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azur 340A/340A SE
Integrated amplifier
User’s manual

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    azur 340A/340A SEIntegrated amplifierUsers manual
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    CONTENTSIntroduction .................................................................................................3Safety precautions ......................................................................................4Important safety instructions .....................................................................5Rear panel connections..............................................................................6Connecting...................................................................................................8Front panel controls..................................................................................10Remote control..........................................................................................12Protection system .....................................................................................13Troubleshooting.........................................................................................14Technical specifications ...........................................................................15Limited warranty .......................................................................................162 Azur integrated amplifier
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    340A/340A SE Integrated amplifierINTRODUCTIONThank you for purchasing this Cambridge Audio Azur 340A or 340A SEintegrated amplifier.The 340A has full protection against misuse and possible faults. Theoverload and short-circuit protection systems continuously monitor thevoltage, current and temperature of the output devices, allowing theprotection to act positively in case of need, without triggering spuriously.About the 340AThe design of a high quality but cost-effective audio amplifier presentsa major challenge. Providing first-class performance on an unlimitedbudget is one matter; achieving the same performance within tight pricelimits is quite another, and requires the expertise and experience thatCambridge Audio brings to its product design process. We believe wehave succeeded in our aim of creating a first-class affordable amplifier.For instance, separate very high quality Integrated Circuit Amplifiersmodules are used for each channel for freedom from crosstalk and bestpossible stereo imaging.The power supply is also a vital part of a power amplifier. A toroidaltransformer, selected for low external magnetic field, is used inconjunction with generously specified reservoir capacitors and optimallyplaced decoupling components.Close attention has been paid to the performance and quality of thepassive components used, both in the signal paths and for decouplingpurposes.The 340A incorporates tone controls that give subtle control of thefrequency response, allowing the correction of imperfect sourcematerial, and compensation for loudspeaker inadequacies or problemswith room acoustics. These tone controls can be switched completelyout of the audio path by use of the DIRECT switch, to give the shortestpossible audio path.About the 340A SEThe 340A Special Edition incorporates all the features of the 340A butalso has larger PSU reservoir capacitors for slightly more power coupledto enhanced bass response and greater dynamics.In addition the 340A SE has a convenient dedicated front mountedauxiliary MP3/iPodTM input for gaining the best possible sound qualityfrom portable music players. This input is automatically selected whensomething is plugged into it.Your amplifier can only be as good as the system it is connected to.Please do not compromise on your source equipment, speakers orcabling. Naturally we particularly recommend models from theCambridge Audio Azur range, which have been designed to the sameexacting standards as our amplifiers. Your dealer can also supplyexcellent quality Cambridge Audio interconnects to ensure your systemrealises its full potential.Thanks for taking the time to read this manual, we do recommend youkeep it for future reference.Matthew BrambleTechnical DirectorAzur integrated amplifier 3
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    SAFETY PRECAUTIONSChecking the Power Supply RatingFor your own safety please read the following instructions carefully before attemptingto connect this unit to the mains.Check that the rear of your unit indicates the correct supply voltage. If your mainssupply voltage is different, consult your dealer.This unit is designed to operate only on the supply voltage and type that isindicated on the rear panel of the unit. Connecting to other power sources maydamage the unit.This equipment must be switched off when not in use and must not be used unlesscorrectly earthed. To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove the unit'scover (or back). There are no user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing toqualified service personnel. If the power cord is fitted with a moulded mains plugthe unit must not be used if the plastic fuse carrier is not in place. Should you losethe fuse carrier the correct part must be reordered from your Cambridge Audiodealer.The lightning flash with the arrowhead symbol within an equilateraltriangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of un-insulateddangerous voltage within the products enclosure that may be ofsufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock topersons.The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alertthe user to the presence of important operating and maintenanceinstructions in the service literature relevant to this appliance.This product complies with European LowVoltage (73/23/EEC) and Electromagnetic Compatibility(89/336/EEC) Directives when used and installed according tothis instruction manual. For continued compliance onlyCambridge Audio accessories should be used with this productand servicing must be referred to qualified service personnel.4 Azur integrated amplifierThe crossed-out wheeled bin is the European Union symbol forindicating separate collection for electrical and electronicequipment. This product contains electrical and electronicequipment which should be reused, recycled or recovered andshould not be disposed of with unsorted regular waste. Pleasereturn the unit or contact the authorised dealer from whom youpurchased this product for more information.Plug Fitting Instructions (UK Only)The cord supplied with this appliance is factory fitted with a 13 amp mains plugfitted with a 3 amp fuse inside. If it is necessary to change the fuse, it is importantthat a 3 amp one is used. If the plug needs to be changed because it is not suitablefor your socket, or becomes damaged, it should be cut off and an appropriate plugfitted following the wiring instructions below. The plug must then be disposed ofsafely, as insertion into a 13 amp socket is likely to cause an electrical hazard.Should it be necessary to fit a 3-pin BS mains plug to the power cord the wiresshould be fitted as shown in this diagram. The colours of the wires in the mainslead of this appliance may not correspond with the coloured markings identifyingthe terminals in your plug. Connect them as follows:The wire which is coloured BLUE must beconnected to the terminal which is markedwith the letter N or coloured BLACK.The wire which is coloured BROWN must beconnected to the terminal which is markedwith the letter L or coloured RED.The wire which is coloured GREEN/YELLOWmust be connected to the terminal which ismarked with the letter E or coloured GREEN.If your model does not have an earth wire, then disregard this instruction.If a 13amp (BS 1363) plug is used, a 3amp fuse must be fitted, or if any other typeof plug is used a 3amp or 5amp fuse must be fitted, either in the plug or adaptor,or on the distribution board.
