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GB24 & GB30
User Manual
To Domestic Hot Water:To Central Heating:
GB24/30 Minimum 8.0 kW (27,296 Btu/h) GB24/30 Minimum 8.0 kW (27,296 Btu/h)
GB24 Maximum 24.2 kW (82,570 Btu/h) GB24/30 Maximum 24.2 kW (82,570 Btu/h)
GB30 Maximum 30.3 kW (103,384 Btu/h)
Morco House, Riverview Road, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 0LD
Morco Products Ltd
Tel:+44 (0) 1482 325456 Fax: +44 (0) 1482 212869
UIN 209783 A03
April 2014

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    GB24 & GB30
    User Manual

    To Domestic Hot Water:To Central Heating:
    GB24/30 Minimum 8.0 kW (27,296 Btu/h)
    GB24 Maximum 24.2 kW (82,570 Btu/h)
    GB30 Maximum 30.3 kW (103,384 Btu/h)

    GB24/30 Minimum 8.0 kW (27,296 Btu/h)
    GB24/30 Maximum 24.2 kW (82,570 Btu/h)

    Morco House, Riverview Road, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 0LD

    Morco Products Ltd
    Tel:+44 (0) 1482 325456 Fax: +44 (0) 1482 212869
    UIN 209783 A03
    April 2014

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    The Morco GB is a wall mounted, room sealed, condensing combination boiler, featuring automatic spark
    ignition and fan assisted combustion. The Morco GB is a combination boiler providing both central
    heating and instantaneous domestic hot water (DHW) for taps and showers.
    Due to the high efficiency of the boiler, condensate is produced from the flue gases and this exits the
    boiler through a plastic waste pipe at the base of the boiler. A condensate ‘plume’ will also be visible at
    the flue terminal.
    The boiler has a number of safety features that will stop it working when problems are detected. The fault
    codes that are shown on the boiler status display “D” identify the problem. Once the fault is corrected the
    boiler can be reset using the mode control knob “A”. A list of fault codes can be found on page 8.
    The boiler features a preheat function that allows the boiler to occasionally fire on its own to keep the
    water within the boiler hot. This improves the speed with which hot water is delivered to taps or showers.
    This function can be switched off if required.

    Boiler Controls
    A. Mode Control Knob
    B. DHW/Preheat Control Knob
    C. CH Control Knob
    D. Boiler Status
    E. Burner ‘ON’ Indication
    F. Pre Heat on/off Indication
    G. Programmer
    H. Pressure Gauge
    J. Condensate Drain
    K. Gas Isolation Valve (on position

    The boiler must be installed, commissioned and maintained to the standards relevant to the country in
    which the home is located.
    It is essential that the instructions in this booklet are strictly followed, for safe and economical
    operation of the boiler.

    Electricity Supply
    This appliance must be earthed.
    Supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz. The fusing should be 3A.

    Important Notes

    This appliance must be operated with the front casing correctly fitted and forming an adequate seal.
    If the boiler is installed in a cupboard then the cupboard MUST NOT be used for storage purposes.
    If it is known or suspected that a fault exists on the boiler then it MUST NOT BE USED until the fault
    has been corrected by a qualified and competent Gas Installer.
    Under NO circumstances should any of the sealed components on this appliance be used incorrectly
    or interfered with.
    This appliance must be operated with supervision to ensure safe operation from the ages of 8 years
    and above, including people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities. Any maintenance
    or cleaning shall not be completed without supervision.

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    In cases of repeated or continuous shutdown a qualified and competent Gas Installer, should be
    called to investigate and rectify the condition causing this and carry out an operational test. Only the
    manufacturer’s parts are to be used for replacement

    Minimum Clearances around the Boiler
    Clearances of 165mm above, 100mm below, 2.5mm at the sides and 450mm at the front of the boiler
    casing must be allowed for servicing.
    The clearance below the boiler can be reduced to 5mm after installation provided an easily removable
    panel is fitted, to enable the consumer to view the system pressure gauge, and to provide the 100mm
    clearance required for servicing.

