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    We congratulate you on your choice of PrimaNOVA Digital Babycall, model
    GI-D4. This product features digital technology and practical safety functions
    that ensure you the units are within range. Only non-toxic materials have been
    used, and there are no detachable parts that could be swallowed. Bear in mind
    that an electronic baby monitor is not a replacement for parental attention and
    care; it's a practical aid that makes your day safer.
    Please read this manual carefully and keep it in a handy place. If any problems
    should arise, use the troubleshooting guide.

    Both units are furnished with a sophisticated battery charging and backup system that allows you to use rechargeable or alkaline batteries.
    However, the type of battery used must be set using the A6 and B8 switches in the battery compartment.
    If you set the switch incorrectly, battery leakage may occur, or worse, in
    rare cases the battery might explode!
    When using alkaline batteries the switch MUST be set to the NON CHA
    (no charge) position, i.e. in the down position!
    When using rechargeable batteries the switch MUST be set in the CHA
    (charge) position, i.e. the up position.
    For safety reasons the switch is factory set to the NON CHA position.
    Use the rechargeable batteries that are provided in the parent unit and
    set the switch to CHA. If alkaline batteries are used in the baby unit set
    the switch to the NON CHA position. Adapters are used as needed.

    Baby Unit
    A1 On/Off button ...................... turns the power on or off
    A2 Status indicator ................... indicator lamp:
    green colour .............. connection OK
    red colour .................. sound is transmitted
    blinking ...................... weak batteries
    A3 Adjustable sensitivity .......... adjustment of sensitivity for sounds from
    the baby
    A4 Channel selector 1/2/3/4 ..... select the channel with the least noise
    (same as the parent unit)
    A5 Adapter contact .................. for connecting the adapter cord
    A6 Switch for selecting battery type..... Important: read the text box above
    A7 Belt clip................................ clip for fastening the unit
    A8 Belt clip lock........................ tilt the belt clip up and push it down
    A9 Battery door......................... loosen the screw and push down the plastic
    tab to insert batteries

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    Parent Unit
    B1 On/Off button.................. turns the power on or off
    B2 System indicator.............. indicator lamp:
    green colour............ connection OK
    blinking green (+ alarm tone 1)... weak batteries
    blinking red (+alarm tone 2) ...... out of range
    B3 Volume control ................ for adjusting volume
    B4 Channel selector 1/2/3/4.. select the channel with the least noise
    (same as the baby unit)
    B5 Adapter contact .............. for connecting the adapter cord
    B6 Visual sound indicator..... lights to indicate sound
    B7 Switch for range alarm.... the alarm is activated when the switch is in the
    up position
    B8 Switch for selecting battery type.........Important: read the text box above
    B9 Belt clip .......................... clip for fastening the unit
    B10 Belt clip lock.................... tilt the belt clip up and push it down
    B11 Battery door .................... loosen screw and push down the plastic tab to
    insert batteries

    Using adapters
    • Plug the adapters into a wall socket and put the adapter cord plug into the
    baby unit (A5) and the parent unit (B5).
    • Turn the units on by pressing A1 and B1. The indicators A2 and B2 light green
    to indicate that the units are ready to use. The baby unit lights red when
    transmitting sound.

    Using batteries
    PrimaNOVA uses four AAA batteries, either rechargeable or alkaline.
    • Remove the belt clip by tilting the lock (A8 and B10) out while pushing the belt
    clip down. Loosen the screw and push down the plastic tab (A9 and B11).
    • IMPORTANT: Check that the switch on the left in the battery compartment
    (A6 and B8) is in the correct position for alkaline or rechargeable batteries.
    Read the text box above.
    • Place four AAA batteries in the battery compartment correctly following the
    + and - markings.
    • Replace the battery cover and lock the belt clip.
    NOTE: If the switch on the left in the battery compartment is in the NON CHA
    position with rechargeable batteries, the unit may signal that the batteries are weak even if they are fully charged. If the unit is to be mainly used with the adapter, we recommend using alkaline batteries, as
    these may be combined with continuous use of the adapter, and will
    serve as battery backup in the case of power failure. If you would like
    to use rechargeable batteries in both units, additional batteries may be
    obtained from the dealer.

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    Battery charging
    PrimaNOVA has an integrated charge function in both units. Set the switch on
    the left in the battery compartment to CHA (the up position) and insert the
    rechargeable batteries correctly following the + and - markings. Plug in the
    adapters. The batteries should be charged for about 12 hours. The unit can be
    used during charging, but the time for charging should then be at least 14 hours
    for a full battery charge. Unplug the adapters after charging.
    If the rechargeable batteries appear to be weak (do not hold their power for
    long), they must be replaced with new ones (Ni-MH, AAA, 1.2V, 550mAh).
    NEVER try to charge non-rechargeable batteries as this may be
    Batteries should not be charged for more than 24 hours.
    Remove the batteries from the units if they are not going to be used for
    an extended period of time.