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    340A/340A SE Integrated amplifierIMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSPlease take a moment to read these notes before installing your Azuramplifier, they will enable you to get the best performance and prolongthe life of the product. We advise you follow all instructions, heed allwarnings and keep the instructions for future reference.When using for the first time it is advisable that it is left on, playingmusic, for at least 36 hours prior to critical listening. For subsequentuse, a warm up period of 10-15 minutes is recommended for maximumenjoyment.Only use the specified attachments/accessories with this unit.This unit must be disconnected from the mains socket to be turned offcompletely. If you do not intend to use this unit for a long period of time,unplug it from the mains socket. Unplug this unit during lightningstorms.The unit is of Class 1 construction and must be connected to a Mainssocket outlet with a protective earthing connection.This unit must be installed on a sturdy, level surface. Do not place in asealed area such as a bookcase or in a cabinet. Any space open at theback (such as a dedicated equipment rack) is fine however.When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart to avoidinjury from tip-over.WARNING - To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose thisunit to rain or moisture. This unit must not be exposed to dripping orsplashing water or other liquids. No objects filled with liquid, such asvases, shall be placed on the unit. In the event of spillage, switch offimmediately, disconnect from the mains supply and contact your dealerfor advice.The unit requires ventilation. Do not situate it on a rug or other softsurface and do not obstruct any air inlets or outlet grilles. Do not installnear any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or otherapparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.To clean the unit, wipe its case with a dry, lint-free cloth. Do not use anycleaning fluids containing alcohol, ammonia or abrasives. Do not sprayan aerosol at or near the unit.Due to stray magnetic fields turntables should not be located nearbydue to interference.Ensure that small objects do not fall through any ventilation grille. If thishappens, switch off immediately, disconnect from the mains supply andcontact your dealer for advice.It is recommended that when bi-amping, the same type power amplifiersare used.Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding-type plug.A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the other. Agrounding type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong. Thewide blade or the third prong are provided for your safety. If the providedplug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for replacementof the obsolete outlet.Do not route the power cable so that it can be walked upon or damagedby other items near it. The unit must be installed in manner that makesdisconnection of the mains plug from the mains socket outlet (orappliance connector from the rear of the unit) possible.Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is requiredwhen the unit has been damaged in any way, such as a damaged powersupply cord or plug, liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into theunit, the unit has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operatenormally, or has been dropped.If you have checked the Troubleshooting section in this manual with noimprovement, do not attempt to repair, disassemble or reconstruct theunit. A serious electric shock could result if this precautionary measureis ignored.Azur integrated amplifier 5
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    REAR PANEL CONNECTIONSLeftBLeftRightARightCaution23Power Rating: 230V AC 50HzMax Power Consumption: 345WRec-OutAV / MDDVDTuner / DABCDAuxCautionLeftLeftRightRightAux1CDTuner / DABDVDAV / MDRec-OutAvisRisque de choc electriqueNe pas ouvrirAchtungVorm offnen des geratesNetzstecker ziehenTape InAux, CD, Tuner/DAB, DVD, AV/MDNote: These inputs are for analog audio signals only. They should not beconnected to the digital output of a CD player or any other digital device.Record OutThis socket can be connected to a tape deck or to the analog Record Insockets on a MiniDisc or CD recorder.3Tape InConnect to a tape deck or to the analog output sockets on a MiniDisc,portable digital music player or CD recorder using an interconnect cablefrom the recorder's Line Out sockets to the amplifier's Tape In sockets.The Tape Input circuit of the amplifier is a "monitor" type, different from6 Azur integrated amplifierPower ACRisk of electric shockDo not openThese inputs are suitable for any 'line level' source equipment such asCD players, DAB or FM/AM tuners etc.2Serial Number