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A-BUS table-top keypad
Installation Guide

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    BK10A-BUS table-top keypadInstallation Guide
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    2 Incognito table-top keypad
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    BK10 Table-top keypadCONTENTSIntroduction...........................................4Configurations.......................................5A-BUS Ready / Incognito Ready............6Full Incognito system.............................8Installation notes.................................10Rear panel connections......................11Keypad controls...................................12Remote control....................................13Operating instructions........................14Local source selection........................16Technical specifications......................18Limited warranty..................................19Incognito table-top keypad 3
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    INTRODUCTIONThank you for purchasing this Cambridge Audio Incognito product. Incognito isa cost-effective, modular based multi-room system using standard Cat-5/5e orCat-6 cable to distribute hi-fi quality sound and video around a home.The BK10 is an A-BUS TM compatible amplified keypad unit with buttons forcontrol of speaker volume levels, Standby/On and source select (withcompatible Cambridge Audio equipment), as well as having an IR window forboth receiving remote control signals and passing them to connected sourceequipment (IR pass-through). The BK10 can connect to the Incognito Readyoutputs of Cambridge Audio receivers and amplifiers, or A-BUS hubs and A-BUSReady receivers from other manufacturers, using Cat-5 wiring. The BK10 thenconnects to speakers using conventional speaker cable.Thanks for taking the time to read this manual, we do recommend you keep itfor future reference.Matthew BrambleTechnical DirectorThe crossed-out wheeled bin is the European Union symbol for indicating separatecollection for electrical and electronic equipment. This product contains electricaland electronic equipment which should be reused, recycled or recovered and shouldnot be disposed of with unsorted regular waste. Please return the unit or contact theauthorised dealer from whom you purchased this product for more information.4 Incognito table-top keypad
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    BK10 Table-top keypadCONFIGURATIONSThe BK10 can be used in two types of configurations:1. As an A-BUS Ready / Incognito Ready keypad attached directly to the back ofan amplifier / receiver.2. In a full A-BUS or Incognito Multi-Room system attached to a hub.A-BUS Ready / Incognito Ready allows one or two keypads (and a PSU) to besimply connected to a hi-fi unit to allow a simple 2/3 zone multi-room system tobe constructed.Alternatively when a dedicated A-BUS hub is used the system has many moreoptions available such as sub-zones, local inputs and video switching.Please see www.cambridge-audio.com for more details.For both possibilities, as the BK10 is compatible with the A-BUSTM standard, theunit works with any manufacturers A-BUS compatible products, however sourceselection from the keypad is only possible with Cambridge Audios ownIncognito A-BUS system or Incognito Ready outputs on Cambridge Audio hi-fiunits.Incognito table-top keypad 5
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    A-BUS READY / INCOGNITO READYIn this configuration the keypad is connected directly to the amplifier/receiver.A power supply unit (Incognito PS5) is also required to power the one or twokeypads. Refer to the diagrams for system connection details:SpeakercableSpeakercableLR10BK10BK10Cat5/5e cablePS5CAP5Multi-Roomazur 640A Integrated Amplifier V2.0IR1IR3IR2IR4DVDProtection LEDindicators:Impedance 4 - 8 ohmsBRightLeftAOffLeftOnTuner / DABPowerDesigned in London, Englandwww.cambridge-audio.comRightMax Power Consumption: 700WIR EmitterPSUInInFault requiringservice (DC)Keypad 1Control BusKeypad 2InOutMains Voltage Selector Switch (50 / 60Hz)Over temperatureInternational Patent Pending LeisureTech Electronics Pty LtdTemporary overloadAuxCDAV / MDRec Out 2Rec Out 1Tape InPre-OutPower ACLoudspeaker shortLeftVolLeftAutoClippingRightALeftBRightLeftRightPlease refer toyour User's Manualfor more informationManufactured in anISO9002 approved facilityAmplifier(eg 640AV2.0)RightImpedance 4 - 8 ohmsLoudspeaker TerminalsPre-OutTape InRec Out 1Rec Out 2AV / MDDVDTuner / DABCDAuxImportantPlease ensure that loudspeaker terminals are fully tightenedVeuillez s'assurer que les bornes de l'enceinte sont entirement serresCaution Risk of electric shock. Do not open. Avis Risque de choc electrique. Ne pas ouvrir. Achtung Vorm ffnen des grates. Netzstecker ziehen.Mini-jack leadazur 640CCompact Disc PlayerOpenCloseStandby / OnPlayPauseSkipScanStopIR10Class 1 Laser ProductLuokan 1 LaserplaiteKlass 1 LaserapparatLine OutputOnPower OffInOutIR EmitterInMax Power Consumption: 18WRight6 Incognito table-top keypadazur 640C Compact Disc Player V2.0LeftCautionRisk of electric shockDo not openAvisRisque de choc electriqueNe pas ouvrirAchtungVorm offnen des geratesNetzstecker ziehenRightLine OutputPower ACManufactured in anISO9002 approved facilityDesigned in London, EnglandDigital OutputsLeftControl BusMains Voltage Selector Switch (50 / 60Hz)S/P DIFCo-axialToslinkOpticalwww.cambridge-audio.comCD player(eg 640CV2.0)
