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Be careful when driving on slopes. No sudden
starting or stopping when moving up or down a
Release the clutch pedal slowly. Always drive
with the gear engaged, and do not disengage
when driving down slopes.
Never cut across a slope. Move from the top
down, and from the bottom to the top.
Use low acceleration when engaging the drive,
especially in long grass. Reduce the speed on
slopes and when making sharp turns to prevent
the machine from tipping over or you losing
control of the machine.
Watch out for holes in the ground and other
hidden dangers.
Do not drive too near ditches or high edges.
The machine can turn over if a wheel drives
over the edge or the edge breaks.
Take care when towing and when using heavy
a. Only use an approved towing device.
b. Limit the load so that it can be controlled
c. Do not make any sudden turns. Take care
when reversing.
d. Use wheel weights or front weight when
recommended in the user instructions.
Look out for traffic at crossings or when driving
near roads.
Stop the blade(s) when crossing a surface other
than grass during mowing.
When using any of the accessories, never direct
the discharge at somebody standing beside it,
and do not allow anyone to stand near the
machine when it is running.
Never operate the machine with insufficient
protection or without the safety devices in
Existing safety devices may not be
disconnected or disengaged. Check that the
safety devices work each time before using the
Do not alter the engine’s regulator setting and do
not race the engine. The danger of personal injury
increases when the engine is run at high revs.
Do not touch engine components which become
warm during use. Risk of burn injuries.
Do not leave the driving seat without:
a. Disengaging the power take-off and lowering
the accessories.
b. Putting the gear in neutral and activating the
parking brake.
c. Stopping the engine and removing the key.
Only use accessories that are approved by the
machine’s manufacturer.
The machine may not be used without
accessories/tools being installed in the
machine’s tool mounts. Driving without
accessories can have a negative effect on the
stability of the machine.
Take care when using grass collectors and other
accessories. These can alter the machine’s
stability. Particularly on slopes.
Disengage the drive to the accessories, shut off
the engine and disconnect the spark plug cable
or remove the starter key:
a. To remove sticks and rubbish or when the
discharge has become clogged.
b. To check, clean or service the machine.
c. To check whether damage has occurred and
to carry out any repairs before starting and
using the machine again after a collision with a
foreign object.
d. To check the machine if it begins to vibrate
excessively. (Check immediately).
Disengage the drive to accessories during
transport or when the machine is not in use.
Shut off the engine and disconnect the drive to
the accessories:
a. Before filling with petrol.
b. Before removing the grass collector.
c. Before adjusting the height setting, assuming
this cannot be done from the driver’s position.
Reduce the acceleration when the engine is to
be stopped, and if the engine is equipped with a
fuel shut-off valve, this should be switched off
when the work is finished.
Take care with multiple blade decks as one
rotating blade can cause other blades to rotate.
The machine, equipped with original
accessories, must not be driven in any direction
on slopes with a gradient greater than 10º.
The cutting deck’s original blade(s) may not be
replaced with non-original devices intended for
e.g. moss scarification. If such devices are used,
the guarantee will cease to be valid. There is
also a risk of serious injury or damage to people
or property.
Take care when unloading and loading the
machine onto a trailer or lorry.
Tighten all nuts and screws so that the machine
is in safe working condition.
At regular intervals check that the cutting
deck’s blade screw(s) are properly tightened.
Regularly check the operation of the brakes. It

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