Label Removedazur 340A Integrated AmplifierTape In1Designed and Engineered in London, EnglandImpedance 4 - 8 ohms4Loudspeaker Terminals5RightALeftRightBLeftwww.cambridge-audio.co.ukManufactured in an ISO9002 approved facilitythe other 5 inputs. For the 5 normal inputs, the source selected forlistening to will be sent out of Rec Out for recording. The source currentlybeing listened to and (optionally) recorded is then shown on the frontpanel by a corresponding blue LED.However, when the Tape Mon Input is selected a second LED willilluminate indicating that the Tape Monitor Input is now being listened towith a different source being sent out of the Rec output for recording.The recording source is shown by the first LED and can be changed bypressing the other source buttons. To switch Tape Monitor off, simplypress the Tape Mon button again, toggling this function off.This feature is most useful when using 3-head analog cassette deckswhich allow the signal being recorded to be played back live off tape (viaa 3rd head) whilst it is simultaneously recorded. It is then possible bytoggling the Tape Monitor input on and off to compare directly in realtime the original and recorded signal so that adjustments to therecording parameters of the tape machine can be made (consult themanual of your 3-head analog cassette deck for full details).
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    340A/340A SE Integrated amplifier4Loudspeaker terminalsTwo sets of loudspeaker terminals are available, A (main loudspeakerterminals) and B (secondary switchable loudspeaker terminals).Connect the wires from your left channel loudspeaker to the LEFT + & terminals, and the wires from the right channel loudspeaker to theRIGHT + & - terminals. In each case, the red terminal is the positiveoutput and the black terminal is the negative output.Care should be taken to ensure no stray strands of wire are shorting speakeroutputs together. Please ensure that the loudspeaker terminals have beentightened adequately to provide a good electrical connection. It is possiblefor the sound quality to be affected if the screw terminals are loose.Note: When using one pair of speakers, use speakers with a nominalimpedance of between 4-8 ohms. When using two pairs of speakers,use speakers with a nominal impedance of between 6-8 ohms each.5AC power socketOnce you have completed all connections to the amplifier, plug the ACpower cable into an appropriate mains socket. Your amplifier is nowready for use.Azur integrated amplifier 7
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    CONNECTINGWhen designing our amplifiers we have tried to include features thatallow you to connect your system in various ways. The inclusion offeatures such as Speaker B connections mean that you can flexiblyconfigure your system depending on your requirements. The followingdiagrams are designed to make connection easy.Tape connectionThe diagram below shows how to connect the amplifier to a taperecorder or other source with a record and monitor connection.Please note that either of the tape loop outputs can be used (as they areboth the same signal in parallel).Basic connectionThe diagram below shows the basic connection of your amplifier to a CDplayer and a pair of loudspeakers.AmplifierLeftBRightLeftAAmplifierRightLeftCautionBRightLeftARightCautionRisque de choc electriqueNe pas ouvrirVorm offnen des geratesNetzstecker ziehenTape InRec-OutAV / MDDVDTuner / DABCDAuxLeftRightCD PlayerLoudspeaker TerminalsRightALeftRightBLeftRightwww.cambridge-audio.co.ukManufactured in an ISO9002 approved facilityCautionRisk of electric shockDo not openAvisRisque de choc electriqueNe pas ouvrirAchtungVorm offnen des geratesNetzstecker ziehenLeftRightAvisAchtungAuxCDTuner / DABDVDSerial Number Label RemovedPower Rating: 230V AC 50HzMax Power Consumption: 345WImpedance 4 - 8 ohmsLeftTape InAuxRec-OutCDAV / MDTuner / DABDVDDVDTuner / DABAV / MDRightCDPower ACRec-OutRisk of electric shockDo not openTape InCautionazur 340A Integrated AmplifierDesigned and Engineered in London, EnglandPower Rating: 230V AC 50HzMax Power Consumption: 345WLeftAuxSerial Number Label Removedazur 340A Integrated AmplifierDesigned and Engineered in London, EnglandAV / MDRec-OutTape InPower ACImpedance 4 - 8 ohmsLoudspeaker TerminalsRightALeftRightBLeftTape / MD Playerazur 340C Compact Disc PlayerRec In8 Azur integrated amplifierwww.cambridge-audio.co.ukManufactured in an ISO9002 approved facilityRec Out
