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Omega BL330 series manual:Layout 1 4/2/12 10:13 AM Page 2

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    Omega BL330 series manual:Layout 1 4/2/12 10:13 AM Page 2


    BL330 SERIES

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    Omega BL330 series manual:Layout 1 4/2/12 10:13 AM Page 3

    DANGER Electricity

    GENERAL Caution

    DANGER Risk of Electrical Schock

    DANGER Keep Hands Clear



    Electrical Shock Hazard

    Moving Parts!
    Always cover the lid on the container when

    Plug into a grounded outlet.
    Do not remove ground.

    Do not put hands, spoons or other utensils in
    container when blending.

    Do not use an adapter.

    Failure to follow these instructions can result
    in broken bones, cuts or other injuries.

    Do not use an extension cord.
    Failure to follow these instructions can
    result in death, fire or electrical shock.


    Technical Services
    For assistance or replacement parts, call
    Technical Service
    24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week at
    Toll Free: #1-877-368-2797

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    Omega BL330 series manual:Layout 1 4/2/12 10:13 AM Page 4

    When using electrical appliances, basic
    safety precautions should always be
    followed, including the following:

    14. Screw on locking ring firmly. Injury can
    result if moving blades accidentally become exposed.

    1. Read all the instructions before using the

    15. Always operate blender with lid in place.

    4. Do not use an adapter.

    16. When blending hot liquids, place a hand
    towel over the cover. Do not fill blender container beyond 2-3 full. Always begin processing at the lowest speed setting. Keep hands,
    arms and face away from the feeder cup
    opening to prevent possible burns.

    5. Do not use an extension cord.

    17. Do not use outdoors.

    6. To protect against risk of electrical shock,
    do not put the blender in water or other liquid.

    18. Do not let cord hang over edge of table
    or counter, or touch hot surfaces.

    2. Plug into a grounded outlet.
    3. Do not remove ground.

    7. Close supervision is necessary when any
    appliance is used near children.
    8. Unplug from outlet when not in use, before
    putting on or taking off parts, and before
    9. Avoid contact with moving parts, especially
    10. Do not operate any appliance with a
    damaged cord or plug or after the appliance
    malfunctions, or is dropped or damaged in
    any manner. Return appliance to the nearest
    authorized service facility for examination /repair
    /electrical or mechanical adjustment, or
    contact your Omega Distributor.
    11. Caution: Keep hands and utensils out of
    container while blending to reduce the risk of
    severe injury to persons or damage to the
    b l e n d e r. I f s c r a p i n g , f o l d i n g , e t c . i s
    necessary, turn off and unplug the blender,
    and use a rubber spatula only.
    12. Warning: Blades are sharp. Handle
    13. To reduce the personal injury, never place
    cutting blades on base without jar properly attached.

    19. Do not leave blender unattended while it
    is operating.
    20.The use of attachments not
    a p p r o v e d by Omega may cause injuries.
    21. The capacity can be substantially less
    than normal with thick mixtures.
    22. Inspect the container assembly daily. Do
    not use a broken, chipped or cracked
    container. Check cutter for wear, nicks or
    broken blades.
    23. This appliance is intended for short
    period of operation, with a average rated operating time of approximately 3 minutes.

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    Omega BL330 series manual:Layout 1 4/2/12 10:13 AM Page 5

    To operate the blender, proceed as follows
    1.For the first time user, wash the container assembly, including the lid, before using it. (Refer
    to "Cleaning Instruction") Do not put the container assembly & blender base assembly in the
    2.Place the blender on a dry, clean, level surface,
    and press OFF.
    3.Place the container onto the motor base. Make
    sure it rests securely on the base.
    4.Plug the blender into an electric outlet.
    5.Place the ingredients into the container.
    4.Place the lid and feeder cap tightly on the container.
    7.Select desired speed and time by rotating dials.
    8.Press ON.

    1.Processing hot liquid
    mAlways cover the lid and feeder cap before blending hot liquid or mixtures.
    mUse the feeder cap to add liquids to the
    container while the unit is running.
    mNever stand with your face directly over the container when you are putting ingredient
    through the feeder cap.
    2.Blending Icy mixtures
    mSteps for blending ice:
    Pour in liquid, and then add ice.
    Place the lid.
    Set to desired speed
    Chunks of frozen fruit can be added to milk or fruit juice to
    produce a sherbet or slush.
    Use the feeder cap to add liquids or ingredients to the container
    while the unit is running.

