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    1.2 Fine Tuning / Feinabstimmung / Réglages / Fijn afstellen / Ajuste preciso /
    Ajuste exacto / Regulering af kameravinkel / Regulering
    av kameravinkel / Reglering av kameravinkel

    Fig./Abb./Afb. 5

    1.3 Night light / Nachtlicht / Veilleuse / Nachtlamp / Luz nocturna / Natlys /
    Nattlys / Nattlampa

    Fig./Abb./Afb. 6


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    Monitor Setup / Einrichten des Monitors / Réglage du moniteur /
    Instelling monitor / Configuración del monitor / Instalar o monitor /
    Ibrugtagning af monitor / Oppsett monitor / Uppsatt monitor

    2.1 Power Supply / Netzgerät /Alimentation / Stroomtoevoer / Suministro de
    corriente / Provisão da corrente / Strømforsyning / Strömförsörjning
    Loading the Battery / Einlegen der Batterien / Installation des piles / Het
    plaatsen van de batterijen / Instalación de las pilas / Instalación de las pilas /
    Isætning af batteri / Innsetting av batteri / Isättning av batteri

    Fig./Abb./Afb. 7
    Note:The Li-ion battery supplied should be charged for 10 hours before it is used for the first time.
    Hinweis: Die beiliegende Li-Ion-Batterie sollte vor dem ersten Einsatz 10 Stunden geladen werden.
    Note: La batterie Li-ion fournie doit être chargée pendant 10h avant la première utilisation.
    Opmerking: De meegeleverde Li-ion batterij moet 10 uur opgeladen worden vóór het eerste gebruik.
    Nota: La pila Li-ion incluida se deberá cargar durante 10 horas antes de usar por primera vez.
    Nota: A pilha Li-ion incluída se deverá carregar durante 10 horas antes de ser por primeira vez.
    NB! Oplad batteriet 10 timer første gang / Lad batteriet 10 timer første gang.
    OBS! Ladda batteriet 10 timmar första gången.
    Using AC Power / Anschlieβen an den Netzstrom / Utiliser l'alimentation CA / Wisselstroom gebruiken /
    Conexión del suministro de corriente alterna / Conexão do fornecimento da corrente alternada / Med
    brug af adapter / Med bruk av adapter / Med användning av adapter.

    Fig./Abb./Afb. 8


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    2.2 Brightness Setting / Helligkeitseinstellung / Réglage de la luminosité /
    Instelling Helderheid / Ajuste del brillo / Ajuste do brilho / Justering af
    lysstyrke / Justering av lysstyrke / Justering av ljusstyrka

    Fig./Abb./Afb. 9

    2.3 VOX (voice-operated transmission)
    Function / VOX (sprachgesteuerte
    Übertragung) Funktion / Fonction
    VOX (transmission vocale) /
    VOX (stemgestuurd
    omschakelen van
    ontvanger naar zender)
    functie / Función VOX
    (transmisión activada por
    voz) / Função Vox
    (transmissão activada por voz) /
    Stemmestyret sending / Stemmestyrt
    sending / Röststyrd sändning

    Fig./Abb./Afb. 10

    Fig./Abb./Afb. 11
    2.4 Music Function /
    Musikfunktion / Fonction
    musicale / Muziekfunctie /
    Función de música / Função de
    música / Musikfunktion / Musikkfunksjon / Musikfunktion


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    Package Content
    One Camera
    One Monitor
    Two Power Adapters
    Battery for Monitor ( 3.7V 1000mAH Li-ion )
    One wall bracket
    This User's Manual
    Product Layout
    Monitor (Fig. 1)
    1. LCD screen
    2. Antenna
    3. Music selection buttons
    4. VOX:Voice Operated Transmission button
    5. Power indicator LED
    6. Link indicator LED
    7. Volume indicator LEDs
    8. Speaker
    9. VOX (Voice Operated Transmission) indicator LEDs
    10. Music indicator LEDs
    11. Brightness adjustment buttons
    12. Power / Volume control
    13. Power adapter plug
    14. Battery compartment
    15. Clamp
    Camera (Fig. 2)
    1. Antenna
    2. Power indicator LED
    3. Infrared LEDs
    4. Lens
    5. Supporting stand
    6. Night-light
    7. Night-light button
    8. Microphone
    9. Speaker
    10. Battery compartment
    11. Power ON / OFF switch
    12. Power adapter plug


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    1 Camera Setup

    Power Supply
    The camera uses either 4 AAA-Size batteries (alkaline battery
    recommended) or the household AC power current.

    Loading the Batteries
    1. Loosen the screw on the bottom of the camera by using a screw driver.
    See Fig. 3.
    2. Open the battery compartment cover . See Fig. 3.
    3. Insert 4 AAA-size batteries (follow the plus (+) and minus (-) signs
    inside the battery compartment). See Fig. 3.
    4. Close the battery compartment cover, and make sure it is locked
    Note 1: Do not mix old batteries with new ones.
    Note 2: Remove the batteries from the camera if you do not plan to
    use it for a prolonged period of time.
    5. Slide the POWER switch to the ON position. The LED on the camera
    will light up (red light). See Fig. 3.
    Note: When battery power is sufficient, the light is constantly red; when
    the battery is low, the LED light will start blinking.
    Using AC Power
    1. Plug one end of the provided power adapter into a wall outlet and the
    other end into the bottom of the camera. See Fig. 4.
    2. Slide the ON/OFF switch to the ON position. The LED on the camera
    will light up (red light). See Fig. 4.


