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Instructions for use

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    C 135.1 / C-PG 135.1 / C 135.1i /C 135.1 X-TRA / C-PG 135.1 X-TRA /C 135.1i X-TRAInstructions for useEN01.2020
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    The instruction consists of 3 parts. Part 1:3 SafetyInstructions. Part 2:3 User Guide. Part 3:3 TechnicalData and Declaration.Part 1:3 - Safety InstructionsBefore first use of the machine, read the instructions carefully. Save instructions for lateruse.Safety instructions marked with this symbolmust be observed to prevent personal injuryor serious damage to property.WARNINGThis machine has been designed for use withcleaning agents supplied or recommended by Nilfisk.The use of other cleaning agents or chemicals mayadversely affect the safety of the machine.High pressure jets can be dangerous ifsubject to misuse. The jet must not be directed at persons, live electrical equipment orthe machine itself.Do not use the machine within range of personsunless they wear protective clothes.Do not direct the jet against yourself or others inorder to clean footwear.Risk of explosion Do not spray flammable liquids.High pressure washers shall not be used by children or untrained personnel.High pressure hoses, fittings and couplings areimportant for the safety of the machine. Use onlyhoses, fittings and couplings recommended by Nilfisk.To ensure machine safety, use only original spareparts recommended by Nilfisk.Water that has flown through back-flow preventers is considered to be non-potable.Dont use the machine if a supply cord or important parts of the machine are damaged, e.g. safetydevices, high pressure hoses, trigger gun.Inadequate extension cords can be dangerous.If an extension cord is used, it shall be suitable foroutdoor use, and the connection has to be kept dryand off the ground. It is recommended that this isaccomplished by a cord reel which keeps the socket at least 60 mm above the ground.Switch off and unplug the machine when leavingit unattended, when finished using it or when converting it to another function, when doing repair andmaintenance.During use of high pressure washers, aerosolsmay be formed. Inhalation of aerosols can be hazardous to health, for the protection against aerosols2a respiratory mask of class FFP 2 or equivalent maybe needed, depending on the cleaning environment.Intended Use and Terms of Liability The C-, D-, E- and P-series have been developedfor domestic cleaning purposes only and for usein an upright position. Any other use is consideredas improper use. A high pressure washer operates with differentlevels of pressure and cleaning detergents forvarious cleaning tasks and results. Always followinstructions on detergents for use, emergencyand disposal. Do not operate the machine at temperatures below 0C. Never start a frozen machine, never useit indoor and never cover it during use. This isconsidered improper and wrongful use. Use ofwrongful pressure, detergent and/or applicationsmay cause damage to machine, surfaces, materialand devices.All of the above is considered improper and wrongful use. Nilfisk accepts no liability for any damageresulting from any improper or wrongful use.Please refer to our website at www.get-started.nilfisk.com for further instructions and information on use,emergency and disposal.Safety devices and their functioningThe machine automatically stops when releasingthe trigger. The machine will start again when reactivating the trigger. The spray handle features alocking device. When activated, the spray handlecannot be operated.The machine has an automatic self-resetting thermalprotector. If the machine is overheated, the thermalprotector will cut the power supply. In this case, waitfor the machine to cool down. An integrated hydraulic safety valve protects the system from excessivepressure.PrecautionsThe electric supply connection shall be made by aqualified electrician and comply with IEC 60364-1.It is recommended that the electric supply to thismachine should include either a residual currentdevice that will interrupt the supply if the leakagecurrent to earth exceeds 30 mA for 30 ms or a devicethat will prove earth circuit. Use motor start/delayed fuses with characteristicD according to IEC 947-2 or corresponding standards outside IEC. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replacedby an authorized Nilfisk distributor or similar qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. No actions needed for adjusting machines markedOriginal instructions