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    Omega BL330 series manual:Layout 1 4/2/12 10:13 AM Page 6

    Blender container parts are corrosion resistant, sanitary and easily cleaned. Do not
    put the container assembly & blender base assembly in the dishwasher.
    1.Before first use and after every use, separate container parts from the base.
    2.Add cleaning solution to the container. Use washing solution of tepid water (less than
    115°F/46°C) and a non-sudsing detergent. Use the recommended amount of detergent.
    3.Scrub and flush out the container interior lid and feeder cap to remove food residue. Empty
    4.Fill container 1 /4 full with fresh washing solution and place it on the base.
    5.Replace the lid on the container and run the blender on high speed for 2 minutes.
    6.Repeat step 4 using clean rinse water (95°F/35°C).
    7.Wipe down the container, feeder cap, and lid with a soft cloth or sponge, dampened with
    fresh washing solution.
    8.Wipe the exterior of the base with a damp cloth or sponge. The base contains electrical
    components: do not immerse, use a high-pressure washer, or use a dishwasher to clean the

    To care for your blender, please read the tips as follows:
    1.Periodically check all parts before reassembly. As use of damaged or non-recommended
    parts could result in a severe personal injury and/or damage to the blender
    If the processing blades are stuck or difficult to turn, DO NOT USE BLENDER (Check by
    carefully turning the blades in a counterclockwise direction, where the opposite edges are
    sharp. Blades should turn freely.)
    If the Eastman Tritan container is cracked, DO NOT USE BLENDER, further use
    could result in the container breakage during use.
    4.Blender Base:
    Never immerse the blender base in water. Unplug unit. The housing can be cleaned with a
    damp cloth.
    The motor is permanently lubricated and does not require any additional lubrication.

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    Omega BL330 series manual:Layout 1 4/2/12 10:14 AM Page 7


    1. Blender fails to start.

    2. Stopped

    3. Ingredients do not mix properly

    1. Place container properly on the base
    2. Check to ensure controls are clean
    and moving freely.
    3. Double-check to ensure power cord is
    securely plugged into the electric outlet.
    4. Check to see if the circuit breaker has
    tripped or if the fuse for the electric outlet has blown.

    1. Unplug blender and wait 5 minutes.
    Plug the blender back in and resume operation.

    1. Container is too full.
    2. Cutter unit blades are not sharp
    enough or are damaged.
    3. Solid pieces are bigger than 1"
    (25mm) cubes.
    4. Check the speed to create a fluid
    5. Check to see if enough liquid has
    been added to the ingredients. Mixture
    should be fluid and free-running at all

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    Omega BL330 series manual:Layout 1 4/2/12 10:14 AM Page 8

    Inspect the blender and its various parts and replace as follows:




    1. Unplug the blender and remove the
    container from the base.
    2. Inspect the container blades for wear,
    nicks, and broken or loose blades. Replace if necessary.

    1. Unplug the blender.
    2. Inspect the power cord insulation and
    power plug for cracks. Refer to "Technical Service" for repair or replacement.

    1. Review the condition of the container
    assembly and Mushroom Clutch Set at
    least every 90 days.
    1. Replace if necessary.

    Replacement Parts
    For replacement parts, call toll free: #1-877-368-2797

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    Omega BL330 series manual:Layout 1 4/2/12 10:13 AM Page 1

    2 Year Parts & 90 Days On-Site Labor
    Warranty claims can be made by calling 800-633-3401 during normal business hours between 8:30am and
    5:30pm Eastern, Monday thru Friday excluding Weekends and Holidays. Emergency warranty service
    claims can be made after hours, weekends and holidays by dialing 800-633-3401 and following the automated prompts.
    All claims must include: make, model number, serial number, proof of purchase (dated receipt), month and
    year of installation, authorized equipment dealer and all pertinent information supporting the claim prior to
    the issuance of a warranty claim number. At the time of a warranty claim, should on-site service be necessary, a service company will be dispatched by The Legacy Companies to the location to facilitate repairs
    covering labor, parts (premium or overtime service is not included) and appropriate travel (not to exceed 2
    hours or 100 miles round trip).
    If during the warranty event the on-site technician determines the issue to be the result of improper installation, misuse, abuse, or requires adjustments and/or calibration, the end user will become responsible for
    any charges brought forth by the service company. Should on-site service not be authorized as an option
    for your product, an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) may be issued. The issuance of an RMA requires the end user provide adequate packaging and shipping including the cost of freight to The Legacy
    Companies Service Center for disposition. Should a replacement unit be necessary, it will be at the sole
    discretion of TLC Management and a new or refurbished unit will be provided. The cost to repair or replace
    the item including the cost to ship the unit back to the end user will be covered as a part of the warranty.

    OMEGA BL330 3 2011 Rev A

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