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Ident-Nr. 9011433A 05/0406
Operating and servicing
Air Top 3500
Air Top 5000
be operated using the diesel fuel prescribed by the
vehicle manufacturer. Class EL heating oil (not L heating
oil) may also be used as long as it complies with the
normal quality available on the German market pursuant
to DIN 51603.
We know of no negative influences due to additives.
If fuel is extracted from the vehicle's tank, follow the
additive instructions issued by the vehicle manufacturer.
If you change to low-temperature fuel, the heater must be
operated for approx. 15 minutes so that the fuel system is
filled with the new fuel.
be shut down by removing the fuse if lots of smoke,
unusual combustion noise or a smell of fuel develops.
Do not restart it until the heater has been tested by
Webasto-trained personnel.
be started at least one per months with a cold engine and
at the lowest blower setting for 10 minutes. The heater
must be checked by an expert at the latest at the start of
the cold weather.
The heater :must
General information
Maintenance and safety instructions
Dear Webasto user
We presume that the principle and mode of operation of your new heater has been
explained to your complete satisfaction by the workshop / service centre which
installed the heater. This manual summarizes the main points of importance for using
the heaters Air Top 3500 and Air Top 5000.
The heater has been type-tested and approved in
accordance with EC Directives 72/245/EEC (EMC) and 2001/56/EC (heater) with the
following EC permit numbers: e1*72/255*95/54*1221*--
The year in which the heater was used for the first time must be permanently displayed
on the factory plate be deleting the inapplicable years from the plate.
To install the Air Top 3500 and Air Top 5000 heater in hazchem vehicles,
the requirements of ADR/RID part 9 para. Combustion heating systems, must
also be satisfied.
Keep the hot air inlet and hot air outlet free of dirt and foreign bodies.
Contaminated or blocked hot air lines may cause overheating and thus result in the
overheating cut-out tripping.
Do not stand on the heater and do not place any heavy items on the heater or throw
items at the heater.
Do not place any items of clothing, textiles or similar materials over the heater or in front
of the hot air inlet and the hot air outlet.
The current of hot air in the heater must not be restricted or blocked by highly
inflammable substances or materials such as rags, cleaning wool, etc.
Air Top 3500 / Air Top 5000
The provisions of these Directives are binding within the territory governed by
EU Directive 70/156/EEC and should similarly be observed in countries without
specific regulations!
The heaters are not designed for heating hazardous substance transport
The heaters must be installed as described in the installation instructions. The
installation must be tested in compliance with the statutory regulations for the installation.
For further details refer to the installation instructions.
be exposed to temperatures over +85°C. If it is exposed
to temperatures above this level the electronics may
suffer permanent damage.
be cleaned using a high pressure cleaner.
The heater :must not
at filling stations or tank farms.
in places where inflammable vapours or dust may form
(for example near fuel, coal, wood dust or cereal stores).
in enclosed areas (for example garages), not even if you
use the timer or Telestart.
The heater must not be operated:
Risk of explosion
and asphyxiation
Webasto AG
Kraillinger Strasse 5
- 82131 Stockdorf

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