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Original Instructions2
The instruction consists of 3 parts. Part 1:3 Safety
Instructions. Part 2:3 User Guide. Part 3:3 Technical
Data and Declaration.
Part 1:3 - Safety Instructions
Before rst use of the machine, read the
instructions carefully. Save instructions for
later use.
Safety instructions marked with this symbol
must be observed to prevent personal injury
or serious damage to property.
This machine has been designed for use with
cleaning agents supplied or recommended by Nilsk.
The use of other cleaning agents or chemicals may
adversely aect the safety of the machine.
High pressure jets can be dangerous if
subject to misuse. The jet must not be directed
at persons, live electrical equipment or the
machine itself.
Do not use the machine within range of persons
unless they wear protective clothes.
Do not direct the jet against yourself or others in
order to clean footwear.
Risk of explosion Do not spray ammable liquids.
High pressure washers shall not be used by children
or untrained personnel.
High pressure hoses, ttings and couplings are
important for the safety of the machine. Use only
hoses, ttings and couplings recommended by Nilsk.
To ensure machine safety, use only original spare
parts recommended by Nilsk.
Water that has own through back-ow preventers
is considered to be non-potable.
Don’t use the machine if a supply cord or important
parts of the machine are damaged, e.g. safety devices,
high pressure hoses, trigger gun.
Inadequate extension cords can be dange rous.
If an extension cord is used, it shall be suitable for
outdoor use, and the connection has to be kept dry
and o the ground. It is recommended that this is
accomplished by a cord reel which keeps the socket
at least 60 mm above the ground.
Switch o and unplug the machine when leaving
it unattended, when nished using it or when converting
it to another function, when doing repair and
During use of high pressure washers, aerosols
may be formed. Inhalation of aerosols can be hazardous
to health, for the protection against aerosols a
respiratory mask of class FFP 2 or equivalent may
be needed, depending on the cleaning environment.
Intended Use and Terms of Liability
The C-, D-, E- and P-series have been developed
for domestic cleaning pur poses only and for use
in an upright position. Any other use is considered
as improper use.
A high pressure washer operates with dierent
levels of pressure and cleaning detergents for
various cleaning tasks and results. Always follow
instructions on detergents for use, emergency
and disposal.
Do not operate the machine at temperatures
below 0°C. Never start a frozen machine, never
use it indoor and never cover it during use. This
is considered improper and wrongful use. Use of
wrongful pressure, detergent and/or applications
may cause damage to machine, surfaces, material
and devices.
All of the above is considered improper and wrongful
use. Nilsk accepts no liability for any damage resulting
from any improper or wrongful use.
Please refer to our website at www.get-started.nilsk.
com for further instructions and information on use,
emergency and disposal.
Safety devices and their functioning
The machine automa tically stops when releasing the
trigger. The machine will start again when reactivating
the trigger. The spray handle features a locking device.
When activated, the spray handle cannot be operated.
The machine has an automatic self-resetting thermal
protector. If the machine is overheated, the thermal
protector will cut the power supply. In this case, wait
for the machine to cool down. An integrated hydraulic
safety valve protects the system from excessive
The electric supply connection shall be made by a
qualied electrician and comply with IEC 60364-1.
It is recommended that the electric supply to this
machine should include either a residual current
device that will interrupt the supply if the leakage
current to earth exceeds 30 mA for 30 ms or a device
that will prove earth circuit.
Use motor start/delayed fuses with characteristic D
according to IEC 947-2 or corresponding standards
outside IEC.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by
an authorized Nilsk distributor or similar qualied
person in order to avoid a hazard.
No actions needed for adjusting machines marked
with dual voltage and frequency.

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