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    with dual voltage and frequency.Supervise children not to play with the machine.The operator and any one in the immediate vicinityof the site for cleaning should take action to protect oneself from being struck by debris dislodgedduring operation.Always wear safety boots, respiratory mask, earprotection, goggles and protective clothing duringoperation.The high pressure generated by the machine is aparticular source of danger. Hold the spray lancefirmly with both hands. The spray lance is affectedby a kickback force and a sudden torque duringoperation.See PART 3:3 for the actual size of the kickbackforce.During transportation: Position the machine horizontally on the backside and secure with straps.sels, rivers, lakes and cisterns etc. and operate it insuction mode. Follow illustrations in C.D Pairing of spray handle and machineC-PG and D-PG series only. After battery insert, D1.1,you have 2 min. to pair spray handle and machine.The light will flash orange when searching for themachine. When paired, the light will turn off. Followillustrations D1.1 to D1.5. If pairing aborts, do pairing according to illustrations D2.1 to D2.5. Powerregulation is indicated by green light, see illustrationD3.1 and D3.2.E Leaving the machine unattended > 5 min.See listed warnings. Follow the illustrations in E.F After use and storageAfter use always: Turn off the machine. Empty machine and accessories of water to avoid frost damage.Remove the plug from socket. Disconnect water inletWithin EUhose. Wind up electrical cable and high pressure High pressure washers shall not be used nor main hose to avoid damage of cable, high pressure hosetained by children. The machine can be used by and fittings. Storage of machine shall be frost free.people with reduced physical, sensory or mental Follow illustrations in F.capabilities or lack of experience and knowledgeif given supervision or instructions concerning useof the machine in a safe way and understands the G Maintenance, inspection and repairhazards involved.Maintenance of the machine should always be donewhen starting up after long time of storage.Outside EUBefore use, always inspect the machine and High pressure washers shall not be used nor main equipment for damages. In case of damages, acttained by children or untrained people or people with according to listed warnings.reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities Do not attempt any maintenance not describedor lack of experience and knowledge.in the instructions. If the machine refuses to start,stops, pulsates, pressure fluctuates, motor buzzes,Part 2:3 - User Guidefuse blows or no water comes out, check the troubleProvides a general overview of the machine andshooting diagram at our website www.get-started.operation elements along with illustrated sections onnilfisk.com. Any repair should always be made inpreparation, operation, water connection, storage,Nilfisk authorized workshop with original Nilfiskand user maintenance.spare parts. User maintenance according to illustrations in G.A Unpacking and preparing for useFollow illustrations in A.B Connection to potable water mainsHigh pressure washers are not suitable for connection to the potable water mains. Always checknational regulations before connecting the machineto potable water mains and use a back-flow preventerif required. Use " garden hose, 10-25 m. Follow illustrations in B.Correct disposal of this product:This marking indicates that this product shouldnot be disposed with other household wastesthroughout the EU. To prevent possible harmto the environment or human health from uncontrolledwaste disposal, recycle it responsibly to promote thesustainable reuse of material resources. To returnyour used device, please use the return and collection systems or contact the retailer where the product was purchased. They can take this product forenvironmental safe recycling.C Connection to other water sourcesYou can connect the machine to e.g. rain water vesOriginal instructions3
