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selected temperature levelby automatically
turning the heaterON andOFF.
3. If the heatercycles ON/OFFfrequently
select a higherpreset temperature.
4. To switch the digital thermostat mode off,
press the digitalthermostat buttonuntil the
LEDs on digitalthermostat settingon the
control panel orremote areno longerlit.
Note: Timer will work onlyif oneof thethree
mode settings isused.
1. Press the digitaltimer button(L) onthe
control panel orremote enoughtimes to
activate one ofthe 6preset desiredOFF
times (2,4,6,8,10 or12 Hrs)
2. The timer willnow turnthe unitcompletely
off based on the selected OFF time.
3. To switch the digital timer mode off, press
the digital timerbutton untilthe LEDson
timer setting onthe controlpanel orremote
are no longerlit.
There are fiveflame brightnesssettings, ranging
from a lowto highsetting andthen OFF. Press
flame intensity button(M) onthe controlpanel
or remote controlto selectdesired intensity.
Please note thatthis functionworks onall
modes and isalso fullyindependent.
This heater isequipped witha technologically
advanced safety systemthat automaticallyshuts
off the current to the heater when a potential
overheat temperature isreached. The heater
can resume operationonly whenyou resetit
and after ithas cooleddown.
If the unitshuts down:
1. Turn mainunit ON/OFFSWITCH toposition
( ) (see Fig. 2,N)
2. Unplug unit, wait30 minutes
3. Plug in theunit
4. Turn mainunit ON/OFFSWITCH toposition
() (see Fig.2, N)
5. Select desired modeand settingfollowing
operating instructions.
1. Turn off and unplugthe unitfrom thepower
2. Leave the unitto standfor 5minutes so that
the bulb cancool down.
3. Removethefrontglasspaneltoa safeplace.
4. Empty the pebblesfrom theunit.
5. Unscrew the lightbulb accesspanel (C)
using a crosshead screwdriver,being
careful not tolose thescrews.
6. Pull out thebulb.
7. Replace the G9Type bulb withthe same
type with a40W maxrating.
8. Screw back thelight accesspanel, replace
the pebbles andfront glassand plugthe unit
into the powersocket foroperation.
Note:TheG9Type bulbshouldbereadily
availablefrommost hardwarestores.Ifnotplease
contact themanufacturerforfurtherassistance.
Always unplug the heater before cleaning and
allow to cool.
Toclean glass usehousehold glasscleaner.
Lightly run a vacuum cleaner nozzle over the
heater vent toremove anydust ordirt that
may have accumulated.
Carefully wipethe heater with a soft, damp
cloth. Please bevery cautiousnear the
heating elements.
* NEVER use abrasive or flammable solvents
to clean theheater.
Aftercleaning,besure tocompletely dry the
heaterwitha clothortowelbeforeswitchingon.
Store your heater in a cool, dry location.
Flame not bright enough
1. Regulate flame brightnessusing theflame
intensity button.
2. Check bulb isworking andreplace if
Simulated fire will not illuminate
1. Check power.
2. Press the flameintensity button.
3. Check bulb andreplace ifnecessary.
Unit making crackling/popping sound
1. This is normal;when theunit isfirst used or
has not beenused fora whilethis soundis
caused by dustbuildup burningaway.
2. Please refer toCleaning andMaintenance
section for prevention.
Heater will not turn off
1. Refer to operatinginstructions.
Heater blows cool air
1. This is normalwhen theunit ison thefan
only setting.
2. Press the modecontrol (K)until youselect
the LOW (1)or HIGH (2)heat setting.
mechanical ON/OFFswitch(N). Pleasenotethis
remotewillnotwork through walls (SeeFig.3).
Stand Assembly (See Fig. 6):
For flooruseattachthetwo feetassemblies(I)to
the fireplaceheaterusing the 4thumbscrews(O)
provided.Gently laythemain housing(D) down
horizontallywithout theglasspanelattached.Line
upeachfeet assemblyusingthemetalguides
and then screw intwo thumbscrews(O) intothe
corresponding holes.Placeunitupright, add the
pebbles (B)andthenattach theglass panelby
lininguptheglasspanelmetalguideswith the
mainhousingpanelpins.For wall mounting see
Wall MountInstallationbelow.
Wall Mount Installation (See Fig. 4 & 5):
This product weighs16.3 kg.Do notinstall
alone. The following procedure is for a dry wall
installation using theprovided hardware.
Note: If installingon adifferent type of wall (i.e
cavity wall) orusing different hardware please
consult a professionalfor adviceon thecorrect
way to installthe unit.
IMPORTANT: Beforedrillinginto anywall
ensurenoelectricalcablesarepresent inthe
area.Make sureyouallowthecorrectspacing
onall foursides of theunit (Seefigure5).
1. Turnunitoffanddisconnecttheunit if in use.
2. Remove front glassand pebblesif installed.
3. Remove feet assembliesfrom mainhousing
by unscrewing thethumb screws.
4. Decide on theposition wherethe electric
fireplace will hangon thewall. REMEMBER
not to positiondirectly abovethe power
socket and atleast 1maway fromany objects
on all sides(reference Fig.5).
5. Mark on thewall thepoints betweenthe
centre of theholes onthe fixedunit rear
mounting brackets (E)making surethe points
line up andare level(reference Fig.4)
6. Drill into thewall usingan 8mmdrill bittwo
holes on themarked pointsso thatyou canfit
the appropriate wallplugs.
8. Hang the mainbody ofthe unitonto thetwo
exposed screws bylining upthe rear
mounting brackets’ holes.
9. Place the securingbottom bracket(P) intothe
rear of theunit andthen useone 4x35mm
screw to securethe bracketand unitto the
main wall.
10.Add pebbles to theunit, thenplace theglass
panel onto theunit bylining upthe glass
panel guides withthe mainhousing pins
(located on theside ofthe housing)and make
sure the unitis secure.
11.Unit is nowready tobe turnedon and
There may bean odorcoming fromthe
heater the firsttime youuse it.This is
normal during thebreak-in periodor after
long term storage.Make surethe heateris in
a well ventilatedarea andcontinue runningit
until the smellgoes away.
Youmay hear a popping or crackling sound
as the heaterheats up.This is normal and
safe operation.
The Fireplace Heater canbe operatedby
using the remotecontrol (Fig.3) orthe
control panel (Fig.2) locatedon theside of
the unit.
Place the heateron afirm, levelsurface or
mount on wall.
Avoid overloading your circuit by not using
other high wattage
1. Turn themain ON/OFFswitch (N)on the
main unit tothe ON() position.
2. Either press themode control(K) orthe
flame intensity button(M) onthe mainunit
or remote controlto startthe operation of
the unit.
3. If for anyreason youwould liketo turnthe
unit off press the mode button or flame
intensity button onthe theON/Off Button (Q)
on the controlpanel orremote sothat no
function is heardor visibleand thenswitch
the ON/OFF switchon themain unit to the
OFF ( ) postion.
Once the mainON/OFF switchhas been
switched to ON,press themode controlbutton
(K) on thepanel orremote control:
for Fan onlysetting
1= for continuouslow heat(1kW)
2= for continuoushigh heat(2kW)
Press again forno modeoperation.
Note: Thermostat will operate only if the unit is
on the Low(1) orHigh (2)heat setting.
1. Press the digitalthermostat button(J) onthe
control panel orremote enoughtimes to
activate one ofthe 5preset
desiredtemperature levels (18ºC,21ºC,
24ºC, 27ºCº and30ºC).An LED on the unit
or the remotecontrol willilluminate toshow
the selected setting.
2. The thermostat willnow maintainthe
6 7

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