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9 in 1 Steam Cleaner

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    9 in 1 Steam CleanerSM16USER GUIDE
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    Important Safety InformationTo reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or injury: Read all the instructions carefully before using your applianceand keep them for future reference. If you pass the product onto a third party, include this manual. Unplug the appliance from the mains supply when not in use,removing or attaching accessories, and before carrying out usermaintenance on the appliance. When unplugging, hold the plug top, not the power cord. Do not immerse the body of the appliance or the electrical cordor plug in water or liquids. Never leave the appliance unattended when it is connected tothe electricity supply. Do not use outdoors. This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years andabove and persons with reduced physical sensory or mentalcapabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they havebeen given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by childrenunless they are older than 8 and supervised .When Operating Your Appliance Do NOT use the appliance if it has been dropped, damaged, leftoutdoors, or dropped into water. Do NOT pull or carry the appliance by the cord, close a door onthe cord, or pull the cord around sharp edges or corners. Use the handle to carry and move the appliance. Do NOT run the appliance over the power cord. Do NOT handle the mains plug or appliance with wet hands. Turn off all controls before unplugging. Always remove the power cord from the outlet and handle thesteam cleaner with care when filling the water tank with water. Do not over fill the water tank. Do not use without the water and solution tanks in place. Checkthat tank caps are tightly fixed before use. Do not operate without water in the water tank. Do not fill the water tank with anything other than fresh water.Never put ANY additives n the water tank as they may damagethe steam cleaner or make it dangerous to use. If you live in a hard water area use distilled or demineralised water tominimise limescale build-up Empty the water and solution tanks after use.Unpacking Remove all packaging from the appliance and accessories.Retain the packaging. If you dispose of it, do so according to anyrecycling regulations.This appliance is for household use. Do not use for any purposenot expressly specified in this manual.There are no user serviceable parts in this appliance. Unauthorised dismantling or servicing will void the warranty.If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified person inorder to avoid a hazardRefer all servicing which involves the taking or putting on ofparts (other than those specifically referred to in this manual)to a qualified repair person or approved service centre.Do not use attachments or accessories which are not recommended by the manufacturer. They may cause malfunction or injury.Do not use harsh abrasives, or caustic cleaners when cleaningthis appliance.Store the appliance away from direct sunlight, and out of thereach of children.Before using this appliance ensure that the voltage of your electricity supply is the same as that indicated on the rating plateof the appliance. Connecting the steam cleaner to an impropervoltage supply may result in damage to the steam cleaner andpossible injury. This appliance must be earthed.Do not touch any hot areas on the steam cleaner. It is normalfor the steam cleaner to heat up during operation. Wear sensible footwear. Do not operate this appliance in bare feetor while wearing slippers, open toed sandals or canvas shoes.IMPORTANT The force and heat of the steam may have an adverse effect onsome materials. Always test the steamer on a small concealedarea to determine if it is suitable for treatment. Accessories become hot during use. Allow them to cool downbefore handling them. When supporting the hose or accessoriesduring use protect your hands (see Page 7). Never attach or remove accessories while the appliance isswitched on. Switch off and allow the unit to cool down first. Caution! Hot Steam. Never point or aim the steam cleaner at people, animals orplants. WARNING: Danger of scalding. The liquid or steam must not be directed towards equipmentcontaining electrical components, such as the interior of ovens. There is a water filter cartridge in this device. Ensure that thiscartridge is always correctly attached and changed regularly.Page 2Identify the cleaner components from the illustrations on thenext page. If any items are missing or damaged, contact yournearest Tesco store for assistance. Please have your receipt readywhen you call.
