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GSM pager CA-1202 „Athos“ 4/4 MHF52705
11 Internet remote access
The web site www.GSMLink.cz enables GSM pager remote control (to
users) and setting (to installers). The following features are enabled:
To get internet access to an installed and powered GSM pager you will
first be asked to register your GSM pager on the first page. You will find a
unique registration code for your GSM pager on the warranty card.
11.1 Reset GSM
If you need to disconnect and then reconnect the GSM module to the
GSM network, then use the command “MASTER RESET GSM”.
This does not affect any settings and is typically used for GPRS
activation or charging up credit. This command always requires the
Master code.
12 Central monitoring station communication
The GSM pager allows central monitoring via GPRS data protocol. The
central monitoring station (CMS) gets arming, disarming and alarm
information. It also regularly checks the communication link to the car after it is
armed. So if anyone tries to tamper with GSM pager communications, it will
indicate an alarm at the CMS.
13 Additional features
13.1 Car battery low voltage reporting
The GSM pager checks the voltage of the car battery. If the voltage is too
low (10V) it will notify users via an SMS message. This avoids complete
discharging of the car battery if you forget to turn off your lights etc.
13.2 Back-up battery
The GSM pager can be backed up by a BB-01 battery. Thus, the GSM
pager can keep sending information. Back up time is provided for several
hours. The manufacturer recommends regular BB-01 checking once a year.
The battery should be replaced every two years. Low voltage of the back up
battery (below 4V) is reported to the user via SMS (change the battery in this
13.3 Car location
If your GSM provider offers a location service, you have to activate the
LOCATOR command after installation by the following SMS sequence:
where: MASTER is the installers code
xx...x is the provider’s sequence to obtain the position
of the GSM pager SIM card (check with your
GSM provider for details)
After this sequence has been sent successfully once, the GSM pager
memorizes the parameters and from this moment on you can obtain the
location of the car by just sending the instruction LOCATOR.
Note: GSM location service may not be available in some countries.
13.4 Pre-paid SIM card balance
It is recommended not to use prepaid cards in the GSM pager. If you
have no other choice than prepaid cards, you can enable the CREDIT
instruction by following sequence:
MASTER CREDIT uuu..u xx yyy zz
where: uuu…u is the provider’s code to obtain the balance
xx is the time period (in days) for regular checking
yyy is the threshold level below which the balance is
reported to the user (TEL1)
zz is the position of the first digit of the balance in the reply
SMS from the provider
After this sequence has been sent once, the GSM pager will check
the balance automatically every xx days and if the balance is lower
than yyy the user will be notified (TEL1)
If the CREDIT instruction is enabled in the above way, the user can
also obtain the current balance by the instruction CREDIT
To disable the automatic balance checking set the time period “xx”
to 00.
13.5 Roaming
If you travel abroad and your SIM card supports roaming, the GSM pager
will work there too.
13.6 Siren activation
If you are searching for a stolen car, you can operate the siren
remotely by the following SMS instructions:
MASTER SIREN turns the siren on for 10 minutes
MASTER SIREN ON siren on permanently
To avoid misuse of this option, only an installer can switch the siren on.
13.7 LED indicator signals
LED state Meaning
OFF Disarmed
permanently ON connecting to a GSM network or a phone call
Regular slow flashing Armed
Regular fast flashing Alarm memory
Interrupted light Car was stopped (immobilization)
Flashing after ignition off GSM network is not available
Flashes after ignition on Number of enrolled remote controls
14 Specification
Power supply 12V DC (8-16V)
Stand-by consumption max. 10 mA
Max. consumption (during GSM communication) 1 A
GSM band 900 / 1800 MHz dual band system, power class 4
Transmitted power 2 W /GSM900, 1 W /GSM1800
VF frequency 433,92MHz
Working temperature -20°C to +70°C
Output SIR +12V, max. load 1,3A
Immobilization 8A permanently, 12A for 30 seconds
Central locking outputs max. 200mA, to GND
pulses 0,3s, 4s or 60s (optional)
Complies with ECE Rugulation No. 97.00, 10
Can be operated according to ERC/DEC98(20,21)
Health and safety ČSN EN 60950
EMC ČSN ETSI EN 301489-1, ČSN ETS 300683
radio interferences ČSN ETSI EN 301419-1, EN 301511, ČSN ETSI EN 300220
Hereby, Jablotron Ltd., declares that this CA-1202 is in compliance with the
essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1989/336/EC
and 1999/5/EC.
Original of the conformity assessment can be found at the web page
www.jablotron.com, section Technical support
Note: Although this product does not contain any harmful materials we
suggest you to return the product to the dealer or directly to the
producer after usage.
GSM pager CA-1202 „Athos“ 1/4 MHF52705
CA-1202 “Athos” installation manual
MODE 3 – GSM pager for cars with an installed car alarm
Main features for this mode:
Sending of alarm SMS messages to up to 4 phones.
Dialing and acoustic alarm warning to up to 4 phones.
