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Always practice installing new tire chains before you actually need them. Tire sizes can
vary by manufacturer therefore it is important to check for proper fit before the actual need
Tire chains are not to be used on snow tires.
Never exceed 30 MPH while the chains are installed. Accelerate slowly and evenly.
Avoid spinning your tires. The life of your chains will vary according to road conditions,
driving speed and individual driving habits.
The Following are some activities that can cause unnecessary wear to your tire chains:
• Locking your wheels when braking
• Driving on bare pavement that is not covered with snow or ice
• Hitting curbs
• Installing the chains improperly
Caution: Tire chains are designed only to provide extra traction in severe winter
weather emergencies. Drivers should always exercise caution and observe driving
conditions during hazardous weather. Please use good judgment in using this product.
In the event that a cross-chain should break, immediately pull off the road to a safe place
and remove, tie back, repair or replace the cross. Do not continue driving with a broken
These tire chains are designed to meet S.A.E. Class “S” clearance requirements.
Vehicle wheel-well clearance for traction devices is the responsibility of the automobile
manufacturer. Please refer to your vehicle's owner manual for more details.
Use tire chains only as a traction device. Do not use them for any other purpose,
including towing or lifting.
Park your vehicle off-road with the engine off and the emergency brake set
before installing, adjusting or removing your traction cables.
• If you have a front-wheel drive vehicle, turn the wheels to
make it easier to install your chains on the inner sidewalls of
the front wheels.
• Unroll and lay the chains on a flat surface. Straighten any
twists or tangles.
•If you are reinstalling used chains, carefully inspect them for
any broken or damaged links and components. Do not drive
with chains that are damaged.
• Make sure the raised ends of the cross-chain hooks (where
each cross chain joins the side chains) are facing up. When
the chains are installed, the raised ends of the cross-chain
hooks must face away from the tire's tread.
• Drape the tire chain over the top of the tire.
• As you look at the tire, the end of the chains with
the lever lock and hook attachments should be on the
side of the tire facing the rear of the car.
• The lever lock should rest on the outer sidewall.
• Again, check to be sure the cross-chain-hook ends
face out , away from the tire tread (C).
WARNING: You could damage your side walls if the
cross-chain hooks are not facing away from the tire tread.
• In order to bring the lever lock and hook to a
comfortable working height, tuck the first cross chain (at the
end of the chains without the lever lock and hook attachments)
under the tire and move your car slowly forward about a foot
until the lever lock roughly lines up with the axle (D).
• Be sure to turn off the engine and set the emergency brake
before you continue your installation.
First, secure the chains on the inner sidewall, or the back
side of the wheel.
• Pull the end of the side chain up to meet the hook attachment.
• Tighten the side chain to remove any slack and insert the hook into a side-chain link
so the side chain remains taught.
• Use only your hands to tighten the chains. You do not need to use any tools.
Now, begin working on the outer sidewall to fasten the
lever lock (E).
• Pull the end of the side chain up to meet the lever lock.
• Tighten the side chain to remove any slack, then thread the
lever lock through a link of the side chain so the chain remains
• Before closing the lever lock, take the last link of the excess
side chain (if any) and slip it over the end of the lever lock.
Make sure the cross chains are centered over the tire tread.
Count the excess side-chain links to be sure there are the
same number of extra links on both sidewalls.
• To close the lever lock, pull the free end up 180° toward
the top of wheel.
• Fasten the lever lock end into a link of the side chain so the
side chain remains taught.
The chain is now installed.
Drive approximately 1/4 mile and re-tighten, repeating the
instructions in Steps 4, 5 and 6 above.
To further adjust the fit of your chains, see your Peerless
dealer for Peerless chain tighteners (G).
Excess links of the side-chains should be cut off or doubled
back and secured.
Periodically re-tighten and adjust the slack in the chains,
following the instructions in Steps 4, 5 and 6 above.
(A) DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES: Peerless warrants free from defects in work-
manship and material for 90 days from purchase date of this product to owner.
Warranty does not include damage due to product failure, misuse, abuse or cost of
inconvenience. If a side or cross chain breaks in use STOP IMMEDIATELY and
remove the chain. Continued travel with a broken chain can cause damage to your
vehicle and is a breach of warranty. Under no circumstances will Peerless be liable for
any special or consequential damages resulting from the continued use of a broken
chain. No other express warranty is given and no affirmation, by words or action,
shall constitute a warranty.
(B) REMEDIES: The buyer’s sole remedy for breach of any warranty is limited
exclusively to obtaining, at the discretion of the seller, either credit or repair or
replacement of any product sold hereunder and manufactured by Peerless Chain
Company within 90 days after delivery to the owner.
Defective product may be brought to the place of purchase, or returned, freight
prepaid, to Peerless Chain Company, 1416 E. Sanborn Street, Winona, MN 55987
Although this warranty gives you specific rights, you may have other legal rights which
differ from state to state. For more information please write: Peerless Chain Company,
1416 East Sanborn Street, P.O. Box 5349, Winona, MN 55987-5349
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