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Please read through these instructions carefully.
Learn all the controls and the correct use of the
Before use, all drivers must apply for and
receive practical training in the operation of the
machine. Particular emphasis should be placed
on the fact that:
a. The use of ride-on lawnmowers requires care
and concentration.
b. On slopes, it is not possible to control a
sliding ride-on lawnmower by braking. The
main reasons for losing control are insufficient
traction, excessively high speed, insufficient
braking, the machine not being suited to the
task, lack of attention to the surface or incorrect
use as a towing vehicle.
Never let children or anyone who is not familiar
with these instructions to use the machine.
Local regulations may impose restrictions as
regards the age of the driver.
Never use the machine if others, particularly
children or animals, are in the vicinity.
Remember that the driver is responsible for
accidents that happen to other people or their
Do not let children or other passengers to ride
with you on the machine. They might fall off
and be seriously injured, or they might prevent
the machine being driven safely.
Do not use the machine if you are under the
influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.
Neither should you use it when you are tired or
feeling unwell.
Wear strong shoes and long trousers when using
the machine. Do not operate it barefoot or
wearing sandals.
Wear appropriate clothing when using the
machine. Do not wear loose, hanging clothes,
jewellery, scarves, ties, etc., which can get
caught in rotating parts. Tie up long hair.
Carefully check the area that is to be cut/cleared
of snow. Remove all loose stones, sticks, steel
wire and other foreign objects which the
machine could throw out.
Warning – Petrol is highly inflammable.
a. Always store petrol in containers that are
made especially for this purpose.
b. Only fill or top up with petrol outdoors, and
never smoke when filling or topping up.
c. Fill with petrol before starting the motor.
Never remove the filler cap or fill with petrol
while the engine is running or still warm.
d. If petrol is spilt, do not try to start the engine
but instead move the machine away from the
place where the spillage occurred and avoid any
possible causes of sparks until the petrol fumes
have evaporated.
e. Do not forget to screw the cap on the petrol
tank and the storage container after filling.
Replace faulty silencers.
Before use, always check that blades and
mounting devices are not worn or damaged.
Replace worn or damage parts as a set so that
the correct balance is maintained.
The battery (on electrically started machines)
gives off explosive gases. Keep sparks, flames
and cigarettes away. Ensure there is sufficient
ventilation during charging.
The battery contains toxic material. Do not
damage the battery casing. If the casing is
damaged, avoid contact with the content of the
Do not throw out old, defective batteries with
the rubbish. Contact the local authorities for
correct waste management.
Do not short circuit the battery. Sparks occur
which can result in fire.
Start the engine according to the instructions in
the user guide. Keep your feet away from the
Do not run the engine in confined areas where
hazardous carbon monoxide gases can collect.
Only use the machine in daylight or where there
is good lighting.
Always use hearing protectors.
Take care when approaching obstacles which
obscure your vision.
Always keep children away from the machine’s
working area. Get another adult to keep the
children under supervision.
Take care when reversing. Look behind you
both before and during reversing to check for
any obstacles. Look out for small children.
Disengage the blade(s) and the connection
before starting the engine.
Never have your hands or feet near or under
rotating parts. Watch out for the blades. Do not
stand right in front of the discharge opening.
Avoid using the machine on wet lawns.

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