    Boiler Operation
    To light the boiler

    Refer to Boiler Controls Diagram


    Set the mode control knob (A) to ‘off’.

    Set the Domestic Hot Water temperature control (B) and Central Heating control knob (C) to ‘max’.

    Ensure that all hot water taps are turned off.

    Switch ON electricity to the boiler and check that all controls, e.g. boiler mechanical timer “G” and
    optional room thermostat, are ON (refer to mechanical 24 hour timer instructions).

    Set the mode knob control (A) to winter (


    If there is central heating demand or if a hot tap is opened the boiler will ignite showing burner status (E).
    Note. In normal operation the “boiler status display” (D) in the Boiler Controls diagram) will show one of
    the following codes:

    Burner Off

    The boiler is in standby mode awaiting either a central heating call or domestic hot water demand.


    Burner Off

    The boiler has a call for central heating but the appliance has reached the desired temperature set on
    the boiler.



    Burner Off


    Burner On



    Burner On



    Burner On



    Burner On


    The boiler has a call for domestic hot water but the appliance has reached the desired temperature set
    on the boiler.

    The boiler is operating in central heating mode.

    The boiler is operating in domestic hot water mode.

    The boiler is operating in pre heat mode.

    The water in the central heating circuit is less than 5ºC. If heating is switched on, this display code will
    change to “c”. This indicates that the frost stat is in operation.

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    During normal operation the “burner on” indicator (E) in the Boiler Controls diagram) will remain
    illuminated when the burner is lit.
    Note: If the boiler fails to light after five attempts the fault code “L-2” will be displayed. Refer to the fault
    finding section on page 8 of this user manual.

    Pre-heat is enabled if the pre-heat indicator (F) in the Boiler Controls diagram is visible. To switch preheat on or off move the DHW/Pre-heat control knob (B) fully clockwise and then return it to the required
    DHW temperature setting.

    Reset Procedure
    To reset boiler after a fault has been detected, turn the mode control knob (A) fully clockwise to the reset
    position and immediately turn knob back to required setting. The boiler will repeat the ignition sequence if
    heating or domestic hot water is required. If the boiler still fails to light consult a qualified and competent
    Gas Installer.

    Winter conditions - CH and HW required.
    Ensure the mode control knob (A) is set to winter (
    If heat is demanded by the optional room thermostat and/or mechanical 24 hour timer the boiler will fire
    and supply heat to the radiators but will give priority to DHW if any tap or shower is used.

    Summer conditions - HW only required.
    Set the mode control knob (A) to summer ( ).
    Turn the CH control knob (C) fully anti-clockwise.
    Note. The pump will operate briefly as a self-check once every 24 hours, regardless of where the control
    knobs are positioned.

    Domestic Hot Water Temperature Control

    The DHW temperature is limited by the boiler controls to 64 C maximum. This will only apply when a
    low flow rate through the boiler occurs. A more typical temperature is 45° C but this can be increased
    by turning the DHW temperature control knob (B) to max and reducing the flow of water from the hot

    Central Heating Temperature Control

    The radiator temperature is adjustable between 80 C and 45ºC via the CH control knob (C).
    The boiler is a high efficiency combination boiler which is most efficient when operating in condensing
    mode. The boiler will operate in condensing mode if the CH control knob (C) is set to the “e” position
    (economy mode). This control knob should be turned fully clockwise in very cold weather.

    To shut down the boiler
    Turn the mode control knob (A) to OFF

    To relight the boiler
    Repeat the procedure detailed earlier in ‘To light the boiler’.