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    340A/340A SE Integrated amplifierSpeaker B connectionsThe Speaker B connections on the back of the amplifier allow for asecond set of speakers to be used (ie speakers located in anotherroom). The Speaker B button on the front panel allows this second setof speakers to be switched on and off.Note: When using two pairs of speakers, use speakers with a nominalimpedance of between 6-8 ohms each.AmplifierLeftBRightLeftARightCautionPower Rating: 230V AC 50HzMax Power Consumption: 345WCautionRisk of electric shockDo not openAvisRisque de choc electriqueNe pas ouvrirAchtungVorm offnen des geratesNetzstecker ziehenTape InRec-OutAV / MDDVDTuner / DABCDAuxLeftLeftRightRightAuxCDTuner / DABDVDSerial Number Label Removedazur 340A Integrated AmplifierDesigned and Engineered in London, EnglandAV / MDRec-OutTape InPower ACImpedance 4 - 8 ohmsLoudspeaker TerminalsRightALeftRightBLeftwww.cambridge-audio.co.ukManufactured in an ISO9002 approved facilityCD Playerazur 340C Compact Disc PlayerAzur integrated amplifier 9
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    FRONT PANEL CONTROLSVolumeazur 340A61Power345PhonesSpeaker BDirectBass8Integrated Amplifier9TrebleBalance10AuxCDTuner / DAB11DVDAV / MDTape Mon71Power3Switches the unit on and off.2Auxillary MP3 In (340A SE only)BassTreblePhonesAllows for the connection of headphones with a " jack plug connector.Headphones with an impedance of 32 and 600 ohms arerecommended. When the headphones are connected, the loudspeakerrelay is released switching off the output to the loudspeakers (speakersA and B).2PowerMP3 InPhonesSpeaker BDirect4Connect your MP3/iPod/portable music player to the 340A SE with a3.5mm to 3.5mm jack plug lead. Plugging a source into the MP3 inputcauses the 340A SE to automatically select this input. Remove the plugto return to normal use.Note: It is possible to use both the front and rear auxillary inputsseparately. The front input is selected by inserting a jack plug, while therear input is selected by pressing Aux on the front panel or remote.10 Azur integrated amplifierSpeaker BTurns on/off the secondary set of loudspeaker terminals on the backpanel. This can be used for listening to an extra set of loudspeakers inanother room.Note: When using two pairs of speakers, use speakers with a nominalimpedance of between 6-8 ohms each.
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    340A/340A SE Integrated amplifier5DirectThis control gives the audio signal a more direct path to the poweramplifier stage of your amplifier, bypassing the tone control circuits forthe purest possible sound quality.69This control allows you to adjust the relative output levels of the left andright channels. In the central position the output from each channel isequal. This control only modifies the sound through your loudspeakersand the Pre-Out sockets, it does not affect the signals sent through theTape Out connections.Bass and TrebleThese controls allow subtle adjustments to the tonal balance of thesound. In the central position these controls have no effect. Thesecontrols only modify the sound through your loudspeakers and the PreOut sockets, they do not affect the signals sent through the Tape Outconnections. With a well produced CD and a good system the tonecontrols are unnecessary and can be switched out by the Direct switch.If the musical recording is of poor quality or other factors are affectingthe sound quality, it may be necessary to adjust the tone controls tocompensate.10Infrared sensorReceives IR commands from the supplied Azur remote control. A clearunobstructed line of sight between the remote control and the sensor isrequired.8Aux, CD, Tuner/DAB, DVD, AV/MDPush the appropriate input selection button to select the sourcecomponent that you wish to listen to. The signal selected is also fed tothe Tape Out sockets so that it may be recorded. The input should notbe changed whilst recording (but the recorded signal can be checkedusing the tape input Tape Monitor).117BalanceTape MonitorThis control lets you listen to the output signal from a tape recorder orsignal processor connected to the amplifier's Tape In/Rec Out sockets.When Tape Monitor is selected, the source component chosen by theinput selection push buttons continues to be routed to the Rec Outsockets for recording or processing.VolumeUse to increase/decrease the level of the sound from the outputs of theamplifier. This control affects the level of the loudspeaker output, thepre-amp output and the headphone output. It does not affect the TapeOut connections. It is advisable to turn the Volume control fully anticlockwise before switching the amplifier on.Azur integrated amplifier 11
