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1. Check that all fastenings are closed and that
pockets are empty.
2. Turn the articles inside out.
3. Place laundry loosely in the drum to make
sure it doesnt become tangled.
Sort laundry as follows:
A) By care symbols (on the collar or inside
Suitable for tumble drying
Tumble drying with reduced drying
intensity only. Press Gentle button.
Do not tumble dry
B) By amount and thickness/weight
Whenever the load to be dried exceeds dryer
capacity, separate laundry according to
weight (e.g. towels from thin underwear).
C) By type of fabrics
: Towels, cotton jersey, bed
and table linen made of cotton or linen.
Synthetics/Easy Care
: Blouses, shirts,
overalls, etc. made of polyester or polyamide,
as well as cotton/synthetic mixes.
D) By drying level
Sort into: iron dry, cupboard dry, etc.
Do not tumble dry:
Woollens, silk, nylon
stockings, delicate embroidery, fabrics with
metallic decorations, bulky items such as
sleeping bags, etc.
Important: only use specific indicated dryer-
safe additives
and rinse items that have been
treated with stain remover thoroughly in plenty
of water before drying.
Only use specific
indicated dryer-safe plastic items
and never
dry rubber or articles contaminated with
vegetable oil in the dryer
Programme and Options:
To select a programme, turn the programme
selector knob to the required position. The
drying indicator lamp is blinking   ,
indicating that the cycle needs to be started.
To select an option, press the corresponding
button. The indicator light in the button
lights up confirming that the selection has
been made.
Press the option button again to cancel the
1. Having selected the desired programme and
options, press the Start/Pause button.
If the laundry is not removed at the end of
the drying cycle, an automatic anti-crease
cycle will operate for maximum 60 min. The
drum rotates at regular intervals, preventing
the laundry from creasing.
2. On completion of the programme, set the
programme selector knob to position
When changing the programme during the drying
cycle, the dryer stops. The drying indicator lamp
is blinking   .
To operate the new programme, press the
Start/Pause button.
To interrupt the dryer during operation
1. Set the programme selector knob to
Airing   .
2. Press the Start/Pause button.
Wait at least 5 minutes before opening the
door to allow the dryer to cool down.
For your safety the programme stops
automatically if you open the door.
3. To restart, after door opening, close the door and
press the Start/Pause button again.
Clean the lint filter at the end of every drying
1. Open the door.
2. Pull the filter upwards.
3. Open the filter.
4. Remove lint using a soft brush or your fingertips.
5. Close the filter.
6. Push the filter back into place
Empty the water container at the end of every
drying cycle.
1. Pull the handle to remove the water container.
2. Empty the water container.
3. Replace the water container when empty by
pushing it
back in place.
If a fault occurs, before contacting our After-
Sales Service, make the following checks to try
and remedy the problem:
Drying takes too long / laundry is not dry enough:
Was the correct programme selected?
Was the inserted laundry too wet (Washing
machine spin speed less than 800 rpm? When
the spinning speed is less than 800 rpm the
water container fault may occur during the
drying cycle.)?
Is the lint filter dirty (filter indicator lamp on)?
Is the heat exchanger dirty? (refer to the
Instructions for use)
Is the ambient temperature too high?
The dryer does not operate:
(after a power failure and/or interruption to
the mains supply, always press the Start/
Pause button).
Is the plug properly inserted into the mains
electricity socket?
Is there a power failure?
Has the fuse blown?
Is the door properly closed?
Has the programme been selected?
Has the
button been pressed?
Lint filter or water container indicator lamp
light on:
Is the lint filter clean?
Is the water container empty?
Is the water container correctly positioned?
Is the heat exchanger clean?
Water droplets underneath the dryer:
Is the heat exchanger correctly positioned?
Has any fluff on the heat exchanger seal
been wiped away?
Has any fluff on the door seal been wiped away?
Has the water container been positioned
If, after carrying out the above checks the
malfunction persists or appears again, turn the
dryer off and call our After-Sales Service (refer to
Please specify:
The nature of the fault.
The dryer type and model.
The service code (the number after the word
Service on the adhesive rating plate) on the
right-hand side when the door is open.
Your full address and phone number.

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