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Intended use
Medical Purpose
The intended purpose of this product is:
- To allow for nebulization treatment of respiratory tract disorders.
- To remove mucus form the nasal cavities to ease breathing.
Intended User
Patient and/or caregiver under the direction of legally certified medical
experts, such as doctor, nurse and therapist or qualified medical experts
for home treatment.
The user should also be capable of understanding general operation of
DuoBaby and the content of this instruction manual.
Intended Patients
Persons from the age of 1 month who suffer from upper airway conditions
(such as blocked nose, cold, allergies) and/or lower respiratory conditions
(such as asthma, bronchitis, bronchiolitis).
This product is intended for use in a general household.
Durable period
Durable periods are as follows, provided the product is used to nebulize
3 times a day for 10 minutes each time at room temperature (23°C).
Durable period may vary depending on usage and environment.
Compressor (Main unit) 5 years
Nebulizer Kit 1 year
Mouthpiece 1 year
Air Tube 1 year
Air Filter 70 applications
Baby Mask 1 year
Nasal Aspirator 1 year
Precautions for use
Warnings and cautions described in the instruction manual should be
Know your unit
Important safety instructions
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided,
could result in serious injury.
A single-patient use is recommended.
Do not use the device for other use than nebulization for human aerosol
therapy and for removing the mucus.
Manufacturer will not be held responsible for inappropriate use of the
Use only original OMRON accessories as indicated in this instruction
The correct functioning of the device may be affected by electromagnetic
interference caused by malfunctioning television sets, radios, etc. If this
occurs, move the source of interference away from the device or use a
different plug.
For type, dose, and regime of medication follow the instructions of your
doctor or respiratory therapist. Before use check that you are using the
correct Inhalation top.
If you feel or see anything unusual during use, stop using the device
immediately and consult your doctor.
Do not use only water in the nebulizer for inhaling purposes.
Keep the device out of the reach of unsupervised infants and children.
The device may contain small pieces that can be swallowed.
In view of their length, the power cord and air tube could constitute a
strangulation hazard.
Do not store the air tube while there is moisture remaining inside.
Always dispose of any remaining medication after use, and use fresh
medication each time.
Do not use in anaesthetic or ventilator breathing circuits.
Never block the ventilation slots. Never place the device where the
ventilation slots may be obstructed during operation.
Never leave the nebulizer kit with medication near the ventilation slots,
this is to avoid medication entering the device.
Store the parts in a clean location for avoiding infection.
(Risk of electrical shock)
Never plug or unplug the device with wet hands.
The compressor and power cord are not waterproof. Do not spill water or
other liquids on these parts. If liquid does spill on these parts,immediately
unplug the power cord and wipe off the liquid.
Do not immerse the compressor in water or other liquid.
Do not use or store the device in humid locations.
Do not operate the device with a damaged power cord or plug.
Keep the power cord away from heated surfaces.
Always unplug the device from the power outlet after use and before
Plug the device into the appropriate voltage outlet. Do not overload power
outlets or use extension cords.
Do not misuse the power cord.
Do no wind the power cord around the compressor.
(Cleaning and disinfecting)
Observe the rules below when cleaning or disinfecting parts. Failure to
observe these rules may result in damage, inefficient nebulization or
infection. For the instructions, refer to “Cleaning and daily disinfecting”
Clean and disinfect the nebulizer kit, baby mask, mouthpiece and nasal
aspirator before using them when as follows:
- the first time after purchase
- if the device has not been used for a long period of time
- if more than one person uses the same device
Be sure to wash or wipe the parts after use, and ensure that they are
thoroughly disinfected and dried, and stored in a clean location.
Do not leave the cleaning solution in the parts.
Do not use a microwave oven, dish dryer or hair dryer to dry the device or
the parts.
Do not use an autoclave, EOG gas sterilizer or low temperature plasma
When disinfecting parts by boiling, make sure that the container does not
boil dry. Otherwise it may also result in fire.
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which if not avoided,
may result in minor or moderate injury, or physical damage.
General Safety Precautions:
Inspect the device and parts before using them each time, and check that
there are no problems. In particular, be sure to check the following:
- That the nozzle of either the nebulizer kit or aspirator or air tube are not
damaged or blocked.
- That the compressor operates normally.