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    BK10 Table-top keypadSpeakercableCat5/5ecableThe BK10 comes with 10 metres of Cat5 connection cable, but an IncognitoCP20 cable pack (with 20 metres of cable, 2 x 3.5-3.5 connection cables and apunch-down/wire stripper tool) can be purchased separately.To allow control of your source equipment from the remote rooms an IR emitter(IR10) is plugged into one of the IR outputs on the rear of the unit and thenattached over the IR window of the source unit. Alternatively, on our ownproducts that feature IR emitter Inputs, a mini-jack to mini-jack lead can beused.Commands received by the keypads can now be sent back to the sourceequipment via the amplifier. It is then possible to control the source equipmentfrom the remote rooms by using the source equipment's own remote controlsor through a learning remote. The Incognito LR10 Learning Remote can fullycontrol the keypads, learn the source's remote controls and change sourceinput on the amplifier etc.Incognito table-top keypad 7
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    FULL INCOGNITO SYSTEMThe BK10 keypad can also be used as part of a full Incognito system, where it isplugged into an Incognito hub (AH10), perhaps with other Incognito accessoriessuch as a video switching unit (VH10) or local input module (LM10) fitted. Seethe diagram below for an example of an Incognito system.SpeakercableSpeakercableBK10KP10 EUCat-5/5e cableAH10PS108 Incognito table-top keypad
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    BK10 Table-top keypadNote: When using a BK10 keypad with an AH10 hub, an Incognito PS10 powersupply unit MUST be used.Please consult the AH10 Incognito Multi-Room Installation Guide for full detailsof the various options available for the full Incognito system.IMPORTANT! The BK10 is default set to the A-BUS Ready/Incognito Readyconfiguration. For use in a full Incognito system, the mode switch (locatedinside the keypad block) must be set to the alternative AH10 mode.Use a screw driver to carefully remove the backplate and set the mode switch tothe "AH10" position as shown below:BK10 rearNote: Setting the mode switch to the wrong setting can cause erroneousoperation!Incognito table-top keypad 9
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    INSTALLATION NOTESAvoid placing the keypad where there is line of sight to another keypad. In suchsituations both keypads may pick up the same commands from a remotecontrol and it will be difficult to control each zone independently.Avoid placing the BK10 where there is line of sight to the source equipment for thesystem. In such situations the source equipment may pick up the same IRcommands directly as are picked up by the keypad and sent to the sourceequipment. This can interfere with the remote operation of the source equipment.Do not place the keypad in areas directly lit by strong sunlight or where it will bestrongly lit by fluorescent tubes. These can be sources of infra-red energy whichcan interfere with the remote control operation of the system. Some plasmatelevisions can radiate a lot of infra-red energy and care should be taken if fittinga BK10 near a plasma screen television. Avoid placing the BK10 near to dimmerswitches or other items, which generate a lot of electrical noise.Safety precautionsThe BK10 runs on 24 V DC supplied through the connecting cable. As suchthere is no mains voltage present in the BK10 and the unit is often safe toplace in areas where only extra low voltage (ELV) equipment is permitted.However, it is imperative that you always check the wiring regulations in forcefor your application and area.10 Incognito table-top keypad
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    BK10 Table-top keypadREAR PANEL CONNECTIONS1Speaker outputConnect to a pair of speakers with tworuns of standard high-quality speakercable. Speakers of at least 88 dB SPLfor 1W @ 1 metre efficiency should beused with the BK10. Speakers from48 ohms can be used.221Cat5 to BK10A Cat-5 cable (terminated with anRJ45 jack plug) is used to connect theBK10 to an AH10 hub or A-BUS Readyreceiver.Incognito table-top keypad 11
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    KEYPAD CONTROLS3245168111 - 6 The six LEDs indicate thevolume level of the BK10. The LEDsalso also display the source selectedwhen the source is changed and canalso show the status of some otherfunctions. For full instructions onvolume adjustment, source selection,sound adjustment and local sourceselection modes, refer to theOperating instructions section of thisguide.7910127 Standby/OnPress to switch the keypad betweenOn and Standby mode. By pressingand holding the Standby button forabout 2 seconds, all BK10sconnected to the AH10 hub will beturned off. If the BK10 is connected toa Cambridge Audio Incognito ReadyAmplifier rather than an AH10 hub,the amplifier will be turned off.8 Volume upPress to increase the volume or othersound adjustment.9 Source select (right)Use this key to select the currentactive source.12 Incognito table-top keypad
