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CU-07 Tracer unit 1/1 MKW51102
CU-07 TRACER unit
User manual and unit setting instructions
The CU-07 Tracer unit is a device which uses a GPS receiver to
detect the position of a car, a motorcycle or cargo and transmits it to
a web portal via a GSM network. The web portal allows further data
processing (online position monitoring, creation of a vehicle
logbook, etc.). The unit uses an integrated accelerometer which
detects movement and automatically controls the commencement
and termination of recorded journeys. Simply speaking, if the unit is
in motion, it records its geographical position and attempts to
transmit it to a collecting server in real time. If the attempt to send
the data fails, the unit saves it into its internal memory and sends it
The unit indicates its status with an LED indicator.
Slow flashing Logging into the system or the GPS
signal has been lost
Rapid flashing The unit is waiting for dialing-in to
obtain its configuration (only the first
connection after purchasing)
SOS flashing (...---...) Unit failure
Permanently lit Motion indication, the journey is being
The LED is off Journey termination or
the unit’s power supply has been
Journey commencement – the unit in idle state (a parked car)
and consumes minimum power as it waits for vehicle motion.
Once the vehicle starts moving (reaches a speed exceeding 3
km/h), the unit automatically switches into a mode in which it
transmits data concerning the changing position of the vehicle.
The commencement of a journey is signaled with a switched on
LED indicator which is then lit permanently for the whole
duration of the journey.
Journey termination – The journey recording is terminated
automatically. If the vehicle stops moving for a period of time
exceeding 30 seconds, the journey monitoring is paused and an
adjustable countdown towards its termination begins (200 sec –
85 min., the default setting is 5 min, see 2.6.). If the vehicle does
not start moving during the countdown, the journey is terminated
(the LED indicator goes off) and any further motion performed
after this period is considered a commencement of a new
journey. When waiting in a traffic jam, the current journey can be
terminated due to minimum vehicle motion in exceptional cases.
When further motion is detected, the unit commences a new
journey. You do not lose any data in such a case. The journey is
just split into several consecutive parts. NOTE: If the unit is
connected into a switchable socket in the car, then the journey
in progress is terminated every time the power supply is
switched off (usually when the ignition key is switched off).
1. Unit installation, connection and
1.1. Unit installation and connection
The unit can be connected to a 12 – 24 V voltage via a cigarette
lighter socket (e.g. in order to test its function and to find a
suitable place for installation). However, for standard
operation we recommend connecting the unit to the vehicle
power supply in a way which ensures that the voltage will not
be switched off – i.e. permanent connection to a car power
supply or at least into a socket with a permanent power supply.
If the unit is connected into a switchable socket, it commences
the journey with a certain delay as it has to detect the satellite
positions and reestablish the GSM connection when the power
supply is switched back on. The commencement of the journey
can then be projected as a straight line from the starting point
(or better the last target point) to the place where the unit
detects a correct GPS signal for the first time. The distance can
range from tens to hundreds of meters.
The unit itself should be installed in the vehicle at least 30
cm from the expected position of the driver or the
passengers. It is also advisable to install the unit near the
windows and in a horizontal position with the side marked
DOWN facing the ground. The unit must not be installed on
or near metal parts!!! The device contains a GPS antenna
whose correct positioning can increase the accuracy and speed
with which the position of the vehicle is detected. The unit can
for example be installed under the plastic parts of the
dashboard, in the upper section of the boot, etc. Generally
speaking, the better direct view of the sky and the horizon the
unit has, the better it will project your journeys. Beware of metal-
coated windscreens or possible metal dashboards (of older
lorries). GPS signal reception is reduced significantly under
them. In such a case the unit should be stuck to a rear view
mirror or in the back of the vehicle. The unit should not be
installed close to a radio receiver and loudspeakers in order to
avoid the unpleasant buzzing noise in the loudspeakers when
the unit is communicating (a similar effect to that caused by a
mobile phone).
When the unit is connected via a connector, it is necessary to
ensure that the connector cannot be ripped out of the socket
(the unit would not be able to record or transmit any information
about the journey). The unit can be fixed with a double-sided
self-adhesive tape included in the package. Wipe the place
properly before using the tape.
The following applies to an installation with a permanent
connection to the vehicle power supply:
GND – black wire
+U – red wire
We recommend having a fixed connection to the vehicle
power supply done by a professional company.
Although the device is protected with a fuse preventing its
internal circuits from possible damage, we still recommend
connecting its power supply via a 1A fuse which can prevent
against a possible short circuit and the resulting sending of the
unit to the manufacturer’s service station.
1.2. Primary configuration of the unit
When you have purchased the unit, you have to configure it
first. To do so, you will need your mobile phone and the
unit’s telephone number which you can find in the product
package. We recommend configuring the unit in a place where
you can receive GPS signals without any problems (i.e. in an
open space and not in a garage).
The primary configuration can be done by connecting a suitably
positioned unit (see 1.1) to the power supply. The unit’s system
LED starts flashing slowly after the connection to the voltage. All
If the unit is installed in an unsuitable
place, the manufacturer cannot
guarantee GPS signal reception!

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