    Detailed user instructions
    • Press the on/off button (A1) on the baby unit and set the sensitivity level (A3)
    to approximately the middle position. The status indicator (A2) changes its
    colour when the unit is activated by sound being transmitted to the parent
    unit. Select the same channel using the channel selector (A4 and B4).
    • Place the baby unit vertically facing the baby and outside the baby's reach.
    • Place the parent unit some distance away from the baby unit and press the
    on/off button (B1).
    • Adjust the volume (B3) on the parent unit to the desired sound level. When
    the unit is receiving sound the visual sound indicator (B6) lights for the variable sound level. See the legend for description of light signals and alarm
    NOTE: If the baby unit sensitivity level is set to minimum, only very strong
    sounds will be transmitted. If it is set to maximum, even weak sounds
    will be transmitted continuously.
    The parent unit signals by means of different alarm tones to indicate
    range and weak batteries. The alarm tone for range is activated when
    the switch B7 is placed in the up position.
    Check sound transmission before using the units. Check that the units are placed within range of another and that sound from the baby unit can be heard in
    the parent unit. Only a limited number of channels (frequencies) have been
    allocated to electronic baby monitors by the authorities. Therefore there may
    be interference from other units at the same time that your baby unit is transmitting sound to your parent unit. In such cases try to change the channel and
    adjust the sensitivity lower to avoid having your baby unit transmit weak
    sounds, such as when your baby moves in its sleep. Another baby monitor cannot, however, interfere when your baby unit is not transmitting sound, unless it
    is on the same channel. Then you simply switch to another channel.

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    Bear in mind that radio signals may be blocked in areas where there is radio
    noise. In such situations sounds from the baby unit might not be heard at times,
    even though nothing is wrong with the units. This may also occur if another
    baby unit is placed between your units or close to your parent unit. The range
    will also be substantially reduced when your batteries are weak.

    Clean the units using a soft and moist cloth. Never immerse the units in water.
    The units must never be subjected to extreme temperatures nor be left in direct
    sunlight for extended periods of time. Avoid placing the units in humid rooms
    or close to heat sources such as panel heaters.
    If the units get wet, turn them off immediately and remove the batteries. Do not
    use them until they are completely dry.
    If the units emit smoke or a smell, turn them off and immediately remove the
    Do not try to make technical adjustments or changes by opening the units.

    The warranty is voided if the units have been opened. The warranty does not
    include the batteries because their life span depends on the way they are used.
    If you wish to complain about the product, a copy of the purchase receipt must
    be attached together with a detailed description of the problem. By sending a
    complete description of what is wrong you will be ensured that your baby monitor is defect-free and you will be just as satisfied with NOVA quality products
    as thousands of others throughout Europe.


    Possible cause


    The light indicator (A2, B2) does
    not light up.

    The unit has not been turned on.
    The batteries are not properly

    Press the ON/OFF button (A1, B1).
    Check that they have been placed
    correctly according to the + and –
    Recharge the batteries while the unit
    is turned off.
    If the power outlet has a switch, the
    switch must be in the on position.
    Increase the distance between the
    Adjust the volume by turning it down.
    Adjust the volume up.

    The batteries are discharged.

    High screeching sound in the
    parent unit.
    No sound in the parent unit.

    The adapter is connected to a
    power outlet that does not work.
    The units are placed too close to
    each other.
    The volume is turned up too high.
    The volume has been turned
    The sensitivity setting on the baby
    unit has been set to minimum.

    Adjust sensitivity up.



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    Possible cause


    Interference during transmission.

    Another baby unit is close by.

    Switch to another channel and lower
    Reduce the distance.
    Place both units vertically and move
    them a bit.
    There is nothing much that can be
    done about local conditions. You might
    try turning off light dimmers or other
    sources of electronic noise in the
    The units rarely have defects.
    Turn on the baby unit.

    Too great a distance between the
    Local conditions.

    The parent unit indicates that it is
    out of range.

    Short range

    The batteries have not recharged.

    The unit indicates low battery
    power even though the batteries
    are fully charged.
    It takes some seconds after the
    baby cries until you hear a sound
    in the parent unit.

    The baby unit has not been turned
    The units are set to different
    The baby unit batteries are
    discharged or low.
    The baby unit is too cold.

    Set both units to the same channel.
    Check the batteries.

    Take the unit into a place with room
    The range is too great.
    Move the units. Try changing channels
    and use both units with the adapter.
    Charge the batteries for at least 12
    hours. Reduce the distance. Local
    conditions may reduce the range
    dramatically. Reinforced concrete
    and house trailers etc. can give
    difficult conditions.
    Batteries poor or dead.
    Check the batteries. Use both units
    with adapters.
    Local conditions.
    Other baby units near by may reduce
    the range drastically. Change channels and move the baby unit and/or
    the parent unit.
    The A6 or B8 switches are set the Put the switch on CHA (up) in the unit
    wrong way.
    with rechargeable batteries.
    The batteries have gone totally flat. Charge the batteries for 24 hours with
    the unit off.
    The batteries are very low or defect. Buy new batteries from the dealer.
    The A6 or B8 switch is set the
    Put the switch on CHA (up) if the unit
    wrong way.
    has rechargeable batteries.
    Check the batteries in the other unit. If
    Possible defective batteries.
    they work in that unit, contact the dealer.
    This is normal. Your parent unit needs some time to check that the
    proper baby unit is trying to make contact. If the delay is 4-6 seconds,
    there may be other baby units close by.

    Technical specifications
    Transmission frequencies: 40.665 MHz / 40.695 MHz
    Operating conditions:
    Up to 300 meters in open air, depending on local
    +5OC to +40OC. Storage temperature: -20OC to
    Power supply:
    2 x 6V 200mA AC/DC adapters or 4 AAA batteries
    Operating current:
    DC 6V volts
    1 x baby unit
    1 x parent unit
    2 x AC/DC 6V 200mA adapters
    4 x rechargeable NiMH AAA 1.2V environmentally
    friendly batteries

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