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    Part 2:3 User GuideC 135.1C 135.1 X-TRAC 135.1iC 135.1i X-TRAC 135.1C 135.1 X-TRAC 135.1iC 135.1i X-TRAC-PG 135.1C-PG 135.1 X-TRAC-PG 135.1C-PG 135.1 X-TRAC 135.1C-PG 135.1C 135.1 X-TRAC-PG 135.1 X-TRAC 135.1iC 135.1i X-TRAwwwwww.get-started.nilfisk.com4Original instructions
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    Ax2x1x1A1.2A1.1x1x1x1x1A1.4A2.2A2.1A2.3A2.4A1.5A1.6A1.7A1.8A2.5A2.6A2.7A2.8Original instructionsA1.35
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    AA3.1A3.3A3.2A3.4A3.5A3.66Original instructions
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    BB1.240B1.1B1.3B1.5B1.4B1.9B1.6B1.10B1.8B1.7B1.11B1.12MPabarB2.1B2.2MPabarOriginal instructions7
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    C0.5m20C1.1C1.6C1.5C1.4C1.3C1.7C1.2C1.8C1.9C1.10C1.118Original instructions
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    DC-PG 135RC-PG 135 X-TRAD1.1startOFFD1.3D1.2D1.4D1.5startOFFD2.1D2.2D2.4D2.3MPabar7D1.6D2.5Original instructionsD2.6D3.19
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    DMPabar7D3.2E3E1.3E1.2E1.1E1.4FF1.2F1.13F1.3F1.5F1.4F1.610F1.7F1.8F1.9Original instructions
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    F11F1.10F1.13F1.12F1.11F1.14F1.15GG1.1G1.3G1.2G1.4G1.7G1.5Original instructionsG1.611
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    H12128500938Super Foam Sprayer128470456Multi Brush106411177BA-Valve128470459Multi BrushKit128500673Inlet Suction Hose128500955Power Patio6411131Click&CleanAuto Brush128500702Patio6411135Click&CleanUnderchassis Nozzle6410766Drain & TubeCleaner - 15 m6411136Click&CleanAuto Nozzle128470040Roof Cleaner6410762Rotary Brush126411387Wall BracketOriginal instructions
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    Part 3:3 - Technical Data and Declaration of ConformityTechnical DataElectric specifications220-240 Vfnom50/60 Hz50 Hz60 HzPnom1.8 kW1.7 kW1.4 kW7.8 A7.4 AInomClass I/Class IIProtection degreeIP XXpnompmaxQQmaxMax. water inlet pressureMax water inlet temperatureMax water inlet temp. suction modeKick-back forceWeightpinlet maxtinlet maxtinlet maxFkickbackMmachineHand-arm vibration according to: StandardnozzleahaSound pressure level LpALpAstandardLwAstandardGuaranteed sound power level LWAC 135.1iUnomProtection ClassHydraulic specificationsC 135.1C-PG 135.1230 V110-120 V11.7 AClass IIClass IIP X510.5 MPa / 105 bar11.5 MPa / 115 bar13.5 MPa / 135 bar8.5 MPa / 185 bar10.0 MPa / 100 bar5.8 l/min / 350 l/h6.3 l/min / 380 l/h5.5 l/min / 330 l/h8.7 l/min / 520 l/h7.3 l/min / 440 l/h6.8 l/min / 400 l/h1 Mpa / 10 bar40 C20 C17.8 N16.9 N16.0 N10.1 kg17.1 kg< 2.5 1 m/s277.2 2 dB(A)73.3 3 dB(A)92 dB(A)89 dB(A)We reserve the right to make alterations.Original instructions13
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    EU / UE / EL / EC / EE / ES / E / ABDeclaration of ConformityProhlen o shodKonformittserklrungOverensstemmelseserklringDeclaracin de conformidadVastavusdeklaratsioonDclaraon de conformitVaatimustenmukaisuusvakuutusManufacturer / Vrobce / Hersteller / Fabrikant / Fabricante / /Gyrt / Proizvoa / Fabbricante / Gamintojas / Raotjs / Produsent / Fabrikant /Fabricante / Producent / Productor / / Tillverkaren / Vrobca /Proizvajalec/ retici rma: Megfelelssgi nyilatkozatIzjava o sukladnosDichiarazione di conformitAtitikties deklaracijaAtbilstbas deklarcijaSamsvarserklringConformiteitsverklaringDeclara�o de conformidadeDeklaracja zgodnociDeclaratie de conformitate Frskran om verensstmmelseVyhlsenie o zhodeIzjava o skladnosUygunluk