    Fine Tuning
    Place the camera in a convenient location, point the lens towards the
    observation area and adjust the angle by rotating the lens head.
    See Fig. 5.
    Find the best location for the camera before installing the wall bracket.


    Night light
    Press the night light button, the night light LEDs will remain ON.
    See Fig. 6.


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    Night vision
    The camera has nine high-intensity LEDs for picking up clear images in
    the dark. When the built-in photo sensor detects low ambient light levels,
    the LEDs will automatically activate.
    Note: The image changes to black-and-white when Night Vision is active.


    Monitor Setup


    Power Supply
    The monitor uses 3.7V 1000mAH (Li-ion) battery or the household AC
    power current. The battery lasts for up to 3.5 hours with the display on
    and up to 7 hours when the VOX function is in use (display off).
    Note: Rechargeable batteries are a disposable product. They deteriorate
    gradually during use.
    Extra battery packs can be purchased from your dealer. If you encounter
    problems, consult the troubleshooting chart.

    Loading the Battery
    Note: The Li-ion battery supplied should be charged for 10 hours before it
    is used for the first time.
    1. Open the battery compartment cover on the rear of the monitor.
    See Fig. 7.
    2. Insert the battery and make sure the polarity is correct. See Fig 7.
    3. Close the battery compartment cover, and make sure it is locked
    4. Turn the monitor on. See Fig 7.
    Note 1: When battery power is sufficient, the light is constantly red; when
    the battery is low, the LED light will start blinking.
    Note 2: Remove the battery from the monitor if you do not plan to use it
    for a prolonged period of time.
    5. Adjust the volume to a comfortable level.
    Using AC Power
    1. Plug one end of the provided power adapter into a wall outlet and the
    other end into the bottom of the monitor. See Fig. 8.
    2.Turn the monitor on. See Fig.8.
    3. Adjust the volume to a comfortable level.
    Note 1: When charging starts, and "ON" LED will appear blue . If charging
    is finished (full charge), the "ON"LED light will turn red.


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    Note 2: When the camera and the monitor is linked , the "Link" LED will
    become green; otherwise, the "Link" LED will become red and
    Note 3: No image would be displayed on the LCD screen if the monitor is
    out of range (unlink).


    Brightness Setting
    Adjust the Brightness selection button
    See Fig. 9.



    to adjust brightness.

    VOX ( voice-operated transmission) function
    1. Press the "VOX" button on the side of the monitor. This will turn off the
    screen but the "VOX" LED will remain ON. See Fig 10.
    2. When the sound from the camera reaches the set level, the screen will
    turn on automatically. It will turn off again after 30 seconds if no sound
    is detected.


    Music Function
    You can play the music with the camera (three pieces of music) .
    1. Press the play button ■, the camera will play music. See Fig 11.
    2. When you press the play button again, the music will be paused.
    See Fig 11.
    when the music is playing, the camera will
    3. Press the next button
    play the next song.
    Note: If you activate the music function, the music button LED
    remain ON (red).

    What to do if you cannot see any images or if the image is “frozen”
    (still image).
    • Make sure the camera and the monitor are turned on.
    • Check that the green link indicator is lit.
    • Make sure the power plugs are pushed all the way in.
    • If the camera/monitor is powered by batteries, replace all batteries with new
    ones or use adapter.
    • If the power LED is on but only voice signal input is detected, the monitor can
    be in voice-activated mode. Press the Auto button to turn on the screen.
    If the signal is poor, or there is interference
    • If there is a microwave oven in use in the path between the camera and
    monitor, remove the microwave oven or turn it off.
    • Check that the green link indicator shows a steady light.


  • Page 10

    • Make sure the camera and the monitor are within range of each other
    (range of approximately 150 meters in a clear line of sight).
    • Keep all parts and accessories out of young children's reach.
    • Fingerprints or dirt on the lens surface can adversely affect camera
    performances. Avoid touching the lens surface with your fingers.
    • Should the lens become dirty, use a blower to blow off dirt and dust, or a soft,
    dry cloth to wipe off the lens.
    • Keep the camera dry. Precipitation, humidity, and other liquids contain minerals
    will corrode electronic circuits.
    • Do not use or store in dusty, dirty areas.
    • Do not store in hot areas. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic
    devices and warp or melt certain plastics.
    • Do not store in very cold areas. When the system warms up (to its normal
    temperature), moisture can form inside the case, which may damage electronic
    circuit boards.
    • Do not attempt to open the case. Non-expert handling of the device may
    damage the system.
    • Avoid dropping or strong shocks.
    • Operate this product using only with the power supply included or provided as
    an accessory.
    • Do remember that you are using public airwaves when you use the system
    and that sound and video may be broadcast to other 2.4 GHz receiving
    • Conversations, even from rooms near the camera, may be broadcast.
    To protect the privacy of your home, always turn the camera off when not
    in use.


    The warranty is for two years from the date of purchase. It becomes void if the
    devices are opened or if repair attempts have been made by non-approved
    personnel. Repairs must always be done at an ESD-secure workplace. The
    warranty does not cover batteries, since their life depends on how they are used.
    Physical damage to belt attachment, camera foot ball joint, other breakages in
    plastic housings/attachments or the display are not covered by the warranty
    since they are only due to careless handling.
    If you wish to make a complaint about the product, please send a detailed
    description of the fault, together with the copy of the purchase receipt. By
    providing a complete description you ensure that you will receive professional
    service and will be just as satisfied with NOVA quality products as thousands of
    other users throughout Europe.


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