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    Your appliance and its accessoriesFLOOR CLEANING ASSEMBLY11021.*11312141315456HandleSteam TriggerPower CordOn/Off SwitchHandle*Steam Trigger*Floor Head Clamp LeverSolution Tank CapSolution TankAttachment HookUpper cord cleatLower cord cleatHandle ReleaseWater Tank CapWater TankFloor HeadSolution Tank SwitchBrushTextile Pad x2Carpet GliderHandheld Mode7168917181920HANDHELD MODEA:B:C:D:E:F:G:H:I:J:K:L:M:N:ABCFEDGIHKJMLNPage 3On/Off SwitchHandleSteam TriggerHose AdaptorPower CordCone AdaptorSqueegeeSqueegee Bonnet x2Wire BrushAngled NozzleSmall Plastic BrushLarge Plastic BrushPlastic ScraperGrout BrushBURNS CAN OCCUR FROM TOUCHING HOTMETAL PARTS, HOT WATER OR STEAM.EXERCISE CARE WHEN HANDLING
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    Assembling Your Cleaner for Cleaning Floors123456Attaching the Handle and the Floor Head1. There is a peg in the handle stem. Line up the peg in the stem with the hole in the cleaner housing and push it in. The peg willclick into place securing the handle. You may need to push quite hard to insert the handle fully - it is an intentional tight fit.2. Line up the floor head with the nozzle in the body and push firmly. Now pull the floor head back slightly to check that it issecurely attached.Attaching the Cleaning Pad: Whenever you clean floors the cleaning pad must be firmly attached to the floor head. We recommendyou wash and and dry the cleaning pad before first use to ensure that there are no lint particles adgering to the surface.3. Around the edge of the cleaning pad there is a hook and loop strip. Place the cleaning pad on the floor with the strip facingup and align the cleaner over the pad.4. Place the floor head on the pad and press lightly with your foot to attach the pad securely.Attaching the Carpet Glider: Use the carpet glider only when you are refreshing carpeted surfaces.5. Place the carpet glider on the floor as shown and align the cleaner over it..6. Place the floor head on the glider and press lightly with your foot to attach the carpet glider securely.789CloseOpen1011Filling the Water Tank7.8.9.Remove the water tank. Press the release button on the top of the tank and hinge the tank out.Lift out the stopper on the tank. Fill the tank with fresh cold water or demineralised water (see Page 2) to a level just below thetop of the tank.Push the stopper in firmly and replace the tank.Filling the Solution TankSpecial detergent solutions are available. These solutions act with the steam to improve cleaning, refresh carpets and enhancespecial finishes on solid floors. Always consult the floor manufacturer or a specialist professional before using detergent solutionsand always adhere strictly to the instructions on the detergent packaging concerning dilution levels etc. Always try the solutionon a test (hidden) area to check colour fastness and suitability before use.10. Rotate the tank cap to the left to release it and then lift it off.11. Press the DETERGENT switch on the floor head to the OFF position and fill the tank with the correctly prepared solution tojust below the top of the tank. Replace the tank cap and tighten firmly. When filling the tank take care not to spill solution onthe floor. If you wish you can remove the tank (see Page 7) and fill it over a sinkWinding and releasing the mains cord12. Wind the cord around the upper and lower cleats on the rear of the stem. The upper cleat is a quickrelease type. Rotate the cleat to release the cord. When the cord is released return the cleat to thevertical position. There is a slot in the top of the upper cleat. If you wish you can push the cable intothe slot to keep the power cord from getting in the way.Your steam cleaner is now ready for use.Page 412
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    Cleaning Floors15Upright468ReclinePreliminariesAttach the proper accessory to the floor head. Hard Floors: Cleaning pad. Carpets: Cleaning pad and carpet glider.Solution Tank: in the OFF position to prevent leakage. Always have the solution tank switched off when the cleaner is not in use.All Floor Types: Sweep or preferably vacuum the floor to remove dust and other particles before you begin steam cleaning.Fill the water (and, if required) the solution tank.Operation1.2.3.4.Set the cleaner upright. When the cleaner is upright it is stable and does not need to be held.Uncoil the power cord fully.Plug the power cord into the mains power supply and switch on at the mains.Press the On/Off switch to switch the cleaner on The Blue ON light will illuminate. After about 30 seconds the red light on theswitch