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    REMOTE CONTROLiPOD COMPATIBILITYThe 340A and 340A SE are supplied with an Azur remote controlthat operates both this amplifier and Cambridge Audio Azur rangeCD players. Insert the supplied AAA batteries to activate. Thefunctions relevant to the amplifier are as follows:The 340A/340A SE remote control can now control thebasic functions of Apple iPods when mounted in ApplesUniversal Dock (or other docks or IR receivers compatiblewith the Apple Remote). Refer to your docks instructionmanual on how to connect it to your amplifier. Werecommend you plug your dock into the auxillary (Aux)input on the rear of the unit.PowerSwitches Azur CD players between Standby and On.Note: The 340A/340A SE is switched On/Off from the front panelonly.MuteMutes the audio on the amplifier. The mute mode is indicated bythe channel LED flashing. Press again to cancel mute.Volume +/-To use the Azur remote to control the docked iPod, holddown the Aux button whilst pressing one of the followingbuttons:Play/PausePress to play the iPod, press again to pause play.SkipIncrease or decrease the volume of the amplifier output.Press once to skip forwards or backwards one track.Aux, CD, Tuner/DAB, DVD, AV/MD, Tape MonRelease the Aux button to return the remote control tonormal functionality.The six source select buttons are used to change the input sourceto the amplifier.12 Azur integrated amplifierFor the 340A SE there is also a dedicated auxillaryMP3/iPod input on the front panel. Plugging a source intothe MP3 input causes the 340A SE to automatically selectthe front auxillary input. Remove the plug to return tonormal use.
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    340A/340A SE Integrated amplifierPROTECTION SYSTEMThe Azur 340A/340A SE protection system comprises of:Remedy - Ensure ventilation is not obstructed, and loudspeakers are notof too low impedance. Switch the amplifier off for 15 minutes to cooldown if necessary.1. Overload and Short-Circuit ProtectionIndicator - Output distorted and at unexpectedly low level.3. DC offset protectionDescription - The amplifier is fully protected against excessively low loadimpedances. The overload and short-circuit protection systemscontinuously monitor the voltage, current and temperature conditions ofeach of the output devices, and comparing them with the defined SafeOperating Area or SOA. This sophisticated system allows the protectionto act positively in case of genuine necessity, but without falsetriggering.Indicator - Amplifier will not operate; all input LEDs are flashing.Remedy - Check loudspeaker impedance is not too low. Very oftenloudspeakers of too low an impedance can be driven at low levels butnot high levels.Description - The DC offset protection system immediately isolates theamplifier from the loudspeakers by positively opening an output relay, inthe unlikely event of an amplifier fault. Errors of either polarity on bothchannels are detected.Remedy - This can sometimes be triggered by excessive mains noise etc;if so switching the unit off and on again will reset it. If unit will not resetthen there is an amplifier fault that will require servicing. Switch the unitoff and contact your dealer.2. Over temperature detection4. Voltage clampingIndicator - Output appears to cut out frequently, independently on thetwo channels.When rapid transients are applied to reactive loads in extremecircumstances, flyback pulses can be generated which are larger thanthe amplifier supply rail voltages and have the potential to cause harmto the output devices. The amplifier has a comprehensive voltageclamping system that ensures that such pulses are safely absorbed bythe amplifier and no damage can result.Description - The instantaneous temperatures of the output devices ofthe amplifier are continuously monitored to ensure that junctiontemperatures do not get dangerously high. When an over temperaturecondition occurs, the output is muted until the devices cool. Theoperation is carefully controlled to minimise the exposure of the outputdevices to wide temperature variations, which can impair reliability bythermal cycling. This is accomplished by making the muting periodsrelatively short, so the amplifier appears to be turning on and off. Thisputs the least stress on the output devices.Azur integrated amplifier 13
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    TROUBLESHOOTINGThere is no powerThere is a loud buzz or humEnsure the AC power cord is connected securely.Check turntable or tone arm for ground and connection lead fault.Ensure the plug is fully inserted into the wall socket and is switched on.Ensure no interconnects are loose or defective.Check fuse in the mains plug or adaptor.Ensure that your tape deck/turntable is not too close to the amplifier.There is no soundUnable to make or play tape recordingsMake sure the unit is not in Standby mode.Check that TAPE MON and TAPE OUT have been connected correctly.Check that source component is properly connected.Check that 'TAPE MON' is not switched on (unless tape input is required).There is weak bass or diffused stereo imagingCheck that your speakers are properly connected.Ensure that speakers are not wired out of phase.If using Speaker B terminals check they are switched on.If channel LED is flashing turn mute off.There is no sound on one channelEnsure that balance control is in the correct position.Check speaker connections.Check interconnects.14 Azur integrated amplifier
