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The repeater has functions: repeater and
Access Point. We describe the setup as wifi
repeater in details. So firstly make sure the
mode switch is in the repeater mode.
There are two ways to set up this device as wifi
repeater, with WPS or without WPS. If you want
to setup with WPS button, please make sure
that the other device( that you want to connect
with ) has also a WPS button.
1. Connect the wifi repeater to your existing
router by WPS button. (go to point 2 if your
existing router does not have WPS)
a.Plug the Wifi repeater into a power outlet near
your existing router (not too far away from your
router) and wait about 30 seconds for the
repeater to start up.
b.Press WPS button on your existing router(
usually press the WPS button for 3 seconds,
consult the manual of your existing router).
c. Activate WPS on the Wifi repeater by pressing
the WPS button for over 1 seconds.
d.The Wifi repeater will connect to your existing
router. This will take some time, please wait at
least 2 minutes. When the WPS indicator is on
the setup is completed.
3. Connect the Wifi repeater to your existing
router with LAN Cable.
a.Plug the Wifi repeater into a power outlet near
your existing router (not too far away from your
router) and wait about 30 seconds for the
repeater to start up.
b.The Wifi repeater will need to know to which
Wifi network it should be connected and what
the password is. Therefore, it is necessary to
set the Wifi. You will need a network cable.
Plug one side of the cable in the Wifi repeater
(LAN port) and plug the other end in your PC.
You may need to temporarily disconnect the
existing Internet cable.
c. Enter in your web browser ( do
not use Google, enter it in the URL bar).
d. Enter admin in the name and password field.
e. The following screen will appear. Click on
“Repeater Wizard”.
f. All available Wifi networks will be shown in a
screen like the one shown here.
g. Select your network by clicking on the circle in
the column „Choose“ and enter your password
h. Click the “Save button(at the botton). The
settings are now being saved, that is why the
repeater will ask you to wait for 90 seconds.
Afterwards you can remove the internet cable,
and install the Wifi repeater at the selected
Remarks: The default Wifi SSID for the repeater
after setup is existing wifi router SSID + -ext. For
example if existing wifi router has the SSID ABC,
the repeater will have the SSID ABC-ext after
setup. But you can also change the repeater
SSID before clicking Save.
3. Connect your laptop, mobile phone or tablet to
the Wifi repeater
a. You can now insert the Wifi repeater in the
selected power outlet. Once again, this will take
some time. Wait at least 2 minutes after
b. Search for new Wifi connections from your
mobile device, e.g. laptop, phone or tablet.
Select the SSID with –ext at the end (example if
you existing router has the SSID ABC, select
c.The password will be same as your existing
4. Connect an end device to the Wifi repeater
using WPS
a. End devices are e.g. PC, mobile phone, tablet
or IP camera. Activate WPS on the end device
according to the manual of the device.
b. Press the WPS button on the Wifi repeater for
less than 1 seconds.
c.The devices will now connect. After about 2
minutes, the connection works.
Q1: What should I do if my router does not have a
WPS buttons?
A: Please follow instructions on option two – to
set up using the browser.
Q2: How to Reset to defaults?
A: While the power is still on, keep pressing the
reset button on the behind side of the product
for 5 to 10 seconds, and it will restore to
factory settings.
Q3: Why cannot I see the login page after
entering in the browser?
A: Make sure your PC or phone is connected to
the extender network and has disconnected
from any other network. Also please make
sure your PC or phone is set to obtain an
IP address automatically.
Q4: My signal from the HWR 300 is weak
and keeps dropping off.
A: Please place the extender in a proper
location,i.e. where a minimum of 3 router
signal strength bar is shown (please check
the signal strength of that specific location
with your phone or PC)
n case the products delivered are not free from
defects in material or workmanship, MAS Elektronik AG
has the right to either repair or replace the defective
product at its choice. MAS Elektronik AG manufactures
and repairs goods using components which are new or
equivalent to new in accordance with industry standards
and practice.
This limited warranty does not cover finishes,
accessories or batteries, nor does it cover damage
resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, dirt, water, battery
leakage, tampering, servicing performed or attempted by
unauthorized service agencies.
Wifi AP / Repeater
warranty or repairs you need a RMA No. You may
obtain a RMA on the internet at www.xoro.de or
by telephone
Please send the device in its original packing material, all
standard accessories and a copy of the invoice, a
description of defect and the RMA No. to following
address. Please note the RMA number clear and in large
numbers on the outer package
MAS Elektronik AG
Weidegrund 3
21614 Buxtehude
e-mail: support@ersservice.de
Hotline: +49 4161 800 24 24
Fax: +49 4161 800 24 61
2. Connect the Wifi repeater to your existing
router without WPS button
a. Plug the Wifi repeater into a power outlet near
your existing router (not too far away from your
router) and wait about 30 seconds for the
repeater to start up.
b. open the WLAN setting of your mobile devices,
select SSID HWR 300.
c. Enter 12345678 as the password and confirm
with the Connect button. Now you are
connected to the HWR 300 by WLAN.
d. Enter in your web browser ( do
not use Google, enter it in the URL bar).
e. Enter „admin“ in the name and password field.
f. The following screen will appear. Click on
“Repeater Wizard”.
g. See the next steps at the 2nd. page
With the CE mark declares the MAS Elektronik AG that the
XORO HWR 300 meets the guidelines 2014/53/EU.
The full text of the EU Declaration of Conformity is available
under the http://www.xoro.de/downloads/ available

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