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    BK10 Table-top keypadVolume downPress to decrease the volume or other sound adjustment.10Source select (left)Use this key to select the current active source.11IR windowPoint the Incognito LR10 Learning Remote towards this window. A smallflashing LED behind this window indicates operation.12REMOTE CONTROLThe BK10 can be used with the Incognito LR10 remote control, a sophisticatedlearning remote which is able to learn the codes of all thesource equipment remotes. Once programmed the usercan thus use the LR10 to perform all operations from oneremote.The LR10 is also suitable where the BK10 is to beconnected to the A-BUS Ready outputs of AV receivers andamplifiers instead of one of our hubs as it can learn therelevant source change commands etc of the receiver oramplifier as well as the source equipment.Please refer to the Incognito LR10 manual for furtherinformation.Incognito table-top keypad 13
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    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONSVolume adjustmentVolume is adjusted using the volume up and volume down buttons on thekeypad or remote; this is indicated on the keypad by the intensity of the blueLED lights, there are four levels of intensity per LED.Source selectionThe Source left and right buttons allow you to choose from multiple connectedsources. The LED display will indicate which source is selected.Sound adjustment modesPressing the Power/Standby button while holding the Volume down keyactivates the sound adjustment modes, the four central LEDs on the keypadwill then light in sequence to indicate each of the four sound adjustmentmodes in turn; Bass, Treble, Balance and Fader. These modes can also beactivated using the 'Select' button on the remote control.After holding both buttons down for a short period, the second LED on thekeypad will light indicating that Bass adjust mode has been activated. In thismode pressing the Volume up/down keys will adjust the Bass (low frequencies)level.Continuing to hold both keys down will light the third LED indicating that Trebleadjust mode has been activated. In this mode pressing the Volume up/downkeys will adjust the Treble (high frequencies) level.14 Incognito table-top keypad
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    BK10 Table-top keypadContinuing to hold both buttons will light thefourth LED indicating that Balance adjust modehas been activated. In this mode pressing theVolume up/down keys will adjust the sound levelbetween the left and right speakers.BassTrebleBalance FaderContinuing to hold both buttons will light the fifthLED indicating that Fader adjust mode has beenactivated. In this mode pressing the Volumeup/down keys will adjust the balance betweenthe main speakers and the pre-amp output. Thepre-amp output is on the rear of the KP10 and notaccessible from the back of the BK10.The volume up and down buttons on the remotecontrol can also be used to adjust the sound ineach mode.Note: If no adjustment is made the system willautomatically go back to volume adjustment aftertwo seconds.Incognito table-top keypad 15
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    LOCAL SOURCE SELECTIONNote: This feature is only available if the BK10 is part of a full Incognito multiroom system with one or two Local Input Modules (LM10) fitted.LR10SpeakercableBK10Cat5/5e cableAH10Cat5/5ecableLM10LRAudio InIR OutLocal InputPhono-phono interconnect cableIR10azur 640CCompact Disc PlayerStandby / OnOpenClosePlayPauseStopSkipScanCD player(eg 640CV2.0)The local source selection mode will need to be activated to configure theBK10 correctly. This mode is only available when the Mode Switch is set toAH10 mode. LM10s can only be used with an AH10 hub.Please refer to your LM10 Installation Guide for more information.16 Incognito table-top keypad
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    BK10 Table-top keypadPressing the Select left or right buttons on thekeypad allows you to rotate through all six sourcesas default. However, it is possible to allow theaddition of one or two local sources by accessingLocal source selection mode. To enter this modepress the Volume up button simultaneously withthe Power button for four seconds; the LEDdisplay will then scroll through the sequenceshown in the illustration and described as follows:2345After holding both buttons down for a shortperiod, LED 2 will light indicating that Sources16 (default) are available for selection.Continuing to hold both keys down will light LED 3indicating that Sources 16 + Local source 1mode is available for selection.Continuing to hold both buttons will light LED 4 indicating that Sources 16 + Local source 1 +Local source 2 mode is available for selection.Continuing to hold Volume up and Power buttons will light LED 5, to indicatethat Off mode is available for selection, and no source will be selected.To select these modes, wait till the corresponding LED is lit and then releasePower and Volume up buttons.Note: If no adjustment is made the system will automatically go back to volumeadjustment after two seconds. If Standard A-BUS/Incognito Ready mode isselected on the Mode switch, the BK10 will only rotate round the main 6sources.Incognito table-top keypad 17