will illuminate indicating the cleaner is ready for use5. Place your foot on the Floor Head and recline the handle. Make sure the power cord lies outside your body.6. Press the Steam trigger to release steam. Always use the minimum amount of steam to accomplish the task. This enables thesteam mop to last longer between refills, minimises water penetration and shortens drying times. If you keep the steam triggerpermanently pressed a full tank will last about 12 minutes.7. Start from the point furthest from the door and work towards the door. Move the cleaner slowly back and forth across thefloor.8. Using the solution tank. Press the DETERGENT switch ON/OFF to release detergent solution as required.9. When the task is complete return the cleaner to the upright position, press the On/Off switch to switch the cleaner off andunplug the power cord before coiling it around the cleats.10. Let the cleaner cool down fully after use.Floor Cleaning NotesWhen cleaning floors and floor coverings always use the unit with the floor head and cleaning pad. Hard Floors: The steam cleaner should only be used for cleaning sealed hardwood, sealed laminate, linoleum, vinyl, ceramictile, stone and marble floors and (with the glider attached) for refreshing carpets. If using on glued surfaces such as vinyl tiles,ensure that the glue will retain its adhesion under hot steam before commencing cleaning operations. Do not use on laminate flooring unless it is waterproof and steam resistant. Flooring designated for kitchens and bathrooms may be suitable for use with this appliance. If in any doubt, check with your flooring supplier.Take advice before cleaning oiled, waxed or no wax surfaces as hot steam may dull the surface finish. Refreshing Carpets. Use the carpet glider. The force and heat of the steam may have an adverse effect on some materials.This appliance should not be used on floor materials that are heat sensitive or covered with delicate fabrics. Always test thesteamer on a small concealed area to determine if it is suitable for treatment. Use detergent solutions sparingly and for smallsoiled areas only. This cleaner is intended to refresh carpets - it is not a carpet cleaner!Do not leave the cleaner in one spot on any surface for an extended period of time with a damp or wet cleaning pad attached.Attaching and Removing the Carpet Glider1. To attach the Carpet Glider: Place the Glider on the floor. Position the cleaner into the shoe at the front of the glider and pressfirmly. There are two clips at the rear of the glider which shouldbe in place so that the glider is firmly attached.2. To remove the Carpet Glider: Press your foot firmly down onthe tab with the shoe symbol at the rear of the glider and lift thecleaner off the gliderPage 512
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    Using the Cleaner in Hand-Held ModePreparation: Make sure the cleaner is cool, unplugged from themains supply and that the On/Off switch is OFF.Remove the handle and floor head to operate the cleaner as ahand-held device.1. Detach the carpet gilder (if used)2. Release the power cord and detach the stem from the cleaner.To detach the stem, press the handle release in and then pullthe stem out.3. Remove the floor head. Press the Floor Head Clamp in andseparate the cleaner and the floor head.123BCYou can use the cleaner as follows:A.Without any accessories attached.B.With the accessories attached directlyto the nozzle.C.For easier handling you can attach thehose and cone adaptors to the cleanerand use this combination on its own orattach the accessory of your choice.D.Attach the hose adaptor to the cleaner.Now attach the hose to the adaptor. Attach the Cone adaptor to the hose. Youcan use this combination on its own orattach the accessory of your choice.DHow to attach and detach cleaner attachmentsE.The top of the cleaner nozzle is flat. Align the Lockinglever on the hose adaptor with the cleaner nozzleand press down on the lever. Push the adaptor fullyin and release the lever, To detach the hose adaptor,reverse the procedure..F.EAttaching the hose adaptor to the cleanerAttaching the hose adaptor to the hoseF1F21: With the locking catch on the hose to the top andthe lever on the adaptor to the bottom, press thetwo components together and rotate clockwise tolock them in place - the components will click whenlocked.2: To detach, press the catch on the hose back, rotateanticlockwise and separate the components.G.Attaching the cone adaptor to the hosePush the adaptor against the nozzle of the hose androtate clockwise until the components are lockedtogether. Reverse the procedure to remove the cone.H:GHAttaching an accessory to the hose or the cleanerPush the adaptor against the nozzle of the hose orcleaner and rotate clockwise until the componentsare locked together. Reverse the procedure to remove the accessory.Page 6