When using this device, there will be some noise and vibration caused
by the device. This is normal and does not indicate a malfunction.
Do not use if the device or any parts are damaged. Replace damaged
Do not subject the device or the parts to any strong shocks such as
dropping the device on the floor.
Do not insert objects inside the compressor.
Do not disassembly or attempt to repair the compressor or power cord.
Do not leave the device or its parts in extreme hot or cold temperature,
or under direct sunlight.
Keep these instructions for future reference.
Optional Medical Accessories
(within the scope of EC Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC)
Product description Model
DuoBaby Nebulizer accessory set
(contents: nebulizer kit (includes two inhalation tops),
baby mask, adult mask, mouthpiece, 3 air filters, air
DuoBaby Aspirator accessory set, (contents: nasal
aspirator, air tube)
Other Optional/Replacement Parts
Product description Model
Air Filter set (contents: 3 pieces) 3AC408
Thank you for purchasing the Omron DuoBaby.
This product was developed in conjunction with respiratory therapists for the
successful treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergies, blocked nose,
and other respiratory disorders. This is a medical device. Operate the device
only as instructed by your doctor and/or respiratory therapist.
How the nebulizer kit works
The medication that is pumped up through the
medication channel is mixed with compressed
air which is generated by a compressor pump.
The compressed air mixed with medication is turned
into fine particles and sprayed when in contact with
the baffle.
How the nasal aspirator kit works
The compressed air generated by the
compressor pump, passing through a
narrowing, thanks to the Venturi effect,
creates a vacuum which sucks the mucus
into the collection chamber.
Via Marziale Cerutti, 90F/G
25017 Lonato del Garda (BS)
Scorpius 33, 2132 LR Hoofddorp, THE NETHERLANDS
Opal Drive, Fox Milne, Milton Keynes, MK15 0DG, UK
Gottlieb-Daimler-Strasse 10, 68165 Mannheim, GERMANY
14, rue de Lisbonne, 93561 Rosny-sous-Bois Cedex, FRANCE
Made in Italy
Compressed Air
Compressed Air
(Nebulizer: Usage)
Provide close supervision when this device is used by, on, or near children,
invalids or persons who cannot express their consent.
Make sure that the parts are attached or installed correctly.
Make sure that the air filter is clean and correctly attached. If the air filter
has been used for more than 70 applications, replace it with a new one.
Do not tilt the nebulizer kit at an angle of greater than 60 degrees in all
directions or shake it while in use.
Do not use or store the device while the air tube is creased.
Do not add more than 12 ml of medication to the medication tank.
Do not carry or leave the nebulizer kit while the medication tank contains
This product should not be used on patients, who are unconscious,
sleeping, are drowsy or are not breathing spontaneously.
Do not distort the vaporiser head, or jab the nozzle of the medication tank
with a pin or any sharp object.
The compressor may become warm during operation, therefore do not
touch it other than turning it off after nebulizing.
To avoid medication residue on the face, be sure to clean the patient’s face
after removing the mask.
(Nasal Aspirator: Usage)
The nasal aspirator should be used exclusively for removing the nasal
mucus from a baby’s nose. It cannot be used for any other purpose.
Do not obstruct the holes on the bottom of the nasal aspirator.
If you notice rashes or redness appearing, inside or around the nose of the
baby during or after using the device or anything unusual during use, stop
using the device and consult a physician.
Only use the original parts as included in the product.
Do not attach the nasal aspirator to any other device.
This product is not to be treated as regular household waste but
must be returned to a collection point for recycling electric and
electronic devices. Further information is available from your
municipality, your municipality’s waste disposal services, or the
retailer where you purchased your product.
Compressor Nebulizer
with Nasal Aspirator
DuoBaby (NE-C301-E)
Instruction Manual
3A3427 rev.00
Rear View
Power Cord
with Lid
Power Plug
Air Filter Cover
Including Air Filter
Ventilation Slots
Power Switch
Air Tube
Nebulizer Kit and
Aspirator Holder
Compressor (Main Unit)
Baby Mask Mouthpiece Air Tube
Instruction Manual
Nebulizer Kit
Inhalation Top x 2
Upper Airways Lower Airways
Vaporiser Head
Medication Tank
Air Tube Connector
Nasal Aspirator
Air Tube Connector

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