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    SPECIFICATIONS2.Connection of Remote ON/OFF WireConnect the conductor to the switching output. After connecting to thisdevice, you will be able to turn it onand off together with the car radio.You will find the switching powercable next to the cars radio antennaconnection.Note: It is not possible to turn on thesubwoofer without connecting theREM terminal!3.Connection of Aux Input (Low Input)Connect Aux input wires with RCAtype pin jack as follows:WHITE to L ch pre-input of the carstereoRED to R ch of the car stereo4.Input sensitivity controlAdjust the input sensitivity to outputof a car stereo connected.Warning:Dont put the machine in the rain or themist in case of lightning and fire.Attention: Dont block the hole of ventilation or put objects on the machine.Attention: Leave some space aroundthe machine in order to be ventilated.10 Subwoofer BoxMax. peak Power: 400 WMax. RMS Power: 120 WFrequency range (L.P.F.): 50 Hz ~ 250 Hz( 2 dB)Variable LOW Pass FilterInput sensitivity: 0,2 V ~ 6 VSpeaker impedance: 4 OhmsPlastic Grill CoverDimensions: 4530,628,8 cmFuse 30 ASYSTEM WIRING DIAGRAM1.Connection of Power CordSince this unit deals with a highpower, large current will flow and thewiring of the power cord is high importance.Connect the red conductor directlyto the (+) battery terminal using thecable with the fuse holder.Connect the black wire tightly toan appropriate screw on the metalpart of car after removing paint forproper grounding. Be sure to use thescrew not to bring danger for driving.Proper connection will provide clearsound.The original version is in the Czech language.Address of the manufacturer: FAST R, a.s., ernokosteleck 1621, CZ-251 01 anyEN-1
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    WIRING OPERATIONeskySlovenskyEN Disposal of Used Electrical & Electronic EquipmentLikvidace pouitch elektrickch a elektronickch zazenLikvidcia pouitch elektrickch a elektronickchzariadenThemeaningof thenebosymbolon the product,its accessory or packaging indicates thatTentosymbolna vrobku, jeho psluenstvobaluoznauje, e s tmto vrobkem nesm bt zachzeno jako sTento symbol na vrobku, jeho prsluenstve alebothisproductshallnotbetreatedashouseholdwaste.Please,domovnm odpadem. Vrobek zlikvidujte jeho pednmobale oznauje, e sas tmto vrobkomnesmie dispose of this equina sbrn msto pro recyklaci elektrickch a elektronickchzaobchdza ako s domovm odpadom. Vrobokpmentatevropskyourthe recyclingofpreelectrical & electroniczazen.V zemchunieapplicablea jinch evropskch collection pointzlikvidujte forjeho odovzdanmna zbernom miestezemch existuj samostatn sbrn systmy prorecyklciu elektrickch a elektronickch zariaden. Vequipmentswaste.In the European krajinchUnioneurpskejand nieOtherEuropeancountries which thereshromaovnpouitch elektrickcha elektronickcha v incheurpskychvrobk. Zajitnm jejich sprvn likvidace pometekrajinch existuj samostatn zbern systmy preprevencipotencilnch rizikpro ivotn prosted systemsazhromaovaniepouitchandelektrickchaare vznikuseparatecollectionfor usedelectricalelectronicproduct. By ensulidsk zdrav, kter by mohla vzniknout nesprvnmelektronickch vrobkov. Zaistenm ich sprvnejzachzenm s odpady.Recyklace odpadovchmaterillikvidciepometeprevencii vznikupotencilnychring the correctdisposalof thisproduct, you willhelppreventpotentiallyhazardous to the envinapomh udren prodnch zdroj surovin - zrizk pre ivotn prostredie a udsk zdravie, ktor bynelikvidujteprosm vae whichstarmohli vznikn benesprvnymzaobchdzanmsronment uvedenhoand todvoduhumanhealth,could otherwisecausedby unsuitablewaste handlingelektrick a elektronick zazen s domovnm odpadem.odpadmi. Recyklcia odpadovch materilovPro zskn podrobnch informac k recyklaci tohotoprrodnch zdrojov surovn zof this product.The recycling of materials will napomhahelp udraniuconservenatural resources. Please do notvrobku kontaktujte prosm pracovnka ochrany ivotnhouvedenho dvodu nelikvidujte prosm vae starprosted mstnho (mstskho nebo obvodnho) adu,elektrick a elektronick zariadenia s