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    Operating the AccessoriesSwitch off and unplug the cleaner before filling with water.1.2.Attach the desired accessory (see previous page)Remove the watertank and fill withwater. Do notoverfill.3. Replace the tank.44. Connect the cleaner to the mainsand switch on thecleaner. When theRed light comes on5the cleaner is readyfor use.5. Hold the cleanerfirmly and depressthe steam switch to release steam. Support the cleaner with bothhands as necessary.In use the hose and any attached adaptor can reach a temperatureof 60C. As this may be uncomfortably warm if you are supporting thehose or adaptor, consider using a pad or glove (not supplied) to protectyour hand.Note: The tube which transfers water from the water tank to the steamboiler is weighted with a metal ball to maximise efficient deliveryof water from the tank to the boiler. During use the ball may rattlearound. This is intentional and not a cause for concern.Notes on using the accessory tools:Before you begin test the cleaner on a concealed area to determine if it is suitable for treatment.After UseUnplug the power cord from the electrical outlet and let the unitand all accessories cool down completely before handling.412Only use enough steam to accomplish the task. The steam willlast longer and the surface cleaned will get less hot.When using the accessories on a vertical surface work from thetop down. This will avoid streaks.When you switch the cleaner on or if you change the angle of thecleaner during operation water drops may spatter from the nozzle.When the cleaner is facing upwards the flow of steam may be less.Be aware of the power cord! Do not allow it to entangle in furniture or other objects and keep it clear of your hands and body.With the exception of the Cone Adaptor, the other accessory toolsfit two ways round. You may find this useful to reach awkward areas.Be aware of the hose! You may need to support it when you use it.Switch off and let the cleaner cool down fully before emptying thewater tank or detaching/attaching accessories.SOME SUGGESTED USES OF THE ADAPTOR TOOLSCone Adaptor: Use with other tools or by itself for cleaning grouting,double glazing joints or other restricted areas.Squeegee. Glass, mirrors and window panes for smear free cleaning.Bonnet: Place over the squeegee to clean chair and sofa fabrics andother small cloth covered items.Large and Small Plastic Brush: Use on stubborn stains or grime.Grout brush: Cleaning groutingWire Brush: For cleaning oven surfaces, oven racks, helping loosenburnt on food residue from stainless steel (but not non-stick) pans.Angled Nozzle: For hard to clean areas, around pipe work, taps etc.Scraper: Ideal for removing dried-on food, loosening chewing gumdeposits and for removing food debris from freezers.You may find this easier if you remove the floor head first.8. Now follow the instructions for washing the cleaning pad.After Using the Accessories:9. Remove the accessory.10. It is easier to store the hose with the hose adaptor and the coneadaptor attached.11. Re-attach the floor head and the carpet glider. It is easier to storethe steam cleaner upright on the floor head.Cleaning, Maintenance and Storage5Empty the Water Tank1. Remove the water tank2. Open the tank cap, invert the tank unit over a sink and pour allthe water away. Replace the tank cap.3. Now replace the water tank in the cleanerEmpty the Solution Tank (if used)4. Hold the tank as shown and lift it from the Floor Head.5. Unscrew the solution tank cap, invert the tank unit over a sinkand pour all the water away. Replace the tank cap. Now replacethe solution tank in the Floor Head6. Remove the carpet glider (if used).7. Remove the pad from the floor head. Hold the floor head face upand then carefully peel off the cleaning pad.Switch the cleaner off and unplug from the mains.Empty the water tank and the solution tank.Assemble the cleaner and coil the power cord round the cleats.Remove the cleaning pad (and the bonnet if used) and either handwash and rinse well or machine wash with mild detergent at amaximum water temperature of 40C. Allow the pad to dry naturallybefore replacing it. Do not dry in a tumble dryer or in an area of excessheat.Wipe the appliance body, the carpet glider and accessories with adamp cloth and dry. Do NOT allow liquids to penetrate the appliance.This could be dangerous.Store the appliance upright out of the reach of children and pets.Place the accessories in a bag or store them separately.Where storage space is limited, you can store the cleaner with thestem disassembled from the main unit.A fixing bracket is provided for secure attachment of the cleaner.Instructions are on the next page.76Page 7