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    340A/340A SE Integrated amplifierTECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS340A340A SEPower output40 watts (into 8)50 watts (into 4)45 watts (into 8)55 watts (into 4)Max power consumption345w360wTotal harmonic distortion1kHz < 0.01%20kHz < 0.09%1kHz < 0.01%20kHz < 0.09%This guide is designed to make installing and using this product as easy aspossible. Information in this document has been carefully checked for accuracy atthe time of printing; however, Cambridge Audio's policy is one of continuousimprovement, therefore design and specifications are subject to change withoutprior notice. If you notice any errors please feel free to email us at:support@cambridgeaudio.comThis document contains proprietary information protected by copyright. All rightsare reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced by any mechanical,electronic or other means, in any form, without prior written permission of themanufacturer. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of theirrespective owners.iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright Cambridge Audio Ltd 2006Frequency response (-1dB)5Hz - 50kHz5Hz - 50kHzS to N ratio (unweighted)92dB92dBSlew rate (into 8)20V/uS20V/uSDimensions (H x W x D)70 x 430 x 310mm 70 x 430 x 310mm(2.8 x 16.9 x 12.2) (2.8 x 16.9 x 12.2)Weight6.2kg (13.6Lbs)6.2kg (13.6Lbs)Azur integrated amplifier 15
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    LIMITED WARRANTYCambridge Audio warrants this product to be free from defects inmaterials and workmanship (subject to the terms set forth below).Cambridge Audio will repair or replace (at Cambridge Audio's option) thisproduct or any defective parts in this product. Warranty periods may varyfrom country to country. If in doubt consult your dealer and ensure thatyou retain proof of purchase.To obtain warranty service, please contact the Cambridge Audioauthorised dealer from which you purchased this product. If your dealeris not equipped to perform the repair of your Cambridge Audio product,it can be returned by your dealer to Cambridge Audio or an authorisedCambridge Audio service agent. You will need to ship this product ineither its original packaging or packaging affording an equal degree ofprotection.Proof of purchase in the form of a bill of sale or receipted invoice, whichis evidence that this product is within the warranty period, must bepresented to obtain warranty service.This Warranty is invalid if (a) the factory-applied serial number has beenaltered or removed from this product or (b) this product was notpurchased from a Cambridge Audio authorised dealer. You may callCambridge Audio or your local country Cambridge Audio distributor toconfirm that you have an unaltered serial number and/or you purchasedfrom a Cambridge Audio authorised dealer.This Warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or damage due to actsof God, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, commercial use, ormodification of, or to any part of, the product. This Warranty does notcover damage due to improper operation, maintenance or installation,or attempted repair by anyone other than Cambridge Audio or a16 Azur integrated amplifierCambridge Audio dealer, or authorised service agent which is authorisedto do Cambridge Audio warranty work. Any unauthorised repairs will voidthis Warranty. This Warranty does not cover products sold AS IS or WITHALL FAULTS.REPAIRS OR REPLACEMENTS AS PROVIDED UNDER THIS WARRANTYARE THE EXCLUSIVE REMEDY OF THE CONSUMER. CAMBRIDGE AUDIOSHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIALDAMAGES FOR BREACH OF ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY INTHIS PRODUCT. EXCEPT TO THE EXTENT PROHIBITED BY LAW, THISWARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER EXPRESS ANDIMPLIED WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO,THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PRACTICALPURPOSE.Some countries and US states do not allow the exclusion or limitation ofincidental or consequential damages or implied warranties so the aboveexclusions may not apply to you. This Warranty gives you specific legalrights, and you may have other statutory rights, which vary from state tostate or country to country.
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    340A/340A SE Integrated amplifierAzur integrated amplifier 17
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    azur 340A/340A SEwww.cambridge-audio.comPart No. AP20015/2

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