domovmthereforepracovnkydisposeof yourold prodejny,electrical and electronicequipment with your household waste.sbrnho dvoranebo zamstnanceodpadom.ve kter jste vrobek zakoupili.potrebnch informci k recyklcii tohtoFor more detailed information about recyclingPreofzskaniethisproduct,pleasecontact your local cityvrobkukontaktujteprosm pracovnkaochranyivotnho prostredia miestneho (mestskho ioffice, your household waste disposal serviceobvodnho)or theradu,shopwhereyoupurchased the product.pracovnkovzbernho dvoraalebozamestnancov predajne, v ktorej ste vrobok zakpili.EN:Changes in text and technical parametersreserved.MagyarPolandFeleslegess vlt elektromos s elektronikuskszlkek hulladkknt val eltvoltsa(Hasznlhat az Eurpai Uni s egyb eurpaiorszgok szelektv hulladkgyjtsi rendszereiben)Ez a szimblum a kszlken vagy a csomagolsnazt jelzi, hogy a termket ne kezelje hztartsihulladkknt. Krjk, hogy az elektromos selektronikai hulladk gyjtsre kijellt gyjthelyenadja le. A feleslegess vlt termknek helyeskezelsvel segt megelzni a krnyezet s az emberiUtylizacja niepotrzebnego sprztuelektrycznego i elektronicznegoTaki symbol na produkcie lub na jego opakowaniuoznacza, e produkt nie moe by traktowany jakoodpad komunalny, lecz powinien by dostarczony doEN-2odpowiedniego punktu zbirki sprztu elektrycznego ielektronicznego, w celu przerobu i odzysku odpadw.W krajach Unii Europejskiej i w pozostaych krajacheuropejskich s odrbne systemy segregacjiodpadw przeznaczone do utylizacji sprztu
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    EN Warranty conditionsWarranty card is not a part of the device packaging.This product is warranted for the period of 24 months from the date of purchase to the end-user. Warranty is limited tothe following conditions. Warranty is referred only to the customer goods using for common domestic use. The claimfor service can be applied either at dealers shop where the product was bought, or at below mentioned authorizedservice shops. The end-user is obligated to set up a claim immediately when the defects appeared but only till the endof warranty period. The end user is obligated to cooperate to certify the claiming defects. Only completed and clean(according to hygienic standards) product will be accepted. In case of eligible warranty claim the warranty period willbe prolonged by the period from the date of claim application till the date of taking over the product by end-user, orthe date the end-user is obligated to take it over. To obtain the service under this warranty, end-user is obligated tocertify his claim with duly completed following documents: receipt, certificate of warranty, certificate of installation.This warranty is void especially if apply as follows: Defects which were put on sale. Wear-out or damage caused by common use. The product was damaged by unprofessional or wrong installation, used in contrary to the applicable instructionmanual, used in contrary to legal enactment and common process of use or used for another purpose which hasbeen designed for. The product was damaged by uncared-for or insufficient maintenance. The product was damaged by dirt, accident of force majeure (natural disaster, fire, and flood). Defects on functionality caused by low duality of signal, electromagnetic field interference etc. The product was mechanically damaged (e.g. broken button, fall). Damage caused by use of unsuitable media, fillings, expendable supplies (batteries) or by unsuitable workingconditions (e.g. high temperatures, high humidity, quakes). Repair, modification or other failure action to the product by unauthorized person. End-user did not prove enough his right to claim (time and place of purchase). Data on presented documents differs from data on products. Cases when the claiming product cannot be indentified according to the presented documents (e.g. the serialnumber or the warranty seal has been damaged).Authorized service centersVisit www.sencor.eu for detailed information about authorized service centers.EN-3

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