beyanNilfisk A/S, Kornmarksvej 1DK-2605 Broendby, DENMARKProduct / Produkt / Producto, Toode, Produit, Tuote/ / / Termk / Proizvod / Prodoo / Produktas / Produkts /Artikel / Produtos / Produs / Izdelek / rnC135.1, C-PG 135.1*, C135.1iDescription / Popis / Beschreibung / Beskrivelse / Descripcin /Kirjeldus / La description / Kuvaus / O / / Leirs /Opis / Descrizione / Apraymas / Apraksts / Beschrijving / Descri�o /Descriere / Beskrivning / Popis / AklamaHPW - Consumer w/ wireless remote*230V 50Hz, IPX5We, Nilfisk hereby declare under our soleresponsibility, that the above mentionedproduct(s) is/are in conformity with the followingdirectives and standards., Nilfisk , - .Ns, a Nilfisk declaramos, sob nossa exclusivaresponsabilidade, que o produto acimamencionado est em conformidade com asdiretrizes e normas a seguir.My, Nilfisk prohlaujeme na svou vlunouodpovdnost, e ve uveden vrobek je veshod s nsledujcmi smrnicemi a normami., Nilfisk , .My, Nilfisk Niniejszym owiadczamy z penodpowiedzialnoci, e wyej wymieniony produktjest zgodny z nastpujcymi dyrektywami inormami..Mi, Nilfisk Kijelentjk, egyedli felelssggel, hogya fent emltett termk megfelel az albbiirnyelveknek s szabvnyoknakNoi, Nilfisk Prin prezenta declarm pe propriarspundere, c produsul mai sus menionat este nconformitate cu urmtoarele standarde idirective.Wir, Nilfisk erklren in alleiniger Verantwortung,dass das oben genannte Produkt den folgendenRichtlinien und Normen entspricht.Vi, Nilfisk erklrer hermed under eget ansvar atovennvnte produkt(er) er i overensstemmelsemed flgende direktiver og standarder.Nosotros, Nilfisk declaramos bajo nuestra nicaresponsabilidad que el producto antesmencionado est en conformidad con lassiguientes direcvas y normasMi, Nilfisk Izjavljujemo pod punom odgovornou,da gore navedeni proizvod u skladu sa sljedeimdirektivama i standardima.Noi, Nilfisk dichiara sotto la propria responsabilit,che il prodotto di cui sopra conforme alleseguenti direttive e norme.Meie, Nilfisk Kesolevaga kinnitame ja kannameainuisikulist vastutust, et eespool nimetatud toodeon koosklas jrgmiste direktiivide jaMes, "Nilfisk pareikiu vienaalikos atsakomybs,kad pirmiau mintas produktas atitinka iasdirektyvas ir standartusNilfisk dclare sous notre seule responsabilit quele produit menonn ci-dessus est conforme auxdirectives et normes suivantes.Ms, Nilfisk o apliecinu ar pilnu atbildbu, kaiepriek mintais produkts atbilst dmdirektvm un standaremMe, Nilfisk tten vakuutamme omalla vastuulla,e edell mainiu tuote on yhdenmukainenseuraavien direktiivien ja standardien mukaisestiVi, Nilfisk erklrer herved under eget ansvar, atdet ovennevnte produktet er i samsvar medflgende direkver og standarderWe verklaren Nilfisk hierbij op eigenverantwoordelijkheid, dat het bovengenoemdeproduct voldoet aan de volgende richtlijnen ennormen2006/42/EC2014/30/EU (non*)2011/65/EU2000/14/EC Conformity assessment procedure accordingto Annex V.*2014/53/EU - Freq Band: 2.45 GHz, TX: Max 1dBm, , .Vi Nilfisk frklarar hrmed under eget ansvar attovan nmnda produkt verensstmmer medfljande direktiv och normer.My, Nilfisk prehlasujeme na svoju vlunzodpovednos, e vyie uveden vrobok je vzhode s nasledujcimi smernicami a normami.Mi, Nilfisk izjavljamo s polno odgovornostjo, da jezgoraj omenjeni izdelek v skladu z naslednjimismernicami in standardi.Nilfisk, burada yer alan tm sorumluluklarmzagre, yukarda belirlen rnn aadakidirektier ve standartlara uygun olduunu beyanederiz.EN 60335-1:2012+A11:2014+A13:2017EN 60335-2-79:2012EN 55014-1:2017EN 55014-2:2015Compliance to harmonic current emissions are documented inTCF_42331_01EN 61000-3-2:2014 (C 135.1,C-PG 135.1)EN 61000-3-2:2019 (C 135.1i)EN 61000-3-3:2013 (C 135.1,C-PG135.1)EN 61000-3-11:2000 (C 135.1i)*EN 301 489-1 V2.1.1*EN 301 489-3 V2.1.1EN 50581:2012- Measured sound power level: 86-89 dB(A); Guaranteed soundpower level: 89-92 dB(A)*EN 300 440-2 V2.1.1 Receiver Category 1Authorizedsignatory:Esben Gra, Vice President PorolioManagement, ConsumerOctober 31,201914Original instructions
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