Location tracking of the car (using the triangulation feature of the
GSM provider)
Central monitoring of the car when armed (fully supervised GPRS
Remote immobilization of the car via SMS instructions.
Remote control of the alarm system and the central locking via SMS
Optional – Hands-free calling (receiving of any incoming call and
dialing up to four pre-programmed phone numbers)
Remote internet alarm access (user and installer levels) via
1 Before installation
The CA-1202 should only be installed by a professional installer. The
manufacturer assumes no liability for damages caused by incorrect
installation or use of this product.
The Athos GSM pager is suitable for cars with 12 V and negative
grounding. The main unit is designed for installation in the passenger
Disconnect the car battery before starting installation; study the car
owner manual first. Avoid drilling into the metal parts of the car body.
Note: Use only proper crimping tools and parts to make connections. Cut
all unused wires and insulate them properly.
The thin wire which leads directly out of the central unit is the remote
control and wireless detector antenna. The location of this wire affects the
communication range. Place the antenna on a suitable plastic surface so
that the other wires do not screen it.
2 Wiring
YELLOW – siren output (+12V / max. 1,3A).
Gray – instant activation input reacts to connection or disconnection
from the ground (automatically recognizes logic).
WHITE – INP1 input - reacts to connection or disconnection from the
ground (automatically recognizes logic). Reaction delay is 3 seconds
BLUE –- ignition key input (+12V). Be sure, that there is +12V while the
key is on and while starting.
GREEN – LED indicator – install it in a visible spot on the dashboard.
Connect the other end of this lead to the GND.
BLACK – GND – connect to the original grounding in the car.
RED – power supply +12V - connect directly to the battery. Check that
the installation is properly finished and that the GSM antenna is
connected before powering up!!
ORANGE – back-up battery – connect a BB-01 optional battery
(Jablotron) if desired. If the BB-01 is not connected, then ground the wire.
2x BROWN – immobilization circuit (8A permanently, max. 12A /
Pink – not used
3 SIM card insertion
1. Make sure, that the PIN password on the SIM is disabled. You can
do this using a mobile phone (e.g. for NOKIA: MENU, SETTINGS,
does not allow switching the PIN off, change the PIN to 0000.
2. Activate the SIM card if necessary (see provider’s instructions),
ensure that it works (by a mobile phone) and record its phone number.
3. Using a thin pointed tool, press the colored button to release the SIM
cardholder. Insert the SIM card into the holder with the gold contacts
facing up and then reinsert the holder.
4 GSM antenna installation
DO NOT switch the power on before the GSM antenna is connected.
The provided antenna is adhesive and should be attached to the car window.
The antenna should not be obstructed by any metal parts. It is recommend to
install the antenna in a place where it is not easily visible (a tinted part of the
window, behind the mirror etc.). If the car has an original GSM antenna
installed, it can be used (if the connector is different, use an appropriate
5 Initial powering-up of the GSM pager
Make sure, that the GSM antenna is connected, the SIM card inserted
and the wire harness installed properly. Then connect the power (car
battery). The LED indicator will turn on and the siren will make a short
chirp. Wait until the LED turns off (up to 1 minute).
If the LED starts to flash, no GSM network was found. In such a case
turn the power off, remove the SIM card and try to use it in a mobile
phone (at the place where the GSM antenna is). Check also if the PIN
protection is OFF (or set to 0000). If the SIM card logs into a network
successfully, reinsert it in to the pager and repeat powering-up.
After the GSM pager is powered up, you have to:
a) Select Mode 3 by the command RESET EN 3
b) Enroll remote controls (if used)
c) Set the programmable features (phone numbers, DIP, SET,
These can be done by:
SMS instructions – see table 6.1. For example sending an SMS:
MASTER RESET EN 1 to the GSM pager will select Mode 1.
Internet page: www.GSMlink.cz
is the most convenient way. To
register there you need to know the registration code (printed on
the warranty card) and the master code (factory default is
SIM Card phone directory editing (see table 6.1 for list of features
which can be programmed this way). After the initial powering-up a
list of parameters is created in the SIM card phone directory. If you
then insert the SIM card in to a mobile phone, you can set
particular features (by entering numbers into the created list). The
entry for Mode setting is not automatically created, but it is possible
to make a new entry with the name: RESET EN and the number: 1.
Data entered this way are read by the GSM pager after the SIM
card is reinserted. For security reasons it is erased after reading.
6 Enrollment of remote controls
Up to 4 RC-40 remote controllers and can be enrolled to the GSM pager
(after Mode 3 is selected by the RESET EN 3 instruction).
Remote control enrollment:
1. Switch the ignition on
2. Send the SMS instruction: MASTER LEARN RC
If the siren is connected to the GSM pager it will chirp 3x and the
LED will start flashing.
3. Press and hold buttons A and B together for 3 sec on the remote
A siren chirp confirms the enrollment.
By enrolling the first remote control all other remote controls
previously enrolled will be erased (all the remote controls you
want to use must be enrolled during the same enrollment
4. Exit enrollment by turning the ignition off.

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