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A Few Precautions
Please read this manual carefully. In addition to installation and
operating instructions, it provides valuable information on various
RDA-985 system configurations as well as general information
that will help you get optimum performance from your system.
Please contact your authorized Rotel retailer for answers to any
questions you might have. In addition, all of us at Rotel welcome
your questions and comments.
Save the RDA-985 shipping carton and all enclosed packing mate-
rial for future use. Shipping or moving the RDA-985 in anything
other than the original packing material may result in severe dam-
age that is not covered by the warranty. Be sure to keep the origi-
nal sales receipt. It is your best record of the date of purchase,
which you will need in the event warranty service is required.
Use common sense when placing the RDA-985 in a cabinet or
when stacking other equipment. Make sure that the shelf or cabi-
net can support its weight. Do not stack heavy components on top
of the RDA-985. Avoid placing the unit where it may be subject to
excessive heat such as on top of a large power amplifier or near a
heat register. For best performance, avoid placing the unit where
it may be subject to vibration, such as near a speaker.
AC Power and Control
AC Power Input
Your RDA-985 is configured for the proper AC voltage in the coun-
try where you purchased it (either 115 volts or 230/240 volts). The
AC line configuration is noted on a decal on the back panel.
Note: Should you move your unit to another country, it may be
possible to reconfigure it for use on a different line voltage. Do not
attempt to perform this conversion yourself. Opening the enclo-
sure of the RDA-985 exposes you to dangerous voltages. Consult a
qualified service person or the Rotel factory service department
for information.
The RDA-985 should be plugged directly into a 2-pin polarized wall
outlet or into the switched outlet on another component in your
audio system. Do not use an extension cord.
Be sure the power switch on the front panel of the RDA-985 is
turned off. Then, connect the supplied power cord to the AC
power receptacle on the rear of the unit and the AC power outlet.
If you are going to be away from home for an extended period of
time such as a month-long vacation, it is a sensible precaution to
unplug your RDA-985 (as well as other audio and video compo-
nents) while you are away.
Getting Started ______________________________________ 3
A Few Precautions 3
Placement 3
AC Power and Control ________________________________ 3
AC Power Input
Power Switch
and Power Indicator
Digital Signal Connections ____________________________ 4
Digital Inputs
Digital Input Selector Switch
Coaxial Digital Output
DTS Indicator
and Signal Indicator
Analog Signal Connections ___________________________ 4
25-pin Analog Output
RCA Analog Outputs
25-pin Analog Input
Specifications ________________________________________ 5
Getting Started
Thank you for purchasing the Rotel RDA-985 DTS
Decoder. The
RDA-985 is a high-quality outboard digital processor for decoding
discrete DTS 5.1 channel surround sound encoded Laser Discs
and Digital Video Discs. The RDA-985 accepts an encoded DTS
digital signal, decodes it, and sends six discrete analog surround
sound audio signals to the 5.1 channel input on a surround sound
processor or other system controller. With its premium compo-
nents, Balanced Design, and robust construction, the RDA-985 will
provide years of enjoyment in your audio/video system.
The RDA-985 is simple to operate. Other than a power switch,
there are no front panel controls or switches. The unit senses
when a DTS signal is present and engages the decoding circuitry
The RDA-985 also provides pass-through digital outputs and ana-
log inputs to provide full flexibility in a number of system configu-
rations. For example, a second outboard decoder (such as Dolby
Digital) can be connected to the analog inputs of the RDA-985.
When a DTS signal is present at the digital input, the RDA-985 will
decode it and send the signal to the outputs. When no DTS signal
is present, the RDA-985 will pass the signal from the analog inputs
to the outputs.

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