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    Mechanical Timer

    Timer Control

    Permanently ON

    Permanently OFF



    24hr Programme Ring

    Timer control segments
    1 segment = 15mins
    OFF – Segments on inside of ring
    ON – Segments on outside of ring

    Operating Issues
    Frost protection
    If the home is to be left unoccupied during cold periods when there is a threat of freezing, the domestic
    hot and cold water circuits must be drained as follows:

    Turn off the cold water supply

    Open all hot and cold water taps including showers

    Under the home, only open the hot and cold water drain valves (not the central heating circuit drain

    Refer to the holiday home owner’s handbook for the drain valve positions and further instructions on
    draining down.
    BEWARE – there are two drain valves under the home beneath the boiler - do NOT open these as they
    drain the central heating circuit, which should have been filled with antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor.
    Please note there are no drain valves on the boiler. Leave all taps, showers and drain valves open until
    you are next ready to use the boiler.
    When installed in a Caravan holiday home the central heating circuit and radiators should be filled with an
    approved antifreeze and inhibitor (Either Fernox Alphi 11 or Sentinel X500). The level of antifreeze
    should be checked annually by a competent person. If the home is occupied during freezing weather, the
    central heating should be run continuously and the optional room thermostat or thermostatic radiator
    valves set at a minimum of 15ºC.
    If the home is unoccupied for even a short period, the domestic hot and cold water system must be
    drained down as explained in bullet point three above. This is the only way to guarantee against frost

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    Boiler Overheat Protection
    The boiler controls will shut down the boiler in the event of overheating. Should this occur, a fault code
    will be displayed. Refer to fault codes.

    Flame Failure
    Should this occur a fault code

    will be displayed. Refer to fault codes.

    Loss of system water pressure
    The pressure gauge in the diagram below indicates the central heating system pressure. If the pressure
    is seen to fall below the original installation pressure of 1.5 bar over a period of time then there could be
    a system leak. In this event re-pressurise the boiler using the filling loop supplied. This is a flexible
    detachable pipe that connects the cold water supply to the central heating circuit via two taps directly
    beneath the boiler. When the pipe is connected open both taps until the pressure on the gauge reaches
    1.5 bar, then close both taps and remove the pipe. The source of the leak must be located and resolved
    as repeated use of the filling loop will cause damage to the boiler and the system. If unable to do so or
    if the pressure continues to drop a qualified and competent Gas Installer should be consulted.

    Pressure Gauge

    Condensate Drain
    The boiler produces a clear liquid called condensate which leaves the boiler via an internal trap and a drain marked
    “J” on the boiler controls diagram. This appliance is fitted with a siphonic condensate trap system that

    reduces the risk of the condensate freezing. However should the condensate pipe to this appliance
    freeze it will need to be defrosted.
    If you do not feel competent to carry out the defrosting instructions below please call a qualified and
    competent Gas Installer for assistance.
    If you do feel competent to carry out the following instructions please do so with care when handling hot
    If this appliance develops a blockage in the condensate pipe, the condensate will build up to a point
    where it will make a gurgling noise prior to the boiler stopping and an “L2” fault code being displayed.

    Defrosting Instructions
    To unblock a frozen condensate pipe;
    1. Follow the routing of the plastic pipe from its exit point (”J” on the boiler control diagram) through its

    route to its termination point. Locate the frozen blockage. It is likely that the pipe is frozen at the most
    exposed point external to the caravan holiday home or where there is some obstruction to flow. This

  • Page 7

    could be at the open end of the pipe, at a bend or elbow, or where there is a dip in the pipe in which
    condensate can collect. The location of the blockage should be identified as closely as possible
    before taking further action.
    2. Apply a hot water bottle, microwaveable heat pack or a warm damp cloth to the frozen blockage area.

    Several applications may have to be made before it fully defrosts. Warm water can also be poured
    onto the pipe from a watering can or similar. Do NOT use boiling water.
    3. Once the blockage is removed and the condensate can flow freely, reset the appliance. (Refer to

    “reset procedure”)
    4. If the appliance fails to ignite, call a qualified and competent Gas Installer.

    Preventative Steps

    During cold weather, set the CH control knob “C” to maximum, (return to original setting once cold
    spell is over)
    Place the heating on continuous and turn the room stat down to 15ºC overnight. (Return to normal
    after cold spell).
    Apply insulation around the condensate pipe as it leaves the boiler until it reaches its end under the

    Escape of gas
    Should a gas leak or fault be suspected contact the Gas Supplier without delay. TURN OFF ALL GAS
    Do NOT search for gas leaks with a naked flame.
    Do NOT operate any electrical switches.