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    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSInput impedanceFrequency responseTHDS/N ratioVolume control rangeBass control rangeTreble control rangeBalance control rangePreamp outputIR pass throughSpeaker impedancePower requirement45 k ohms20Hz 20kHz +/- 1dB<0.2% @ 1W, 20Hz 20 kHz> 80 dB A weighted- 80 dB, 36 steps+/- 16 dB, 2 dB steps+/- 16 dB, 2 dB steps+/- 40 dB, 9 steps either wayVariable level, follows volume setting3440 kHz and 5458 kHzmodulation frequencies supported48 ohms24 V DC @ 1A max (supplied by hub)This guide is designed to make installing and using this product as easy as possible. Information in thisdocument has been carefully checked for accuracy at the time of printing; however, Cambridge Audio's policy isone of continuous improvement, therefore design and specifications are subject to change without priornotice. If you notice any errors please feel free to email us at: support@cambridgeaudio.comThis document contains proprietary information protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. No part of thismanual may be reproduced by any mechanical, electronic or other means, in any form, without prior writtenpermission of the manufacturer. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respectiveowners.Incognito and Incognito Ready are trademarks of Cambridge Audio Ltd. All rights reserved. Copyright Cambridge Audio Ltd 2006A-BUS and A-BUS Ready are registered trademarks of LeisureTech Electronics Pty Ltd Australia.18 Incognito table-top keypad
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    BK10 Table-top keypadLIMITED WARRANTYCambridge Audio warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship(subject to the terms set forth below). Cambridge Audio will repair or replace (at Cambridge Audiosoption) this product or any defective parts in this product. Warranty periods may vary from country tocountry. If in doubt consult your dealer and ensure that you retain proof of purchase.To obtain warranty service, please contact the Cambridge Audio authorised dealer from which youpurchased this product. If your dealer is not equipped to perform the repair of your Cambridge Audioproduct, it can be returned by your dealer to Cambridge Audio or an authorised Cambridge Audioservice agent. You will need to ship this product in either its original packaging or packagingaffording an equal degree of protection.Proof of purchase in the form of a bill of sale or receipted invoice, which is evidence that this productis within the warranty period, must be presented to obtain warranty service.This warranty is invalid if (a) the factory-applied serial number has been altered or removed from thisproduct or (b) this product was not purchased from a Cambridge Audio authorised dealer. You maycall Cambridge Audio or your local country Cambridge Audio distributor to confirm that you have anunaltered serial number and/or you purchased from a Cambridge Audio authorised dealer.This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or damage due to acts of God, accident, misuse,abuse, negligence, commercial use, or modification of, or to any part of, the product. This warrantydoes not cover damage due to improper operation, maintenance or installation, or attempted repairby anyone other than Cambridge Audio or a Cambridge Audio dealer, or authorised service agentwhich is authorised to do Cambridge Audio warranty work. Any unauthorised repairs will void thiswarranty. This warranty does not cover products sold AS IS or WITH ALL FAULTS.REPAIRS OR REPLACEMENTS AS PROVIDED UNDER THIS WARRANTY ARE THE EXCLUSIVE REMEDYOF THE CONSUMER. CAMBRIDGE AUDIO SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL ORCONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES FOR BREACH OF ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY IN THISPRODUCT. EXCEPT TO THE EXTENT PROHIBITED BY LAW, THIS WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEUOF ALL OTHER EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITEDTO, THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PRACTICAL PURPOSE.Some countries and US states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequentialdamages or implied warranties so the above exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives youspecific legal rights, and you may have other statutory rights, which vary from state to state orcountry to country.Incognito table-top keypad 19
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    Incognito BK10www.cambridge-audio.comPart No. AP19601/1

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