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    SM16 Steam Mop User GuideWall mounting the CleanerThe cleaner should be hung on the mounting bracket with thefloor head resting on the floor. The mounting surface should besecure and be able to stand the weight of the appliance plus asmall amount of pulling force. Screws are provided to attach themounting bracket, but it is your responsibility to ensure that theyare suitable for your wall. If not you should provide suitable screwsand fastening hardware.If you are in any doubt as to your ability to safely complete this procedure, consult a suitably qualified technician.1.2.Mark a line 1100mm abovethe floor. Align the bracketmount on this line as shownand place the bracket withthe top edge horizontal.Using the bracket as a template mark out the threefixing holes. Attach thebracket securely to the wallwith suitable fixings. Youmay need to drill and plug the wall.3.4.Attach the cleaner to the bracket using theattachment hook at the top of the handlePush the mounting boss of the cleanerinto the bracket mount to securely attachthe cleaner. The floor head should rest onthe floor for greater security.431100mm to floorThe Water Filter CartridgeMake sure the filter fits securely and then replace the water tank.The condition of the filter will affectcleaner performance.Dispose of the old filter separately from the general rubbish. Do notdisassemble or puncture the filter.The hard water filter cartridge is locatedbehind the water tank.To change the filter:Remove the water tank and hinge out thefilter as shown in the illustration. Replace the filter with a new one.There is an arrow to indicate the direction of replacement.The filter will need to be changed periodically. Depending on thehardness of the water and amount of use this will be about everysix months.When new the filter crystals are a bright yellow. Over time these discolour and when the crystals go dull the filter needs replacement.TroubleshootingYour Tesco appliance is covered by a warranty for 12 months fromthe date of purchase. If a fault develops during this period, pleasecontact the Tesco help line on 0800 323 4060 (free from BT landlines) or 0330 123 4060 (from mobiles). Please have your originalpurchase receipt with you when you call. This warranty in no wayaffects your consumer rights.If your appliance does not appear to be working effectively,please use the checklist below before contacting Tesco:No operation:Ensure the cleaner is connected to the power supply and thatthe power supply is working properly.If the appliance power cord or plug is damaged, have it repaired by an authorised specialist.The blue light is illuminated but there is no steam:The water tank is empty. Fill the tank.The water tank is incorrectly fittedAllow the unit to heat up for 30 seconds and then press thesteam trigger.The pad needs to be cleaned. Refer to the section above (P.7).If the mop is clean but the operation is unsatisfactory it needsto be replaced.Cleaner performance is poorBefore using this appliance ensure that the voltage of your electricitysupply is the same as that indicated on the rating plate of the unit.This product must be connected to earth.Make sure the appliance is connected to an outlet with the sameconfiguration as the mains plug attached to the power cord. Do notuse a mains adapter or extension cord with this appliance.SPECIFICATIONSThe cleaning pad is ineffectiveELECTRICAL INFORMATIONVoltage:220-240 VAC 50HzPower:1500WNet Weight:2.8 KgIngress Protection: IPX-4This may be due to a worn-out or ill-fitting filter. Follow theinstructions for filter replacement on this page.WarrantyThis appliance is intended only for household use. It must be properly installed and operated in accordance with these instructions.Failure to do this will invalidate the warranty.UK: Waste electrical products should not be disposed ofwith household waste. Separate disposal facilities exist,for your nearest facilities see www.recycle-more.co.uk orin-store for details.ROI: Produced after 13th August 2005. Waste electricalproducts should not be disposed of with household waste.Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with your LocalAuthority or retailer for recycling advice.Tesco Stores Ltd, Welwyn Garden City AL7 1GA, U.K.Page 8

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