    The appliance should be serviced at least once a year by a qualified and competent Gas Installer.

    Gas Supply
    This boiler will only operate on Propane gas supplied via a 37mbar regulator. The designation for this gas
    is I3P and G31.
    Butane, butane/propane mixes and automotive LPG are not suitable for this boiler.
    In addition the boiler requires a minimum of a 47kg propane bottle in order to work correctly and a
    minimum regulator size of 3.5kg/hour.

    Water Supply Pressure
    The cold water supply pressure to the boiler must exceed 0.8 bar in order to work at full power. The boiler
    will work at lower water pressures but the hot water temperature will be lower. The boiler will not ignite
    below cold water flow rates of 2 litres per minute.

    Shower Mixer or Mixer Taps
    A very common problem that causes poor hot water delivery is damage to mixer taps or shower mixers
    caused by frost damage. The damage to the mixers is internal and so there are no leaks visible. The
    problem is caused by the cold water mixing with the hot water in an uncontrolled manner within the mixer.
    This gives the impression that the boiler is at fault. It is simple to check if the problem is with the mixers:

    Turn off the cold water supply to the caravan
    Disconnect the 15mm hot water pipe underneath the caravan, directly below the boiler cupboard. Do
    not disconnect the larger 22mm pipe which is part of the central heating system.
    Place a bucket under the pipe
    Turn on the cold water supply to the caravan
    Hot water should now flow out of the pipe under the boiler into the bucket
    If this water is hot, it proves that the problem is caused by damaged mixer taps or shower mixer
    Replace the mixer tap that is damaged to solve the problem

  • Page 8

    Fault Code Table
    Display Code
    on Boiler


    Low mains
    5 boiler resets in a
    5 minute period
    Low system
















    Boiler overheat
    Flame loss during




    Ignition failure




    Ignition failure










    Fan fault
    Flow thermistor
    Return thermistor



    Supply Voltage is too low
    Repeated problems with auto
    reset faults

    Contact electricity provider

    Leak from sealed CH system
    Pump stuck or divertor motor
    Air in gas supply after bottle
    No power from PCB or faulty
    spark generator
    Condensate pipe or trap frozen
    or blocked/ No Gas

    Identify leak and fix

    Failed fan

    Replace fan

    incorrect/no signal

    Test thermistor for signal and replace if faulty

    incorrect/no signal

    Test thermistor for signal and replace if faulty

    Investigate individual faults

    Free pump or reset motor
    Purge air from gas system
    re-instate power supply or replace spark
    Defrost or unblock condensate pipe or trap
    Check Gas Supply

    Warranty Conditions
    The boiler is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of two years from the date of
    commissioning. However the guarantee is subject to proof of commissioning by a qualified gas installer.
    This is usually in the form of a commissioning certificate. In continental Europe the warranty only covers
    the supply of parts and telephone advice.
    The warranty does NOT cover the following issues:

    1. Frost damage to any part of the boiler containing water during freezing conditions.
    2. The removal of sludge or hard water scale due to lack of antifreeze/inhibitor
    3. Damage to electronics caused by a defective electrical supply.
    4. Damage or failure caused by insect contamination or blocked water filters.
    5. Loss of pressure within the heating system not caused directly by the boiler.
    6. Incorrect operation of the boiler caused by defective outlets such as thermostatic mixers or mono
    block mixer taps.

    7. Damage caused by unauthorised modifications to the boiler from original specifications.

    Spare Part Availability
    Information regarding spare parts can be found by contacting Morco’s sales office or website (details
    Morco House, Riverview Road, Beverley, East Yorkshire HU17 0LD
    Tel: +44 (0) 1482 325456 FAX: +44 (0)44 1482 212869 EMAIL: sales@morcoproducts.co.uk
    WEBSITE: www.morcoproducts.co.uk

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