblemPossible CausesCorrective ActionFind the Wi-Fi network connected toThe password for the Wi-Fiyour smartphone and remove it, thenthat you are trying to connectregister your appliance on LGto is incorrect.SmartThinQ.Turn off the Mobile data of yourMobile data for yoursmartphone and register the appliancesmartphone is turned on.using the Wi-Fi network.The wireless network name (SSID)The wireless network nameshould be a combination of English(SSID) is set incorrectly.letters and numbers. (Do not useYour home appliancespecial characters.)and smartphone isOnly a 2.4 GHz router frequency isnot connected to thesupported. Set the wireless router toWi-Fi network.GHz and connect the appliance toThe router frequency is not 2.4 2.4the wireless router. To check theGHz.router frequency, check with yourInternet service provider or the routermanufacturer.If the distance between the applianceand the router is too far, the signalThe distance between themay be weak and the connection mayappliance and the router is toonot be configured correctly. Move thefar.location of the router so that it iscloser to the appliance.NOTESome functions may not be supported, depending on the model.31
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LG A09FR Bedienungsanleitung - Deutsch - 33 seiten

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